SARS2-Covid was created as a biological weapon & mRNA is a toxic biological weapon.

Created more than 70 years ago following the notorious World War II experiments, this written document established 10 ethical principles for protecting human subjects.

We’ll take a closer look at its origins, its guidelines and its enduring impact.

What Is the Nuremberg Code?
When World War II ended in 1945, the victorious Allied powers enacted the International Military Tribunal on November 19th, 1945. As part of the Tribunal, a series of trials were held against major war criminals and Nazi sympathizers holding leadership positions in political, military, and economic areas. The first trial conducted under the Nuremberg Military Tribunals in 1947 became known as The Doctors’ Trial, in which 23 physicians from the German Nazi Party were tried for crimes against humanity for the atrocious experiments they carried out on unwilling prisoners of war. Many of the grotesque medical experiments took place at the Auschwitz concentration camp, where Jewish prisoners were tattooed with dehumanizing numbers onto their arms; numbers that would later be used to identify their bodies after death.

The Doctors’ Trial is officially titled “The United States of America v. Karl Brandt, et al.,” and it was conducted at the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany. The trial was conducted here because this was one of the few largely undamaged buildings that remained intact from extensive Allied bombing during the war. It is also said to have been symbolically chosen because it was the ceremonial birthplace of the Nazi Party. Of the 23 defendants, 16 were found guilty, of which seven received death sentences and nine received prison sentences ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment. The other 7 defendants were acquitted.

The verdict also resulted in the creation of the Nuremberg Code, a set of ten ethical principles for human experimentation.

What Are The Nuremberg Code’s Ethical Guidelines For Research?
The Nuremberg Code aimed to protect human subjects from enduring the kind of cruelty and exploitation the prisoners endured at concentration camps. The 10 elements of the code are:

>Voluntary consent is essential

>The results of any experiment must be for the greater good of society

>Human experiments should be based on previous animal experimentation

>Experiments should be conducted by avoiding physical/mental suffering and injury

>No experiments should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability

>The risks should never exceed the benefits

>Adequate facilities should be used to protect subjects

>Experiments should be conducted only by qualified scientists

>Subjects should be able to end their participation at any time

>The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury, disability, or death is likely to occur

Want to learn more about the history of clinical research? Take a minute to watch the video and explore our History of Clinical Research timeline for more detail;

Mens Rea
Mens rea is the mental element of a person’s intention to commit a crime; or knowledge that one’s action or lack of action would cause a crime to be committed. It is a necessary element of many crimes.


October 16, 2021


the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable. Developed largely by Sir Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, eugenics was increasingly discredited as unscientific and racially biased during the 20th century, especially after the adoption of its doctrines by the Nazis in order to justify their treatment of Jews, disabled people, and other minority groups.

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14 thoughts on “NUREMBERG 2 COVID

    1. Colin Powell, the former secretary of State and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has died from Covid complications at the age of 84.

      **Powell was previously diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that hurts the body’s ability to fight infections.**

      NOTE; Again Powell had the comorbidity of multiple myeloma, and yet they are calling his death as due to ‘Covid complications’. Plus He was fully vaccinated against the disease. So there is the real possibility that it was actually the mRNA “vaccine” that had to do with his death.


  1. Senator Ron Johnson: “There’s No Point to Mandate Whatsoever – With COVID Vaccine We’ve Had 16,766 Deaths in 10 Months”

    QUOTE: On Sunday Sen. Ron Johnson(R-WI) joined Maria Bartiromo and had this to say on the mandates, “The mandates are pointless. Now that we know that fully vaccinated individuals are getting infected, they can transmit the disease. Unfortunately, they are being hospitalized, they’re getting seriously ill, they’re dying. There’s no point to the mandate, whatsoever.”

    On the dangers of the vaccines, Senator Johnson added, “They’re completely ignoring the vaccine injuries. And Maria, people really need to understand this because it’s not being reported. It’s being suppressed. But over 25 years with the flu vaccine there were a little less than 1,700 deaths reported on the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS). That’s CDC’s early surveillance security system… With the COVID Vaccine, we’ve had 16,766 deaths in 10 months administering this vaccine.” Johnson added that over 5,400 of these deaths occurred within 2 days of taking the vaccine.

    Why are they hiding this from the American public?

    Vaers analysis.


  2. 16K COVID-19 Positive Migrants Released into U.S. by ICE, Says Whistleblower

    QUOTE: More than 16,000 migrants who tested positive for COVID-19 while in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody were released into the United States, according to an agency law enforcement source. The Biden administration did not mandate any of the migrants to be vaccinated before their release. The source informs Breitbart Texas that the figures only include those migrants who were tested by ICE.

    The source, not authorized to speak to the media, says the migrants ranged from infants to the elderly. A Department of Homeland Security document reviewed by Breitbart Texas reports the oldest released migrants were over 85 years old. Nearly 1,300 were under the age of ten.

    Nearly 12,000 of the migrants who tested positive for COVID-19 and were released into the U.S. were between 18 and 40 years of age, more than 11,800 were male, nearly 1,300 were under the age of ten, and more than 6,000 were between 20 and 29 years old. According to the source, the releases occurred in multiple cities across the United States between January 2021 and early October.


  3. Whistleblower: FDA and CDC Ignore Damning Report that over 90% of a Hospital’s Admissions were Vaccinated for Covid-19 and No One Was Reporting This to VAERS
    Physician Assistant, Deborah Conrad, bravely reports these harms and is barred from filing VAERS reports

    Aaron Siri — 10/17/2021

    A concerned Physician Assistant, Deborah Conrad, convinced her hospital to carefully track the Covid-19 vaccination status of every patient admitted to her hospital. The result is shocking.

    As Ms. Conrad has detailed, her hospital serves a community in which less than 50% of the individuals were vaccinated for Covid-19 but yet, during the same time period, approximately 90% of the individuals admitted to her hospital were documented to have received this vaccine.

    These patients were admitted for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to COVID-19 infections. Even more troubling is that there were many individuals who were young, many who presented with unusual or unexpected health events, and many who were admitted months after vaccination.

    One would think that after an association was identified by a healthcare professional, our health authorities would at least review this finding, right? Sadly, when Ms. Conrad reached out to health authorities herself, she was ignored. My firm then sent a letter to the CDC and FDA on July 19, 2021 on Ms. Conrad’s behalf (see letter below), yet neither agency has responded. Even worse, when doctors came to Ms. Conrad for assistance with filing VAERS report for their patients, the hospital prohibited her from filing these reports.

    That the CDC and FDA failed to respond is arguably not surprising – they have been cheerleading this vaccine for months. Admitting almost any harm now would be akin to asking them to turn a gun on themselves.

    This again highlights the importance of never permitting government coercion and mandates when it comes to medical procedures.

    Full letter to the CDC and FDA:


  4. Apocalypse Never? | Michael Shellenberger | The JBP Podcast – S4: E:51

    Dr. Jordan Peterson and Michael Shellenberger exchange ideas about the Apocalyptic Environmentalism that is getting more mainstream coverage. Michael sheds light on the true impact of climate change and the theory of nuclear peace. As they dive into Michael’s new book, “San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities”, Dr. Peterson shares his view on the book and what he enjoyed about it.


  5. Maximum Vaccination
    The vaccines can’t control Corona, which is why they won’t stop vaccinating.


    Corona is primarily dangerous to the very old and the already sick. Occasionally, it is true, somebody who is younger or not already sick ends up dying. This happens with influenza and other viruses too. While that’s regrettable, Corona is not the leading cause of tragedies like these, and on balance they are too rare to pose an overarching unprecedented global threat to our hospitals, to our public health, to our nursing homes, or to whatever it is we’re supposed to be worried about right now. Given the stratified nature of Corona risk, the majority of the gains to be had from stimulating SARS-2 antibodies are concentrated in around 10-15% of the population. This is true whatever you believe about the vaccines, their safety or their efficacy.

    If you want to lower hospitalisations and deaths, in other words, the difference between vaccinating 40% of your population and 80% of your population is not nearly as great as it seems. In fact, as you move to ever lower-risk cohorts, the volume of vaccinations required to reduce deaths grows in inverse proportion to the deaths you are reducing. This is the phenomenon of diminishing returns. It means that if you have vaccinated all the olds and sicks and an additional 50% or 70% of everyone, AND you are still suffering from a raging pandemic of the unvaccinated, there are probably not enough immunologically naive people left to give you a hope of vaccinating your way out.

    The unspeakable truth is that the vaccines don’t suppress case rates at all. We have long known that their efficacy against infection fades to zero after week 20, but even at the high point — the first month after dose 2 — the protection is sure to be vastly overstated. This would be why even academic journals are starting to run pieces with titles like “Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States”:

    At the country-level, there appears to be no discernible relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days… In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association … Notably, Israel with over 60% of their population fully vaccinated had the highest COVID-19 cases per 1 million people in the last 7 days. The lack of a meaningful association between percentage population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases is further exemplified, for instance, by comparison of Iceland and Portugal. Both countries have over 75% of their population fully vaccinated and have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million people than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa that have around 10% of their population fully vaccinated.

    Here’s their scatter-plot:


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