Pipe Dreams on the Road to Serfdom

There’s a fog upon LA and my friends have lost their way..”~George Harrison

So, what incentive could the military industrial complex possibly have for transforming the image of the peaceful, flower children, war protesting ‘hippies’ into raging psychokillers hopped-up on acid?
The question answers itself doesn’t it?

Were the ‘Tate-La Bianca Murders’ actually a PSYOP?

The proposition is certainly not “out of the question”; too impracticable or unlikely to merit discussion, impossible, impracticable, unfeasible, unworkable, inconceivable, unimaginable…

10050 Cielo Drive is the street address of a former mansion in Benedict Canyon, a part of Beverly Crest, north of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, where the Charles Manson “family” committed the Tate murders in 1969.
Some facts about the Sharon Tate murders that have not been widely publicized.

Sharon’s father was high level military intelligence. At the time Bobby Kennedy announced that he was going to run for the presidency, the CIA’s favorite director and Zionist operative, John Frankenheimer, (The Manchurian Candidate, Seconds, Seven Days in May, The Gypsy Moths, French Connection 2, Black Sunday, the Holocroft Covenant, Year of the Gun, Ronin etc.) called Bobby and asked to follow him and film him throughout his election campaign. Frankenheimer went everywhere and filmed everything Bobby did during the campaign. The night prior to the California primary, Bobby Kennedy, Frankenheimer, Sharon Tate and others stayed at the Tate residence, and had dinner and a party there. The following evening, Bobby was driven to the Ambassador hotel along with Tate and Frankenheimer who had kept tabs of Bobby’s every movement during the campaign.

It appears that the Sharon Tate murders were more than an effort to start a race war. Manson was a CIA and Mafia asset, doing hits and black bag jobs for the Boys while running his family using MK-Ultra mind control techniques to manage his “family”. On an early nineties Hard Copy TV program, Manson admitted he killed La Bianco, who was a bookie, because he was holding out money to his superior, Frankie Carbo, the mob boss who was in Federal prison in Illinois at the time and who controlled organized boxing up to Sonny Liston’s time. The interviewer sat there with glazed look while Manson went on how dumb and uninformed the average American is. He denied any connection to the Sharon Tate murder.

There is a strong probability that Sharon Tate was targeted because of her knowledge of the Bobby Kennedy murder and perhaps she was talking to other people about the RFK murder. LAPD did everything they could to stifle the Tate murder investigation but finally had to pick up members of Manson’s “family” who may or may not have been the only killers. The rabbit hole goes deeper than you know.

My understanding is the first time The Beatles stayed at the 10050 Cielo Drive was the night they met Elvis Presley.

Read more: http://60if.proboards.com/thread/2983?page=2#ixzz3uHN8sqsz


The Tate Murders – The Psyop That Stifled a Generation
Wednesday, March 25, 2015 5:14
by Miles W. Mathis

** * * * * * * * * * * *

by Mae Brussell
…Will tactical support come from a CIA safe-house in the Mojave Desert?

Charles Manson and his “family” were moved from the Spahn Ranch in Topanga Canyon to the Barker Ranch in the Mojave Desert following their “arrest,” and after the Sharon Tate-La Bianca murders.

The SLA reportedly had maps of deserts, parks, wilderness areas and abandoned mines.

At the time of the incident at Mel’s Sporting Goods Store, the Harrises were buying thermal underwear, sleeping bags and other outdoor items.

Twelve and a half million acres of California desert have suddenly been closed to off-road traffic.

Will Emily and William and Patty be protected in government safe-houses, while law enforcement officers spend the entire summer searching vans, campers, communes, airports and highways? The excuse to hunt three SLA members has already caused arrests, and persons stopped at gunpoint as possible suspects.

Law enforcement officials in Ozona, Texas set up roadblocks; 24 persons were busted on pot charges, 20 others were arrested, while looking for Patty.
Many people have been stopped as SLA suspects.

Driving down U.S. 101, Linda Lipsett, her husband and a female friend were followed by police. “We thought they were going to shoot us.” They were forced to lie face down on the pavement, and seven officers held pistols and rifles to their heads.

VII. How Dangerous Was the SLA?

The reason given for the SLA’s instant deaths in Los Angeles was that they were “armed and extremely dangerous.”

The Los Angeles police had records indicating that Donald DeFreeze was dangerous. Yet they gave him considerable freedom when he was in prison. He was allowed to leave prison. They never bothered to bring him back after he “escaped.”

Dr. Foster had been murdered, and Robert Blackburn had been shot. Yet when the SLA surfaced, police didn’t yet believe its members were dangerous enough to be sought. The SLA safehouses and the abandoned apartments in Oakland and Berkeley contained evidence of ownership of weapons, ammunition, and lists of possible kidnapping victims. Still, law enforcement agencies didn’t bother to identify or search for the “army,” except for Joseph Remiro and Russell Little.

Seven of the SLA had weapons registered in their names. All the SLA members except Donald DeFreeze did their target practice at the Chabot Gun Club in Oakland.

Police haven’t bothered to locate the third person who participated in the murder of Dr. Foster, or the third person who helped to kidnap Patricia Hearst.

Willie Wolfe and Angela Atwood, cremated in Los Angeles, were not named as suspects in any crime.

Did the SLA intend to kill anybody?

Were the police violent in not alerting the neighborhood that their lives might be in danger, or that homes might burn down? One neighbor’s three dogs were burned alive.

The LAPD called in its public relations firm to witness the assault on the 54th Street house. The advertising men would later work with their client, the LAPD, to try to justify the extermination of human lives and gain public approval for police actions.

Did the police hope the SLA would accidentally wound or kill persons in the neighborhood during the shoot-out? This could have provided the SWAT teams with the excuse that they were “protecting lives.”

If the SLA and similar groups are dangerous, why do the police supply them with arms? Donald DeFreeze had previously received weapons from the LAPD that were used by him during an armed robbery and shoot-out.

Two men were shot when the SLA left the Hibernia Bank after their robbery. How serious were their wounds? Were the men hospitalized? How come we never heard about them again? Were these shootings sufficient justification to murder six persons

California law enforcement paid three men to stage a prison “escape” in San Jose at the time of the Angela Davis trial. One Of the men was killed. The purpose of this staged incident was to scare the jury deliberating Angela’s fate concerning other matters. Were the Hibernia Bank shoot-out and the shooting in front of Mel’s Sporting Goods Store staged by the same people? Would this prove to the public that the SLA L could fire weapons?

When the same cast of characters stages continuous conspiracy productions, it is important to consider the similarities.

The worst violence committed by the SLA was the murder of Dr. Foster and the kidnappingof Patricia Hearst. Two men c


** * * * * * * * * * * *

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
~ Matthew 7:15, King James Bible

CIA Cults and the Global Brainwashing Experiment: The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre
John Judge ratical.org
The ultimate victims of mind control at Jonestown are the American people. If we fail to look beyond the constructed images given us by the television and the press, then our consciousness is manipulated, just as well as the Jonestown victims’ was. Facing nuclear annihilation, may see the current militarism of the Reagan policies, and military training itself, as the real “mass suicide cult.” If the discrepancy between the truth of Jonestown and the official version can be so great, what other lies have we been told about major events?

History is precious. In a democracy, knowledge must be accessible for informed consent to function. Hiding or distorting history behind “national security” leaves the public as the final enemy of the government. Democratic process cannot operate on “need to know.” Otherwise we live in the 1984 envisioned by Orwell’s projections and we must heed his warning that those who control the past control the future.

The real tragedy of Jonestown is not only that it occurred, but that so few chose to ask themselves why or how, so few sought to find out the facts behind the bizarre tale used to explain away the death of more than 900 people, and that so many will continue to be blind to the grim reality of our intelligence agencies. In the long run, the truth will come out. Only our complicity in the deception continues to dishonor the dead.
Is it possible that the 700 who fled were rounded up by these troops, brought back to Jonestown and added to the body count?27

If so, the bodies would indicate the cause of death. A new word was coined by the media, “suicide-murder.” But which was it?28 Autopsies and forensic science are a developing art. The detectives of death use a variety of scientific methods and clues to determine how people die, when they expire, and the specific cause of death. Dr. Mootoo, the top Guyanese pathologist, was at Jonestown within hours after the massacre. Refusing the assistance of U.S. pathologists, he accompanied the teams that counted the dead, examined the bodies, and worked to identify the deceased. While the American press screamed about the “Kool-Aid Suicides,” Dr. Mootoo was reaching a much different opinion.29

There are certain signs that show the types of poisons that lead to the end of life. Cyanide blocks the messages from the brain to the muscles by changing body chemistry in the central nervous system. Even the “involuntary” functions like breathing and heartbeat get mixed neural signals. It is a painful death, breath coming in spurts. The other muscles spasm, limbs twist and contort. The facial muscles draw back into a deadly grin, called “cyanide rictus.”30 All these telling signs were absent in the Jonestown dead. Limbs were limp and relaxed, and the few visible faces showed no sign of distortion.31

Instead, Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims.32 Others had been shot or strangled. One survivor reported that those who resisted were forced by armed guards.33 The gun that reportedly shot Jim Jones was lying nearly 200 feet from his body, not a likely suicide weapon.34 As Chief Medical Examiner, Mootoo’s testimony to the Guyanese grand jury investigating Jonestown led to their conclusion that all but three of the people were murdered by “persons unknown.” Only two had committed suicide they said.35 Several pictures show the gun-shot wounds on the bodies as well.36 The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Schuler, said, “No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here.” The forensic doctors who later did autopsies at Dover, Delaware, were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo’s findings.[37]

The mainstream media was in on the brainwashing. These people did not “drink the Kool-aid”, then drop where they stood. After Leo Ryan was shot dead, they tried to escape over several days but were hunted down in the jungle by US and British special forces before being dragged back to the site and laid out in neat rows for the press.
There are other indications that the Guyanese government participated with American authorities in a cover-up of the real story, despite their own findings. One good example was Guyanese Police Chief Lloyd Barker, who interfered with investigations, helped “recover” 2.5 million for the Guyanese government, and was often the first to officially announce the cover stories relating to suicide, body counts and survivors.

Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter (1974) is a true crime book by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. Bugliosi had served as the prosecutor in the 1970 trial of Charles Manson. The book presents his firsthand account of the cases of Manson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and other members of the self-described Manson Family. It is the best-selling true crime book in history.[1]

The book recounts and assesses the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of Charles Manson and his followers for the notorious 1969 murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, actress Sharon Tate, and several others.

The book takes its title from the apocalyptic race war that Manson believed would occur, which in turn took its name from “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles. Manson had been particularly fascinated by the Beatles’ White Album, from which the song came.

“Helter-skelter was the motive for the murders. Manson borrowed that term from a Beatles song on the White Album. In England, helter-skelter is a playground ride. To Manson, helter-skelter meant a war between whites and blacks that the Beatles were in favor of. When the album first came out, in December of ’68, he got a copy, and he came racing back to the ranch all excited and said, “The Beatles are telling it like it is! The s___ is coming down!” It was this war that he felt he could ignite by killing white people and blaming black militants, this war called helter-skelter.

I’m not aware of any other murder case in American history, other than the assassination of President Kennedy, where [anniversaries] are marked by television specials, news reports and articles. Before the murders, no one associated hippies with violence and murder, just drugs, peace, free love, etc. Then the Manson Family comes along, looking like hippies, but what they were all about was murder. That was their religion, their credo. That shocked a lot of people and definitely hurt the counterculture movement. I think the main reason for the continuing fascination is that the murder case is almost assuredly the most bizarre mass-murder case in the recorded annals of American crime. The Beatles were somehow involved. The killers were young kids from average American homes.”~Vincent Bugliosi (1970 – interview)
The Tate – La Bianca Murders were drug related, the killers and victims all knew each other – the PSYOP was the myth of Helter Skelter promoted by Bugliosi.


Bugliosi’s “HELTER SKELTER” theory is sensational literary license…wild phantasmagoria…a grimior of hyperbole. The Tate La Bianca Murders were most likely connected to drug dealing. Like the OJ Simpson murder trial, the drug aspect, and the connections to the Mob were ignored.
See this article by James DiEugenio:

Click to access The-Prosecutor-revised.pdf

The Tate Murders – The Psyop That Stifled a Generation
by Miles W. Mathis

The alleged Tate murders took place on August 9, 1969. Those living through the events of 1969 didn’t have any hindsight on the current politics, but those of us looking back from the year 2012 do.

We don’t just see effects, we see causes. From this distance, we can see patterns they couldn’t see back then.

To start with, the hippie movement was peaking at that time. The Monterey Pop Festival had been in the summer of 1967, and Woodstock would happen just one week after the alleged Tate murders. Note that. The alleged Tate murders were on August 9 and Woodstock would open August 15. Coincidence?

Right now you will say yes, but by the end of this paper you will probably say no.
It is also worth remembering that People’s Park at the University of Berkeley, California, opened in April of 1969. Although the primary use of the park was as a makeshift public garden, it was also used for antiwar speeches and gatherings.

Due to the rising success of these speeches, Governor Ronald Reagan in May ordered the park closed and sent in the National Guard. Over 800 police and guards—given permission by chief of staff Ed Meese to use whatever force was necessary—attacked about 6,000 unarmed protesters, firing live rounds at them.

One person was killed, one permanently blinded by buckshot, and hundreds injured. Although the University and the city of Berkeley were now on the side of the protesters, Reagan declared a state of emergency and sent in 2,700 more National Guards. Many more anti-war protesters were arrested as the city was under a state of siege by its own government.

Reagan showed no remorse in defending his actions, and he even passed off the killing of the student on that Bloody Thursday as necessary.

On the anniversary of the event in May, 1970, he said, “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement.”[1] He was also talking about events the week before, since Bloody Thursday was just a precursor to the May 4, 1970, Massacre at Kent State University,where 4 unarmed students were killed and 9 wounded by the Ohio National Guard.
Nixon took office in January of 1969. Hoover was head of the FBI then, as he had been since its founding in 1935. Both Nixon and Hoover hated the hippies with a passion and wished to destroy them. This is now part of the public record, and we know it from many declassified documents.

Mainly this was due to the anti-war stance of the new generation. War was a big business and the hippies couldn’t be allowed to get in the way of it. It is known that the FBI created an entire mission around infiltrating and discrediting the anti-war movement.

See COINTELPRO,, which is not a conspiracy theory. It is declassified, is common knowledge, and you can even read about it at Wikipedia by taking that last link. It ran in the 1960’s, peaking in the late 60’s and ending in 1971 (we are assured).

The FBI was not just spying under COINTELPRO. Its stated goal, according to Hoover, was “to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” any anti-war group, including hippies, socialists, the civil right movement, the NAACP, AIM, the National Lawyers Guild, and even Albert Einstein (in the lead-up to COINTELPRO).

The CIA had its own version of COINTELPRO, called CHAOS. Again, this is not a conspiracy theory, it is now admitted by the CIA. It is known that CHAOS was started by Johnson in 1967 and then expanded by Nixon in 1969. It was directed by Richard Helms and run by the notorious James Jesus Angleton.

Nixon also linked COINTELPRO and CHAOS. It went into its tightest security mode in July of 1969, the month before the Tate murders. Seymour Hersh “blew the whistle” on CHAOS in a 1974 New York Times article. Since the NYT is controlled by the CIA, we must assume this was mainly damage control: the admission of lesser crimes to cover larger ones A ‘Modified Limited Hangout’ – or “revetment”]. One of the larger ones remaining hidden until now is the control of the Tate murders.

If Hersh really knew anything about CHAOS, he would have known of its premier operation, successful beyond all imagining. But Hersh’s articles never once mention the Tate murders.This is why I say his articles were misdirection.

They hinted at many things, but gave you nothing concrete. The hints all pushed you toward smaller things, which acted as further cover for the big things like the Tate operation.

But let us back up. Note the quote from Hoover above: “Misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize.” Why have so few ever asked if the alleged Tate murders might have been just another instance of discrediting the hippies, and thereby the anti-war protesters?

As we look back, we can see that no other event so discredited and neutralized the hippie movement as the Tate murders. Due to the awful press Charles Manson and his followers gave to the hippies, the movement was dead by early 1970.

The entire anti-war movement was dealt a crushing blow by the Tate murders, since the press used it to marginalize not only the hippies, but all protesters and “malcontents.” This was a well-bought success for the government, since they were able to spin the Vietnam war out for five more years, spending countless billions more and enriching the already rich via Pentagon contracts.

The Vietnam war didn’t end until 8 months after Nixon’s resignation in 1974. What day did Nixon resign? August 9, 1974, exactly five years to the day after the alleged Tate murders.

Famous author Joan Didion wrote, “Many people I know in Los Angeles believe the 60’s ended abruptly on August 9, 1969; ended at the exact moment when word of the murders traveled like brushfire through the community.”[1] This would apply not only to Los Angeles, but to the entire United States.

Given that the Tate murders did end the 60’s and the hippie movement, we should ask if the Tate murders were intended to end the hippie movement. It seems very convenient for Nixon, Reagan, Hoover and the Pentagon that the perfect crime should happen at the perfect time.

It seems very convenient that the first so-called “cult killings” known in Modern culture should occur as if on cue from the CIA, just in time to stop the rising peace movement.


The Spahn Movie Ranch 

A movie ranch is a ranch that is at least partially dedicated for the creation and production of motion pictures and television productions. Originally, they were all within the 30-mile (48 km) studio zone, often in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley.

Movie ranches first came into use for location shooting in Southern California during the 1920s with the rising popularity of westerns. Hollywood-based studios found it difficult to recreate the topography of the Old West on sound stages and studio backlots, so they looked to the rustic valleys, canyons and foothills of Southern California for filming locations. Other large-scale productions also needed large, undeveloped settings for outdoor scenes, e.g., war films for their battle scenes.

Spahn Movie Ranch
Main article: Spahn Ranch
The Spahn Movie Ranch is a 500-acre (2.0 km2) property located on Santa Susana Pass in the Simi Hills above Chatsworth, California.

The Spahn Movie Ranch, once owned by silent film actor William S. Hart, was used to film many westerns, particularly from the 1940s to the 1960s, including Duel in the Sun, and episodes of television’s Bonanza and The Lone Ranger. A western town set was located at the ranch.

The Spahn Ranch was once home for the infamous Manson Family. A 1970 mountain wildfire destroyed the film set and the residential structures.

The Spahn Movie Ranch is now part of the Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park.[26][27]



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  1. Donald Ewen Cameron – known as D. Ewen Cameron or Ewen Cameron – was a Scottish-born psychiatrist who served as President of the American Psychiatric Association, Canadian Psychiatric Association, American Psychopathological Association, Society of Biological Psychiatry and World Psychiatric Association

    25 Years of Nightmares
    By David RemnickJuly 28, 1985
    Harvey Wein stein, a quiet, bearded man who practices psychiatry at Stanford University, says there are days when he is “ashamed” of his profession, nights when he cannot stop thinking about the Canadian psychiatrist who “ruined my father’s life . . . Left him with nothing. It’s a nightmare that never ends.”

    With funding from the CIA, the late Dr. D. Ewen Cameron did a series of mind-control experiments on 53 people, including Harvey Weinstein’s father, Louis, a prosperous Montreal businessman. All had come to the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University in Montreal between 1957 and 1961 for treatment of various psychological ailments.

    The experiments, Weinstein says, left his father “a human guinea pig, a poor pathetic man with no memory, no life. He lost his business, he lost everything.” Weinstein is one of nine plaintiffs in a lawsuit, seeking damages from the CIA.

    To erase or “de-pattern” personality traits, Cameron gave his subjects megadoses of LSD, subjected them to drug-induced “sleep therapy” for up to 65 consecutive days and applied electroshock therapy at 75 times the usual intensity. To shape new behavior, Cameron forced them to listen to repeated recorded messages for 16-hour intervals, a technique known as “psychic driving.” Cameron and the CIA were interested in brainwashing and the ability to redirect thought and action. The patients did not consent to the treatment and were never told they were being used for research.

    “When you’re 13 years old and you see your father — an independent, kind, smart person — become a different man before your eyes, it’s impossible to accommodate that,” Weinstein says. “I remember one of his first visits home from the hospital. He didn’t talk much, and when he did talk it made no sense. When he wasn’t sleeping he was drowsy. He asked us things about his parents, even though they’d been dead for years. His memory was gone. At night once, when I was in bed, I saw him come into my room and urinate on the floor. He didn’t know where he was.

    “My father has ended up feeling guilty that he had done something to deserve this punishment. He is convinced the CIA listens to his telephone. He’s ashamed, embarrassed. My mother died without seeing the end of this. It will be a tragedy if my father dies without restoring some sense of dignity to his life.” Today Louis Weinstein lives alone in Montreal, cared for by his two grown daughters.

    No one knows the whereabouts of all the subjects, some of whom may be dead. But Louis Weinstein and eight others, including Velma Orlikow, the wife of a New Democratic Party member of the Canadian parliament, claim they have been injured irreparably by the experiments. “I’d say Velma operates at about 20 percent of capacity,” David Orlikow says. “It’s horrific.”

    The CIA’s involvement in mind control experiments has been coming to light for years. The suit filed by the group against the U.S. government has been pending here in U.S. District Court since December 1980 before Judge John Garrett Penn. The plaintiffs originally asked for $1 million each in damages but have cut that to $175,000. The government has offered to pay $25,000. The group’s attorney, Joseph Rauh Jr., calls the settlement offer “demeaning” and contends that the CIA has managed to delay the proceedings by “stonewalling.”

    The CIA’s counsel, Lee Strickland, declined to comment on the case. Agency spokeswoman Kathy Pherson said, “We don’t comment on cases under litigation. It’s inappropriate to try cases in the press.”

    In Cameron’s defense, Brian Robertson, the present director of the Allan Institute, and James Farquhar, a psychiatrist there, wrote in the Montreal Gazette that “we have not been able to uncover a single shred of evidence that Dr. Cameron knew of the CIA connection with his research funding.” They said Cameron’s work “must be placed in its historical context” and that “in Cameron’s day researchers were not expected to inform their patients of the nature of their research in the way that they are today.”

    The CIA has asked Judge Penn to block Rauh from taking depositions from two key agency figures — Stacey Hulse and John Knaus, who have been publicly identified as former CIA station chiefs in Ottawa. They are both retired.

    Cameron, who died of a heart attack while mountain climbing in 1967, had been one of the most prominent psychiatrists in North America. A former president of both the Canadian and American psychiatric associations, he was selected to diagnose Nazi figures, including Rudolf Hess, during the Nuremberg trials. (He declared Hess sane.) But for his work on brainwashing and mind control, critics have called him a “mad scientist.”

    “We hanged Nazis for doing the sort of things Cameron did,” says Rauh.

    “Cameron wanted to be up there with Freud,” says David Orlikow. “He wanted that stature, so he would do anything. Anything! It was horrific.”

    Since World War II, U.S. intelligence agencies have been interested in the techniques of controlling behavior and thought. The military was especially intrigued by interrogation techniques used on American POWs during the Korean War. Brainwashing entered the American vocabulary.

    The CIA’s first major project in the area, called ARTICHOKE, was rudimentary compared to MKULTRA, which succeeded it in 1953. Through front organizations, the CIA channeled about $10 million to dozens of universities and independent researchers.

    In one highly publicized experiment an Army employe, Dr. Frank Olson, was given LSD without his knowledge. He was hospitalized and days later jumped out a window to his death.

    Few people knew much about MKULTRA and cases like those of Frank Olson until 1977, when requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act exposed the nature and breadth of the CIA’s activities. Such intelligence experiments have since been outlawed.

    Former CIA director Richard Helms had ordered papers concerning the experiments in Montreal destroyed in 1973, but in 1977, acting on a Freedom of Information Act request by writer John Marks, then-CIA director Adm. Stansfield Turner announced that some files had not been destroyed. Those documents form the basis of what is generally known about the work of D. Ewen Cameron.

    A CIA chemist, Sidney Gottlieb, supervised the MKULTRA project from within the agency, documents show. A CIA doctor, Lt. Col. James L. Monroe, worked undercover and ran the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, the organization that channeled money to Cameron and the Allan Institute.

    Rauh contends that Cameron knew the CIA was interested in his work and actively solicited the grant. With the CIA’s approval (and with checks drawn against U.S. Treasury funds), documents show that Monroe got at least $60,000 to Cameron.

    Velma Orlikow:

    I suffer from chronic depression which sometimes becomes acute. I call those periods my ‘black holes.’ I don’t see anybody and I won’t leave the house. I can’t read and I used to love to read. I can’t write a letter. I have unexplained fears. I wake up at night afraid and I don’t know why. I’m trying to limp through my life like someone who’s been in a terrible accident that leaves them crippled.

    Dr. Cameron could be cruel if you didn’t do exactly what he wanted. He was a god figure to the patients. He’d say to me, ‘What’s the matter with you, lassie?’ I still hear his voice sometimes.

    Ewen Cameron was born in Scotland and educated at the University of Glasgow, the Glasgow Royal Mental Hospital and at Johns Hopkins. He first won a measure of fame for setting up mobile psychiatric clinics in the ’30s in Canada.

    During the war, Cameron was part of an international committee of psychiatrists and social scientists who studied the origins and nature of Nazi culture. He published numerous articles on mass psychology during wartime. Cameron began the Allan Memorial Institute in 1943 with the help of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. He gave numerous speeches on “the problem of Germany” and believed that the psychology and forces that gave to rise to Nazism may have been longstanding in German culture.

    Although he was based in Montreal, Cameron became an American citizen and angered many in the bilingual community of Montreal for being an insistent English speaker.

    More and more, Cameron came to believe in the possibility of changing the human mind, of altering thought and behavior patterns. But rather than experiment in psychotherapy, what Freudians have called “the talking cure,” Cameron believed in quicker, organic means, including drugs and electroshock. He began experimenting on organic ways of controlling schizophrenia.

    The experiments of 1957-1961 were done on patients, mostly women, who entered the Allan Institute voluntarily, usually at the recommendation of a private physician.

    Louis Weinstein went to the institute suffering from respiratory and digestive difficulties caused by anxiety. After undergoing the complete treatment of LSD and other drugs, electroshock and psychic driving, Weinstein is, in his son’s words, a “lost soul . . . My father has no social sense, how to keep clean, how to carry on a conversation.” “They took his self away from him.”

    Velma Orlikow suffered from depression after the birth of her daughter. After several years of treatment with a private psychiatrist in Winnipeg, she entered the Allan Institute to speed her progress. Without being told the nature of the injections, she was given shots of LSD on 14 occasions and went through psychic-driving sessions. She found the treatments frightening but, according to her testimony, Cameron persuaded her to continue until 1963. Now Orlikow says she cannot concentrate well, can no longer read books or magazine articles.

    Dr. Mary Morrow approached Cameron for a fellowship in psychiatry, but Cameron thought, after a physical exam, that Morrow appeared “nervous” and admitted her as a patient instead. For 11 days, Morrow says she underwent de-patterning experiments that included electroshock treatment, and barbiturates. The treatment resulted in a brain anoxia — not enough oxygen reaching the brain — and she was hospitalized. Today Morrow suffers from prosopagnosia — she cannot recognize people’s faces.

    The list goes on. Robert Logie, a native of Vancouver, says he cannot hold a steady job or sleep without the help of drugs. He suffers from severe depression and still dreams about the experiments. Lyvia Stadler of Montreal has been institutionalized.

    In his court claim, Rauh claims that not only did the experiments have “no likely therapeutic value,” they also violated the accepted standards of medical experimentation as formulated at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials and ratified in the Charter of the United Nations.

    “The frustration is incredible,” Harvey Weinstein says. “It’s impossible to know, to ever know, what kind of life my father might have led, what kind of lives all these people might have led, if this had never happened. So much has been stolen from my father and everyone like him.”

    Dr. Mary Morrow:

    “I’m 68 years old now. Most of us who have suffered from Ewen Cameron are getting old. I don’t have a cent left in savings. I’ve spent it all on lawyers. The stigma of this case ruined me professionally. I think I’ll be dead and buried by the time this is over.




  2. Certain statistics further make clear that universities, all of which receive considerable taxpayer money, including from the federal government, are not only overtly ideological projects but are also unmistakably hostile to conservative (or even simply non-left-wing) viewpoints. A 2020 study by The Harvard Crimson determined that only 1.46% of the faculty self-identified as conservative, with faculty campaign contributions also flowing overwhelmingly to Democrats. Students on campuses across the country are self-censoring; free speech at universities is consistently evaporating; and speakers who even remotely challenge prized left-wing orthodoxies are shouted down or barred from speaking.




  3. Michael Shermer claims to be a “skeptic”. He is infamous for “debunking” what he calls “conspiracy theories”
    Like most so-called “skeptics” Shermer never actually addresses the FACTS of a conspiracy. He only discusses the “mental and cognitive state” of the theorist. In that way he can declare the theory simply quackery. However those who do know the actual facts of these theories know that it is the Official Narrative that is quackery. (JFK Assassination – 9/11 PSYOP – Oklahoma City Bombing, etc.)

    Why People Believe Weird Things: Excerpt

    Through my work as the Editor-in-Chief of Skeptic magazine, the Executive Director of the Skeptics Society, and as the Skeptic columnist for Scientific American,the analysis and explanation of what we loosely refer to as “weird things” is a daily routine. Unfortunately, there is no formal definition of a weird thing that most people can agree upon, because it depends so much on the particular claim being made in the context of the knowledge base that surrounds it and the individual or community proclaiming it. One person’s weird belief might be another’s normal theory, and a weird belief at one time might subsequently become normal. Stones falling from the sky were once the belief of a few daffy Englishmen; today we have an accepted theory of meteorites. In the jargon of science philosopher Thomas Kuhn, revolutionary ideas that are initially anathema to the accepted paradigm, in time may become normal science as the field undergoes a paradigm shift.12

    Still, we can formulate a general outline of what might constitute a weird thing as we consider specific examples. For the most part, what I mean by a “weird thing” is:

    a claim unaccepted by most people in that particular field of study,
    a claim that is either logically impossible or highly unlikely, and/or
    a claim for which the evidence is largely anecdotal and uncorroborated.
    In my introductory example, most theologians recognize that God’s existence cannot be proven in any scientific sense, and thus Dembski’s and Tipler’s goal of using science to prove God is not only unacceptable to most members of his knowledge community, it is uncorroborated because it is logically impossible. Cold fusion, to pick another example, is unaccepted by almost all physicists and chemists, is highly unlikely, and positive results have not been corroborated. Yet there are a handful of smart people (Arthur C. Clarke is the most notable) who hold out hope for cold fusion’s future.

    “Smart people” suffers from a similar problem in operational definition, but at least here our task is aided by achievement criteria that most would agree, and the research shows, requires a minimum level of intelligence. Graduate degrees (especially the Ph.D.), university positions (especially at recognized and reputable institutions), peer-reviewed publications, and the like, allow us to concur that, while we might quibble over how smart some of these people are, the problem of smart people believing weird things is a genuine one that is quantifiable through measurable data. Additionally, there is a subjective evaluation that comes from the experiences I have had in dealing directly with so many people whose claims I have evaluated. While I have not had the opportunity to administer intelligence tests to my various subjects, through numerous television and radio appearances and personal interviews I have conducted with such claimants, and especially through the lecture series that I organize and host at the California Institute of Technology, I have had the good fortune to meet a lot of really smart people, some out and out brilliant scholars and scientists, and even a handful of geniuses so far off the scale that they strike me as wholly Other. All of these factors combined affords me a reasonable assessment of my subjects’ intelligence.




  4. The Voyeur

    I’ve had a belly full a smelly full of twisted fisted screaming  sometimes not dreaming but I saw her turn and nod like a pod on a beanstalk winking a simmering shimmering sometimes glimmering blue eye like she was saying follow me which I did though I hid at the corners
    Where the hound bugles at the sound of a voyeur caught at the curtins of the lovers
    But this I did not stay to survey to the climax for following the winking wench I am
    Soon under a doorway under moth ridden mosquito biten insect churning porch lamp and it seems damp on my lip and in my lap watching her fondle the door knob
    I leap to the window and with a snap she pulls off her back the strap off the trap that held the tasty snack of her pink erected nipples
    Again she turns and passion burns like a scream in a strong wind 
    My heart seeps a fart. Am I dying?
    No just too much excitement for one night And what the hell am I doing standing in the cold with my fist ahold of the rod called “deflowerer”???

    © Willy Whitten -1976


      1. I listen to these while out jump roping on the balcony. Passes the time nicely by keeping my mind occupied on something interesting but too involved to follow. I think they’re a great tool to prompt further interest by getting an overview first.

        I found this one pretty fascinating — The Turkish Century – From Hittites to Atatürk (Chapters I & II) – A Historian Reacts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8raXYPje484&t=16s

        I wish I had watched The Tudors before I went to London. That would have driven me to hit some areas I never even thought to. And when I went to the Tower of London — I didn’t know much about Henry VIII. What a shame — because that would have really sparked some additional drive to discover more.

        So, same idea is how I see it.

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  5. World history is a facinating subject. I can take a lifeime. I have stayed mainly in the genre of American History. WWII studies led to WWI studies, and then to studying the Russian Revolution …and it gets prettey complex at that point.
    One of the best books I have found tying much of this all togerther is Barbara Tuchman’s THE MARCH OF FOLLY.

    Also, TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Carroll Quigley

    And the Antony Sutton books, especially the Wall Street series, and his masterpiece, SKULL & BONES.

    So much to learn so little time!



    1. Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke

      Politically correct ideology is masking and contributing to the widespread failure of our institutions.

      By Victor Davis Hanson | August 1, 2021

      We know the nature of mass hysterias in history, and how they can overwhelm and paralyze what seem to be stable societies.

      We know the roots and origins of the cult of wokeness.

      And we know, too, how such insanity—from the Salem witch trials to Jacobinism to McCarthyism—can spread, despite alienating most of the population, through fear and the threat of personal ruin or worse. These are the dark sides of the tulip, hula-hoop, and pet-rock fads, the mass obsessions so suited to past affluent Western societies.

      But does wokeism serve another purpose as well? Specifically, does it either hide preexisting incompetence or fuel it?

      In the last 18 months, we have seen most of our major institutions go woke and spend considerable amounts of time, capital, and labor on what might be called “commissarism.” Yet in their zeal to rectify society in general and sermonize, virtue signal, pontificate, and perform to the public, many institutions are increasingly failing at what they were established to do.

      Of course, public servants have long suffered the “Bloomberg effect”—focusing on misdemeanors to virtue signal competence as penance for failing to solve the existential crises. If you cannot clear New York City of snow in a timely manner, then lecture the trapped on everything from global warming to the dangers of super-sized soft drinks. Yet wokeism is a bit different since it now pervades our societies as a pandemic of its own.

      Take Delta Airline CEO Ed Bastian. He earns $17 million in annual compensation, and lectures the state of Georgia and the nation at large on our supposedly racist voting laws. The issue at hand is mostly a requirement to show a valid ID to vote—in the manner one must present identification to enter the boarding area of Bastian’s planes. Surely if one should vote without an ID, why not then be allowed to board a Delta flight?

      I also suggest the public try to call Delta’s consumer helplines to fix the airline’s post-quarantine screw-ups with credits, refunds, rebooking, and recalibrating charges. Just try it—but expect several hours of wait time on the phone. We know now Delta is woke, but what we don’t know is whether one’s past purchase of a ticket will ensure a spot on a Delta flight, or whether prior money or mileage credited will ever be returned or applied to future travel.

      A cynical observer might suggest that if Ed Bastian cannot ensure adequate consumer service, it won’t matter since he weighs in on voting laws. (Or is it worse than that? Because he pontificates on voting laws and other assorted woke issues, he thinks he can simply worry less about his own consumer services?)
      We could ask the same of the FBI and CIA, given the loud, recent wokeist careers of John Brennan, James Clapper, Kevin Clinesmith, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok. From such sanctimony we might assume the FBI had successfully ferreted out and preempted the Boston Marathon bombers, or the San Bernardino terrorists; or that we knew from the CIA the threats posed by the Phoenix-like reappearance of the “J.V.” ISIS killers in Iraq, the Spratly Island aggrandizement by China, the true nature of the Wuhan lab leak, the location of existing stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or Syria, and the current status of the Iranian nuclear program.

      The point is not to berate our institutions, but to warn them. Either their abilities to carry out their assigned tasks are becoming diminished by Nineteen Eighty-Four-like wokism, or they are using ideological camouflage simply to mask their unaccountability—and their increasing incompetence.

      Read entire article:





      Posted by Sam Culper / Mike Shelby | Aug 16, 2021 | Intelligence, Sam Culper

      DHS: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to hire private contractors to analyze social media for signs of domestic violent extremism (DVE). The expansion in scraping and analysis is in response to a perceived intelligence failure before the 6 January Capitol Hill riot. This effort coincides with a broader push by Washington to root-out extremists inside the military and government. (AC: Friday’s extension to the DHS terrorism advisory front-loads concerns over racially or ethnically motivated violence and points out that some of the radicalization operations are coming from Russia, China and Iran. A confirmed link between a DVE and nation-state would dramatically change DHS’s authority to investigate and prosecute online activity. – D.M.)




  6. Nice article- massive unethical human experimentation as welll as cia fbi homeland security murders taking place- all out assault in Vidor Texas-homeland security can be found financing this through Orange County Texas

    The Watcher
    Half Mast

    Half Mast

    Just now

    I sit

    And I wait

    And I watch

    And I wonder


    Firing off


    Like thunder

    Homeland Security

    They are at my door

    Please don’t be alarmed

    You have no freedom anymore

    You know I watch

    And I read

    As they lie

    As they deceive

    I stand

    And I Plead

    I need no home

    I am in no need

    The FBI

    Knockin on my door

    Why you trespassing

    You don’t come back here anymore

    You know I

    Kneel and I pray

    When I read the

    The things they say

    You know I

    Stand and I walk

    When I hear

    The same old talk



    What you get

    Is what you see

    Why don’t you

    Get lost

    You have No

    Jurisdiction over me

    Who’s your

    Fckn boss?

    You insecure

    Bitches please..

    You know I sit

    And I watch

    And I wait

    And I wonder

    Who’s your

    Fckn boss

    You insecure

    Bitches please

    Nickle Media
    Mind Wars
    New item
    Capitol Riots: Coordinated Incompetence
    The Police will be watching you
    Fed Book
    The Watcher
    Homo Security and the Missionary Position
    Microwave Weapons: Human Pest Control
    Microwave Auditory Effect and School Shootings
    Keith Lankford Cointelpro: Hacked phone group text unknown numbers and email.
    Microwave attacks increase
    Jim Morrison Universal Mind
    Nickle Pedia
    News in the USA
    Operation F U
    Fed Book
    Fact Checkers
    Stale Mate
    NickleMedia.wordpress.com A WordPress.com Website.

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    1. Stale Mate…Yea I had a stale mate once, I divorced her.
      Or maybe she divorced me…I can’t remember, I can’t recall, I have no memory of anything at all…

      Oh yea, I called her the Psychoslut.


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