Although President Joe Biden has been known to angrily confront reporters for what he considers overly harsh questions, the legacy media have taken it remarkably easy on the president and his family. While the media have circled hungrily around every potential charge facing Allen Weisselberg and remain focused on the Trump family, they have ignored multiple scandals facing Joe Biden, his son, and his brother. Here are just a few:

1. Joe Biden reportedly met with Hunter Biden’s business partners.

Emails and photographs retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop appear to show that then-Vice President Joe Biden met repeatedly with his son’s business associates, raising issues of influence peddling.

A photograph shows the then-sitting vice president meeting with Hunter and two business associates, Carlos Slim and Jeff Cooper, on November 19, 2015. The New York Post’s Miranda Divine reports that Hunter had spent much of that year pursuing Slim to invest in a number of business options, including Cooper’s online gambling platform, Ocho Gaming.

This would be at least the second meeting Biden allegedly attended with his son’s foreign business connections while vice president. As The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra reported, “Joe Biden reportedly met his son’s business associates from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan at a dinner in Washington, D.C., on April 16, 2015.”

Biden’s campaign officially denied the Burisma-linked meeting, saying, “We have reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedules from the time and no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place.” The Washington Post, citing a White House official with knowledge of Biden’s schedule, reported in June that the vice president dropped by to speak with Alex Karloutsos, a long-time friend who was at the event.

Although the White House has yet to comment on the latest allegations, the media seem content with their silence. While legacy media outlets offered endless coverage of Donald Trump Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting, they have virtually ignored Joe Biden’s reported personal meetings with his son’s business partners — although such meetings are arguably more significant: Biden allegedly attended these meetings personally, and he did so after, not before, he had been elected into public office.

2. The scandals plaguing First Brother ‘Fast Jimmy’ Biden.

It’s become a national tradition for Democratic presidents to have shady brothers, from Billy Carter to Roger Clinton to Ted Kennedy. But each of those figures caused their siblings far greater media embarrassment with fewer scandals than first brother James Biden. The 46th president’s younger brother has raised the practice of grift to a fine art.

After taking over a global investing firm in 2006, Jim Biden told the company brass, “Don’t worry about investors. We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.” Politico reported, citing a company executive, “James Biden made it clear he viewed the fund as a way to take money from rich foreigners who could not legally give money to his older brother or his campaign account.”

No other presidential sibling tried to leverage their brother to cash-in on Americans suffering from the wasting disease of cancer. When Jim Biden sought to invest in Integrate Oral Care in November 2018, Politico reports that Jim allegedly told the company he could get his brother’s Biden Cancer Initiative to promote the oral rinse that Integrate sells for use by cancer patients.

The FBI was reportedly investigating another health care company tied to Jim Biden, Americore Health, LLC, as of March 2020.

James Biden has had similar luck throughout his charmed business life. Shortly after Joe Biden’s election to the Senate, Jim Biden’s Seasons Change night club received bank loans the terms of which could be described as unusually positive. Seven months after he became executive vice president of the fairly new entrant into homebuilding, the New Jersey-based Hillstone International, Hillstone won a $1.5 billion contract from the Obama administration to build housing in Iraq.

While the media presented the business deals of President Donald Trump’s children as an impeachable violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause, they have hardly reported the name of Jim Biden, much less his virtually confessed lifelong history of profiting off his brother’s office.

3. Nepotism in the Biden administration.

The Biden administration is also a family affair when it comes to appointments. High-level Biden appointees secured the hiring of numerous family members, according to The Washington Post.

The little-known Biden aide Steve Ricchetti serves as a prime example, with three of his children serving in the executive branch. Politico reported on June 14 that “J.J. RICCHETTI will be a special assistant in the office of legislative affairs. He joins his sister, SHANNON RICCHETTI, who is a deputy associate director for the White House social secretary, and one of his brothers, DANIEL RICCHETTI, who is a senior advisor in the office of the under secretary of State for arms control and international security, in the Biden administration.” (Emphases in original.)

The problem? J.J.’s record of “accomplishment consists primarily of graduating from college — last year,” wrote Walter M. Shaub Jr. in The Washington Post. Thanks to apparent family favoritism, “The Treasury Department will lack the ideas and experiences that someone with a different background (and probably better qualifications) would have brought to the job. In years to come, the nation may miss out on that individual’s contributions as yet another Ricchetti heir follows a predestined trajectory through the halls of power.”

Richetti has company. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has three relatives “serving” in the Biden administration: brother Tom Sullivan is the State Department’s deputy chief of staff for policy; sister-in-law Rose Baumann Sullivan, Tom’s wife, is HHS acting assistant secretary for legislation; and Jake’s wife, Maggie Goodlande, serves as a counsel to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The Donilon family also struck gold during the Biden years. Biden senior adviser Mike Donilon’s niece, Sarah, is special assistant in the National Security Council’s Asia directorate (and the daughter of another Biden administration official, Presidential Personnel Office Director Cathy Russell). Mike Donilon’s brother, Tom, reportedly turned down consideration to become CIA Director, remaining instead at the think tank of BlackRock Inc. — which is also deeply embedded in the Biden administration.

President Biden appointed Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s wife, Evan Ryan, as White House Cabinet secretary, which helps coordinate the various federal agencies.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki’s sister, Stephanie Psaki, has been hired as an HHS senior adviser on human rights and gender equity inside the department’s Office of Global Affairs.

Biden’s senior adviser, Anita Dunn, is married to Bob Bauer, who co-chairs the presidential commission on packing the Supreme Court and runs an aggressive online “fact-checking” effort called Building Back Together, which is tied to the Biden White House.

Despite the abundant scent of nepotism, the media have largely ignored the story or dismissed it by engaging in whataboutism. The Washington Post reported merely that ethicists found it “disappointing that Biden didn’t shift even further from the practices of Donald Trump’s presidency, which they thought reeked of nepotism and cronyism.”

These underreported Biden administration scandals share a common thread: President Joe Biden seems to give his family, his cronies, and their families advantages that the average American would never see. That’s a story worth reporting.


AUTHENTICATING THE LAPTOP commissioned cyber forensics experts at Maryman & Associates to examine the hard drive to determine its authenticity.

The firm’s founder, Brad Maryman, was a 29-year veteran of the FBI, served as a Chief Information Security Officer and founded the bureau’s cyber forensics unit. His partner, Dr. Joseph Greenfield, is an associate professor at the University of Southern California and helped write their degree program in intelligence and cyber operations. 

After an extensive analysis of the hard drive, Greenfield and Maryman produced a report for detailing their findings.

Using the same forensic tools as federal and state law enforcement in criminal investigations, they found a total of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails and more than 2,000 photos.

– They found emails for multiple accounts on the laptop dating back to 2009, and other data which ‘appears to be related to Mr. Biden’ between 2016 and 2019.

 – The report’s findings were consistent with the known timeline for the hard drive. A Wilmington, Delaware computer store work order with Hunter’s signature shows he left his 2017 MacBook Pro laptop there on April 12, 2019.

– The Maryman & Associates report said the original ‘Macintosh HD’ drive was created on March 28, 2018

– Hunter’s iCloud email address was added to the laptop’s system on October 21 2018, as well as his work email at his firm Rosemont Seneca on February 2 2019. 

– The same day, a Gmail address he used to log onto sex cam sites, and another personal Gmail address belonging to Hunter, were also added. 

– Beau Biden’s old Gmail account was added on February 7 2019.

– Emails addressed to Hunter’s various email addresses dating from December 2009 to December 2020 were found on the system.

– An iPad with the name ‘Hunter’s iPad’ and three email addresses associated with the Biden family was backed up on the laptop and on iCloud in January 2019 and again a month later.

– Greenfield found 818 call logs in this iPad backup with timestamps from June 2016 to February 2019. 

– There were 8,942 entries in the iPad’s contacts book, created between April 2016 and January 2019.

– In February 2019 an iPhone XS was also synced with the laptop. Its serial number was consistent with the timestamps of the data on the phone. 

 In conclusion, ‘The operating system timestamps appear to be authentic, and no evidence was found to suggest that the timestamps or data were altered or manufactured,’ the report said. ‘No indications were found that would suggest the data was manufactured.’

OCTOBER 22, 2020

Tony Bobulinski Statement on Hunter Biden

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, made a statement about business dealings in China. He said he would turn over electronic evidence of Biden family involvement.

Tony Bobulinski,


Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski accused Democratic nominee Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in his family’s overseas dealings in a stunning appearance just 90 minutes before Thursday evening’s presidential debate.

“I have heard Joe Biden say he has never discussed his dealings with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden,” Bobulinski said following The Post’s bombshell reporting on Hunter Biden’s private emails.

Bobulinski, who will be a guest of President Trump at the debate, showed three phones spanning 2015 to 2018 as evidence and said he would be meeting with the Senate and the FBI to hand over electronics.

The US Navy veteran said he was introduced to the former veep on May 2, 2017, by Hunter Biden and the lawmaker’s brother Jim Biden before the Global Milken Conference in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“That night, we discussed the Bidens’ history, the Biden family’s plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least at a high level,” he said in Memphis, Tenn., ahead of the final debate between President Trump and Biden.

“I have no wish to bury anyone. I’ve never been political. The few contributions I have made have been to Democrats. But what I am is a patriot, and a veteran, to protect my family name, and my business reputation. I need to ensure that the true facts are out there,” he said, batting away accusations that he was part of a misinformation plot.

Bobulinski came forward earlier Thursday to corroborate emails revealed exclusively by The Post last week about the Biden family’s murky overseas dealings in China involving both Hunter Biden and uncle Jim Biden.

The US Navy veteran accused former Vice President Joe Biden of being directly involved in a plot to make millions of dollars, identifying to him as “the big guy” named in the May 13, 2017, email.

That email showed the four partners each getting 20 percent shares in the business, with 10 percent going to “Jim” and the remaining 10 percent “held by H for the big guy?”

The Navy veteran said he was approached in late 2015 by James Gilliar, a man he had known “for many years,” about joining him in a deal with Chinese state-owned energy company CEFC and “what he called one of the most prominent families in the United States.”

The whistleblower said he was told the Biden family wanted to form a new entity with CEFC to invest in infrastructure, real estate, and technology in the US and around the world.

Bobulinski also released hundreds of text messages and emails from his time as CEO of the company being formed between the Biden family and China’s largest private energy company, named SinoHawk Holdings.

In one message sent on May 20, 2017, Gilliar warned Bobulinski not to mention the Democratic nominee’s involvement in the SinoHawk deal.

“Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u [sic] are face to face, I know u [sic] know that but they are paranoid,” a screenshot of the message from Gilliar read.

Bobulinski said Gilliar and fellow partner Rob Walker were “paranoid about keeping Joe Biden’s involvement secret.”

The famous family has been dogged for years by allegations of impropriety following Hunter Biden’s lucrative role on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma while his father was vice president.

A tranche of emails from a hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden — published exclusively by The Post last week — revealed how the scandal-scarred son tried to leverage his family connections to land lucrative deals overseas and boost his Burisma pay.

Speaking before reporters at a Marriott hotel near the debate site Thursday evening, Bobulinski claimed he had a falling out with the Biden family when Hunter Biden wanted to pocket $5 million from an initial $10 million cash injection into SinoHawk, ponied up by CEFC.

“He said, referring to ‘the chairman,’ his father, that CEFC was really investing in the Biden family, that he held the trump card and that he was the one putting his family legacy on the time,” said Bobulinski, who declined to take questions afterward.

“During these negotiations I repeated to Hunter and others that SinoHawk could not be Hunter’s personal piggy bank,” he went on.

“CEFC through July 2017 was assuring me the funds would be transferred to SinoHawk, but they were never sent to our company. Instead, I found out from Senator Johnson’s September report that the $5 million was sent in August 2017 to entities affiliated with Hunter,” he said, referring to the Wisconsin senator’s congressional probe into potential corruption in the Biden family.

Ending the press conference, the former Navy lieutenant said he would be meeting with Johnson’s Senate Homeland Security Committee on Friday.

“Tomorrow I will be meeting with the Senate committee members concerning this matter and I will be providing the FBI the devices which contain the evidence corroborating what I have said, so I will not be taking any questions at this time.”

“Can you tell us a little more about this evidence?” a reporter asked.

“The evidence sits on these three phones, I don’t want to go into anything any further. This will all be discussed with Senator Johnson and his committee and the American people can decide what’s fact,” he said.

Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm

By Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge

Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm:

Signed receipt with FBI agent signatures

The press should have been all over this story BEFORE the 2020 election.

EXCLUSIVE: What WASN’T in Hunter Biden’s book: How he got unauthorized Secret Service protection, begged Joe to run for WH to salvage his own reputation and made porn films with prostitutes. Forensic experts prove laptop IS President’s son’s

  • Hunter Biden released his ‘tell-all’ memoir Beautiful Things on Tuesday, but left out shocking details
  • Home | Daily Mail Online can reveal those secrets after contents of his abandoned laptop – including a cache of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, more than 2,000 photos – were verified by top forensics experts
  • Hunter left his MacBook Pro laptop at a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019 and never returned for it
  • In texts from 2019, Hunter begged his father to run for president to salvage Hunter’s own reputation
  • Hunter repeatedly dodged police action against him, despite constantly dealing with drug dealers and prostitutes and having multiple run-ins with the law
  • The president’s son was guarded by a Secret Service agent while on a 2018 drug and prostitute binge in Hollywood, despite not being entitled to protection at the time
  • Hunter appeared to be obsessed with making porn films with prostitutes, videos and photos on his laptop show
  • Texts also show Joe Biden was afraid his conversations with Hunter were being hacked even as they discussed his White House bid

U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and

Governmental Affairs U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Majority Staff Report


In late 2013 and into 2014, mass protests erupted in Kyiv, Ukraine, demanding integration into western economies and an end to systemic corruption that had plagued the country. At least 82 people were killed during the protests, which culminated on Feb. 21 when Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych abdicated by fleeing the country.

Less than two months later, over the span of only 28 days, significant events involving the Bidens unfolded. On April 16, 2014, Vice President Biden met with his son’s business partner, Devon Archer, at the White House. Five days later, Vice President Biden visited Ukraine, and he soon after was described in the press as the “public face of the administration’s handling of Ukraine.” The day after his visit, on April 22, Archer joined the board of Burisma.

Six days later, on April 28, British officials seized $23 million from the London bank accounts of Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky. Fourteen days later, on May 12, Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma, and over the course of the next several years, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were paid millions of dollars from a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch for their participation on the board.

The 2014 protests in Kyiv came to be known as the Revolution of Dignity — a revolution against corruption in Ukraine. Following that revolution, Ukrainian political figures were desperate for U.S. support. Zlochevsky would have made sure relevant Ukrainian officials were well aware of Hunter’s appointment to Burisma’s board as leverage. Hunter Biden’s position on the board created an immediate potential conflict of interest that would prove to be problematic for both U.S. and Ukrainian officials and would affect the implementation of Ukraine policy.

The Chairmen’s investigation into potential conflicts of interest began in August 2019, with Chairman Grassley’s letter to the Department of Treasury regarding potential conflicts of interest with respect to Obama administration policy relating to the Henniges transaction.1 During the Obama administration, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approved a transaction that gave control over Henniges, an American maker of antivibration technologies with military applications, to a Chinese government-owned aviation company and a China-based investment firm with established ties to the Chinese government.

One of the companies involved in the Henniges transaction was a billion-dollar private investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). BHR was formed in November 2013 by a merger between the Chinese-government-linked firm Bohai Capital and a company named Rosemont Seneca Partners. Rosemont Seneca was formed in 2009 by Hunter Biden, the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, by Chris Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, and others.2 1 Press Release, Chairman Charles Grassley, S. Comm. on Fin., Grassley Raises Concerns Over Obama.

Key Findings

 In early 2015 the former Acting Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, George Kent, raised concerns to officials in Vice President Joe Biden’s office about the perception of a conflict of interest with respect to Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board. Kent’s concerns went unaddressed, and in September 2016, he emphasized in an email to his colleagues, “Furthermore, the presence of Hunter Biden on the Burisma board was very awkward for all U.S. officials pushing an anticorruption agenda in Ukraine.”

 In October 2015, senior State Department official Amos Hochstein raised concerns with Vice President Biden, as well as with Hunter Biden, that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board enabled Russian disinformation efforts and risked undermining U.S. policy in Ukraine.

 Although Kent believed that Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board was awkward for all U.S. officials pushing an anti-corruption agenda in Ukraine, the Committees are only aware of two individuals — Kent and former U.S. Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs Amos Hochstein — who raised concerns to Vice President Joe Biden (Hochstein) or his staff (Kent).

 The awkwardness for Obama administration officials continued well past his presidency. Former Secretary of State John Kerry had knowledge of Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board, but when asked about it at a town hall event in Nashua, N.H. on Dec. 8, 2019, Kerry falsely said, “I had no knowledge about any of that. None. No.” Evidence to the contrary is detailed in Section V.

 Former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland testified that confronting oligarchs would send an anticorruption message in Ukraine. Kent told the Committees that Zlochevsky was an “odious oligarch.” However, in December 2015, instead of following U.S. objectives of confronting oligarchs, Vice President Biden’s staff advised him to avoid commenting on Zlochevsky and recommended he say, “I’m not going to get into naming names or accusing individuals.”

 Hunter Biden was serving on Burisma’s board (supposedly consulting on corporate governance and transparency) when Zlochevsky allegedly paid a $7 million bribe to officials serving under Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Vitaly Yarema, to “shut the case against Zlochevsky.” Kent testified that this bribe occurred in December 2014 (seven months after Hunter joined Burisma’s board), and, after learning about it, he and the Resident Legal Advisor reported this allegation to the FBI.

 Hunter Biden was a U.S. Secret Service protectee from Jan. 29, 2009 to July 8, 2014. A day before his last trip as a protectee, Time published an article describing Burisma’s ramped up lobbying efforts to U.S. officials and Hunter’s involvement in Burisma’s board. Before ending his protective detail, Hunter Biden received Secret Service protection on trips to multiple foreign locations, including Moscow, Beijing, Doha, Paris, Seoul, Manila, Tokyo, Mexico City, Milan, Florence, Shanghai, Geneva, London, Dublin, Munich, Berlin, Bogota, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Brussels, Madrid, Mumbai and Lake Como.

 Andrii Telizhenko, the Democrats’ personification of Russian disinformation, met with Obama administration officials, including Elisabeth Zentos, a member of Obama’s National Security Council, at least 10 times. A Democrat lobbying firm, Blue Star Strategies, contracted with Telizhenko from 2016 to 2017 and continued to request his assistance as recent as the summer of 2019. A recent news article detailed other extensive contacts between Telizhenko and Obama administration officials.

 In addition to the over $4 million paid by Burisma for Hunter Biden’s and Archer’s board memberships, Hunter Biden, his family, and Archer received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.

 Archer received $142,300 from Kenges Rakishev of Kazakhstan, purportedly for a car, the same day Vice President Joe Biden appeared with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsemy Yasenyuk and addressed Ukrainian legislators in Kyiv regarding Russia’s actions in Crimea.  Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

 Hunter Biden opened a bank account with Gongwen Dong to fund a $100,000 global spending spree with James Biden and Sara Biden.

 Hunter Biden had business associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army. Those associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow.

 Hunter Biden paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an “Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”


The most pressing matter facing advocates of liberty today is the prospect of the political and economic establishment completing the institution of a totalitarian state. There is no other way to read the multipronged approach and the political maneuverings that political operatives are taking to rule under “Biden.” I put “Biden” in quotation marks here because the current president of the United States is not a singular person named Joe Biden. It is a politburo consisting of party rulers and advisers, ruling by executive fiat, plus, as I’ll discuss, corporate-state apparatuses. Make no mistake, the power grab that is underway poses the most grievous threat to liberty in recent history.

The signals could not be any clearer. In addition to the swath of executive orders, clearly composed by politburo members and aimed at extending federal power, the political establishment has initiated a growing body of laws which would, if passed, consolidate uniparty rule for the foreseeable future.

An Historical Juncture Demanding Human Action — Michael Rectenwald

The Promise and Peril of Media’s Lost Authority (Mollie Hemingway – Acton Institute)


29 thoughts on “HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP

  1. Foreign Media Skewer Joe Biden As ‘Barely Cogent,’ ‘Bizarre’

    While the U.S. media frequently look the other way at President Joe Biden’s verbal and intellectual foibles, foreign media have questioned the president’s mental acuity. Australian reporters have lamented that “the leader of the free world” is “struggling,” “barely cogent,” and a “human corpse” who has sunken deep into “cognitive decline.”

    Those quotations come from Sky News Australia, the center-right cable news network launched in 1996 by NewsCorp Australia. Its collection of hosts and journalists have told their growing audience what many in the U.S. media have refused to say: Joe Biden’s declining intellectual capabilities threaten all Western democracies.

    Foreign Media Skewer Joe Biden As ‘Barely Cogent,’ ‘Bizarre’


    1. “The reality is the U.S. press has been planning for this moment for four years — cooking up justifications for refusing to report on newsworthy material that might help Donald Trump get re-elected. One major factor is the undeniable truth that journalists with national outlets based in New York, Washington and West Coast cities overwhelmingly not just favor Joe Biden but are desperate to see Donald Trump defeated.

      It takes an enormous amount of gullibility to believe that any humans are capable of separating such an intense partisan preference from their journalistic judgment. Many barely even bother to pretend: critiques of Joe Biden are often attacked first not by Biden campaign operatives but by political reporters at national news outlets who make little secret of their eagerness to help Biden win.”–Glenn Greenwald



    2. Watchdog: Hunter’s Laptop Confirms ‘Biden Was a Direct Beneficiary’ of Son’s Deals

      The Government Accountability Institute is alleging that President Joe Biden benefited from Hunter Biden’s business deals, according to data from his laptop.

      “We do have a copy, by the way, here at GAI, of [Hunter Biden’s] laptop and all the files,” the institute’s president, Peter Schweizer, said Monday on “The Sean Hannity Show.”

      “It confirms that Joe Biden was a direct beneficiary.”

      Schweizer said his team “cross-referenced” his emails with then-Vice President Joe Biden’s Secret Service travel records to verify that the emails are legitimate.

      “We began with the assumption, ‘How can we demonstrate whether the emails are real?’ … We have, for example, Hunter Biden’s Secret Service travel records. They were released by [Wisconsin Republican] Sen. [Ron] Johnson’s committee. These are the official records that say the Secret Service traveled with Hunter to this location, to that location, etc.,” he said in the same Hannity interview.

      “So we asked, ‘Do the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop correspond with the travel records?’ If our email references that [Hunter] is in Dubai on a certain date, does that line up with the Secret Service travel records? Absolutely, 100 percent.”

      “So there is no question. Of course, Hunter Biden hasn’t denied it. But there’s no question that the laptop emails that we have possession of are 100 percent accurate and correspond directly with existing material, and the information is devastating,” Schweizer continued.

      He explained that GAI is compiling a report that should be ready by the end of the year that will explain its discoveries.

      “We’re in the middle of the investigation now, but by the end of the year it will be completed, and it will take on a far more sinister tone than it has even now in terms of what it says about the Biden family and the vulnerabilities of the Biden family,” Schweizer said. “It’s that bad.”

      When most people heard the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, it sounded too juicy to be true.

      As more details have emerged about the contents of the laptop, it certainly seems like there is going to be a major story here in the coming months.

      Of course, nobody should expect the left-wing media to report on it, despite their constant investigative reporting on former President Donald Trump.

      Hunter Biden has repeatedly used his last name as a tool to get ahead, including landing a high-paying gig as a board member of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

      In addition to the laptop concerns, he and the White House are raising significant ethics concerns about his pricey art sales, as the buyers will not be publicly disclosed.

      It is unclear what new revelations will come out of the GAI’s findings, but the real question is if anything would happen afterward.

      For now, the public can only speculate about the laptop’s full contents until more details are revealed.



      1. Donald Trump warned that “Beijing Biden” would sell out America on the global stage.

        Republicans are already proclaiming Trump was right.

        And Mike Pence called out Joe Biden for this new world order betrayal.

        In a speech at Heritage Foundation, Mike Pence called out Joe Biden for weakness in the face of the threat posed by Communist China.

        Pence explained that the communists sought a “community of economically developed nations,” but without the United States as the world’s leading superpower.

        Instead, Pence declared the Chinese Communists sought to “sit atop a new global order created in its own image.”

        Pence praised the Trump administration for drawing a hardline on China by slapping tariffs on Chinese goods and building up America’s military to counter a rising Communist China.

        But Pence said the Biden-Harris administration chose the Barack Obama path of appeasing Communist China.

        “Yet despite this new national consensus,” Pence added that the, “the Biden-Harris administration is already rolling over to communist China.”

        Pence cited Biden rejoining the disastrous job-killing Paris Global Warming Accords that redistributes American wealth and jobs to other nations as well as rejoining the World Health Organization, which peddled Communist Chinese lies about the coronavirus in the earliest days of the pandemic.

        Pence claimed Biden’s weakness on Communist China would lead to dark days for America.

        “There’s an old saying that weakness arouses evil. And my sense is that China senses weakness in this administration,” Pence stated.

        When Joe Biden served in the Senate, he voted to give Communist China Most-Favored Nation trade status and allow the Chinese entry into the World Trade Organization.

        Companies then shipped millions of jobs out of America and into Communist China as a result.

        Joe Biden spent decades enabling Communist China’s rise.

        And Mike Pence says Biden’s weakness on China shows no sign of abating.



      2. When Hunter Biden was on the board of the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma, he was included on an official government email in 2016 to his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, regarding a phone call with Ukraine’s leader at the time, according to a recent discovery reported in the New York Post.

        But as detailed in my 2020 book “Abuse of Power,” the various business dealings of now-President Joe Biden’s son were not limited to the Ukrainian energy company.

        Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop, which came to the public’s attention last year, contains 10 email messages from May and June of 2016 from a staffer for Biden, sent to the then-vice president and copied to Hunter.

        One such message, from May 26, was a schedule citing a “8.45am prep for 9am phone call with Pres Poroshenko,” as reported July 23 by the New York Post, a reference to then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

        Both the president and his son repeatedly have said they never discussed the son’s private business deals.

        What follows are adapted excerpts from “Abuse of Power,” explaining the business dealings of the younger Biden and other family members.

        * * *

        Hunter Biden and his uncle and Joe’s brother, James Biden, bought the hedge fund Paradigm Global Advisors in the summer of 2006. James Biden reportedly told employees on the first day, “Don’t worry about investors. We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.”

        In this instance, they were referring to the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in an election year where Democrats were expected to retake the Senate, making Biden the chairman. An executive told Politico that James Biden viewed this as a legal way around campaign finance laws. James and Hunter Biden denied the comments reported by Politico.

        James and Hunter Biden’s former business partner Joseph Lotito alleged in a January 2007 lawsuit that he was cut out of the purchase of the Ukraine hedge fund.

        The complaint says that then-Sen. Joe Biden wanted Hunter Biden to find a different line of work because his presidential campaign would be greatly complicated if he remained the father of a Washington lobbyist, the newspaper Madison/St. Clair Record reported in 2008.

        However, Hunter had said he didn’t lobby his father, and the senator’s son and brother countersued Lotito claiming he misrepresented his credentials. Biden’s Senate office told The Washington Post: “It is apparent that Mr. Lotito is only invoking Senator Biden’s name to garner media attention.”

        Two days after the Lotito lawsuit, Biden announced his candidacy for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Less than two weeks later, Hunter Biden resigned as interim chief executive of Paradigm Global Advisors but remained in his position as chairman of Paradigm’s advisory board.

        In July 2007, Biden’s flagging presidential campaign hired his son’s lobbying firm, Oldaker, Biden & Belair LLP for $20,256, and eventually paid the firm $143,000 by the end of the failed campaign when Biden dropped out after winning less than 1% in the Iowa caucuses.

        The good news for the Biden family outweighed the bad news later that year. A month after a scathing audit of the Paradigm finances, Sen. Barack Obama tapped Sen. Biden as his running mate. The following month, Hunter Biden dropped his lobbying work.

        Just more than a month after Obama and Biden were elected, James and Hunter Biden reached a settlement with Lotito, dropping both the lawsuit and countersuit. But in February 2009, one of the Paradigm partners was charged with fraud.
        Also in February [2016], Karen Tramontano of Blue Star Strategies [a firm representing Burisma in the United States] was in direct contact with Undersecretary of State Catherine A. Novelli, who oversaw energy issues. Tramontano was seeking to set up a meeting.

        The Burisma representative asked for a meeting with the undersecretary about ending the corruption allegations, according to emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by journalist and commentator John Solomon.

        The Burisma contact specifically mentioned Hunter Biden’s name in the email message with the subject line “Burisma.” …

        The notes, first reported by Fox News, add that, “President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told Mr. Shokin not to investigate Burisma, as it was not in the interest of Joe and/or Hunter Biden.

        “Mr. Shokin was called into Mr. Poroshenko’s office and told that the investigation into Burisma and the Managing Director, where Hunter Biden is on the board, has caused Joe Biden to hold up one billion dollars in U.S. aid to Ukraine.”



    3. New Proof Emerges About the Hunter Biden Laptop: a Definitive Account of the CIA/Media Fraud

      Rumble — New evidence on Monday proved what has long been clear: that documents about Joe Biden from the Hunter Biden laptop were authentic. Big Tech censorship in the weeks before the 2020 election of these genuine documents is one of the most severe assaults on free speech and a free election in years. That the corporate media was their key ally by endorsing and spreading a CIA lie — that these documents were “Russian disinformation” — makes this episode even more grave.


      1. Christopher Wray is such a dishonest prevaricating shill.

        ‘Why Won’t You Answer?’: Ron Johnson Grills FBI’s Christopher Wray Over Michael Sussmann Indictment



    4. Is it Time for a Special Counsel on the Hunter Biden Scandal?

      by Jonathan Turley — October 14, 2021

      “Come on H this is linked to Celtic’s account.” Those nine words from a retired Secret Service agent to Hunter Biden in recently released emails may prove a nasty complication for some in Washington who have struggled to contain the blowback from the still-unfolding scandal linked to Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

      “Celtic” was the Secret Service code name for Joe Biden, and recent disclosures may puncture the media’s cone-of-silence around the scandal. The emails link President Biden to his son’s accounts and indicate a comingling of funds with money coming from controversial foreign sources. Even more embarrassing, the shared account may have been used to pay a Russian prostitute named “Yanna.”

      The comingling of funds is the latest contraction of President Biden’s repeated claims that he was unaware and uninvolved in past dealings by his son. Given these links, there are legitimate questions of why the Justice Department has not sought a special counsel in the ongoing investigation of alleged money-laundering and tax violations linked to the president’s son. More importantly, even if there are no criminal charges, there is now a compelling need for an independent report on the alleged influence peddling operation by Hunter, his uncle James Biden, and potentially his father, President Biden.

      In the latest disclosures from the laptop, a former secret service agent reportedly texted Hunter on May 24, 2018, when he was holed up with a Russian prostitute in an expensive room at The Jeremy Hotel in Los Angeles. Hunter wired the woman $25,000. That alone was nothing out of the ordinary for Hunter who, while his father served as vice president, seemed to divide his time equally between influence-peddling and personal debaucheries.

      Hunter clearly only had influence and access to sell. We know now that foreign interests gave Hunter millions at a time that he admits that he was a crack addict and alcoholic — in his words, “Drinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating,” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.”

      However, the tranche of emails raises a new and disturbing element: the possible mixing of accounts and funds between Hunter and his father. If true, President Biden could be directly implicated in ongoing investigations into his son’s money transfers and dealings.

      Most notable are the new emails from Eric Schwerin, his business partner at the Rosemont Seneca consultancy, referencing the payment of household bills for both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. He also notes that he was transferring money from Joe Biden. If true, the communications indicate that some of President Biden’s personal expenses were paid out of shared accounts with Hunter, including accounts that may have been used to pay for prostitutes. Rosemont Seneca is directly involved in the alleged influence peddling schemes and questionable money transfers from Chinese and Russian sources.

      Read more of this post:



  2. Biden’s Administration Is the ‘Wrecking Crew’

    Imagine a somewhat buffoonish, past-his-prime, cognitively challenged man entrusted with the survival of the free world who is surrounded by handlers who both take care of him and count on him to come through in the clutch.

    If you are thinking of Joe Biden, you are only half correct. More than half a century ago, Dean Martin perfected the role of the bumbling big cheese in his 1960s spy spoof movie series based on the Matt Helm novels. Martin, of course, was playing a self-absorbed, alcohol-drenched hedonist with a gun whereas Biden is the leader of the free world with a nuclear arsenal, but beyond that the similarities are uncanny.

    Biden’s Administration Is the ‘Wrecking Crew’
    .By Frank MieleJuly 05, 2021
    Biden’s Administration Is the ‘Wrecking Crew'(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
    Imagine a somewhat buffoonish, past-his-prime, cognitively challenged man entrusted with the survival of the free world who is surrounded by handlers who both take care of him and count on him to come through in the clutch.

    If you are thinking of Joe Biden, you are only half correct. More than half a century ago, Dean Martin perfected the role of the bumbling big cheese in his 1960s spy spoof movie series based on the Matt Helm novels. Martin, of course, was playing a self-absorbed, alcohol-drenched hedonist with a gun whereas Biden is the leader of the free world with a nuclear arsenal, but beyond that the similarities are uncanny.

    OK, maybe not, but the titles of the Matt Helm films provide a perfect template for considering Biden’s agenda for reshaping America: “The Silencers” suggests the Democratic goal of crushing dissent through intimidation and censorship. “The Ambushers” aptly describes the stealth approach of progressives to hide their nation-altering agenda in 800-page bills that no one reads. But most evocatively, Biden’s administration resembles a real-life version of “The Wrecking Crew.” As President Trump said at his recent rally in Ohio, “Joe Biden is destroying our country right before our eyes.”

    Almost every Cabinet member and the policies they are pushing seem intended to dismantle nearly 250 years of tradition and to reverse decades of bipartisan policy.

    We should have seen this coming. Remember the first official act of President Biden on Inauguration Day? Shutting down the Keystone Pipeline to ensure that the country would not have access to cheap oil and gas, but would instead be forced to rely more heavily on so-called renewable energy sources that can only be affordable with the help of vast government subsidies. The Department of Energy is now the Department of Less Energy, and fewer jobs too, to the tune of 50,000 construction and oil workers sidelined by Biden.

    Even more concerning has been the role reversal of the Department of Homeland Security. This isn’t just about jobs. By opening the border instead of securing it, the Biden Wrecking Crew has not only impeded hundreds of thousands of Americans’ economic opportunities, but has also invited the Mexican drug cartels into our country. The latest gambit at DHS has been to argue that anyone anywhere in the world who suffers some kind of violence or abuse ought to have a right to settle in the United States. That would completely overwhelm our social services, economy and criminal justice system with hundreds of millions of new residents. Neat trick if you aim to destroy rather than preserve our freedoms.

    But most worrisome in the last half year is the Department of Justice’s assault on the two pillars of democracy — civil rights and voting rights. Recently, Attorney General Merrick Garland combined the attack in one lawsuit against Georgia over that state’s new voting law.

    The claim made by Garland is that Georgia’s attempt to cut down on the possibility of election fraud is racist because, in the DOJ’s opinion, blacks in particular will be harmed by provisions in the new law. Mind you, this can only be an opinion because the law has never been applied and therefore could not have caused harm to anyone yet, but more importantly, there is absolutely no race-based language in the law. Everything in the law applies equally to all races, all genders, and people of all political persuasions or religious affiliation.

    What the DOJ wants you — and particularly liberal judges — to believe is that if blacks are affected by provisions of the law to a greater extent than whites, then the law must be racist. This is absurd on its face. The equivalent would be to say that a ban on assault weapons is racist because more whites than blacks own AR-15s. Either Congress can pass a law banning weapons or it can’t. Thanks to the Second Amendment it can’t, although Garland and Biden seem intent on doing away with that constitutional protection as well, but as long as the hypothetical law applied to all people equally, it could not be called racist.

    By the same token, the Georgia law is not racist. Banning ballot harvesting is not racist; it applies to all races equally. Restricting voting on Sunday is not racist. If black churches are affected, so too are white churches (although hopefully there are no churches that restrict their membership by race, so the very terms “black church” and “white church” are themselves crypto-racist descriptors). And of course, this lawsuit like so many liberal policies seems to assume that blacks are victims rather than full-fledged citizens.

    Can’t organize a voter registration drive after church on Sunday? So what! Churches are among the most adept institutions when it comes to organizing and motivating their members to take part in community improvement. Yes, believe it or not, black churches would be perfectly capable of getting their members to election offices on days of the week not named Sunday. But racist liberals don’t believe it — or more likely they are patronizing blacks and other minorities on the voting issues, just like they patronize them on housing, crime, jobs and so much more.

    Fortunately, the Constitution provides checks and balances to prevent the executive branch from manufacturing grievances in order to sow racial division and then play the part of the benevolent dictator who will protect some by oppressing others.

    Among the most important of those checks on the power of the Biden administration are the 50-50 Senate and the 6-3 Supreme Court. When the Senate failed to pass the Easy Bake recipe for voter fraud contained in Nancy Pelosi’s “For the People Act,” it became urgent for Garland to push back against the individual states that sought to protect their citizens from federal overreach. Thus, the lawsuit against Georgia. Turning to the courts for permission to topple the pillars of American democracy has become a go-to move for Democrats in the past five decades.

    And yet, a funny thing happened on the way to the courtroom last week. Before Garland could really even get his sharpshooter lawyers into position in Georgia, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a similar case out of Arizona that the federal Voting Rights Act cannot be used as a wrecking ball to demolish decades of progress in treating all citizens the same way when it comes to their most precious right. The court made it clear in a 6-3 ruling: If everyone follows the same rules, it’s not racism. (Duh.)

    So much for Biden’s ambitious plan to guarantee one-party rule for Democrats. Now, if Garland and the DOJ don’t withdraw their lawsuit against Georgia, we will all know that their purpose is not to strengthen democracy but to destroy it.

    The Justice Department is the de facto headquarters of the Biden Wrecking Crew, but it is by no means the only part of the administration dedicated to “fundamentally transforming” the United States into a socialist dystopia, often through the same race-based approach.

    The Department of Agriculture under Biden tried to reserve $5 billion for black- or minority-owned farms under the American Rescue Plan. The bill provided access to grants and loans, debt relief and other benefits for so-called “disadvantaged” farmers. The only problem is that, according to this law, white farmers can’t be considered disadvantaged, and black farmers almost certainly are. That’s what we used to call racism. And it’s not just white farmers who are under attack. In the Commerce Department, the Small Business Administration is determined to prevent white owners from benefiting from the $29 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

    Worst of all, perhaps, the U.S. military — under the sleepy eye of President Biden — has begun deconstructing decades of work building a cohesive fighting force by dividing soldiers by race. Critical race theory, a Marxist concoction of black resentment and white guilt, has infiltrated all branches of the military, thanks to the “woke” politics of Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Milley and other top brass have been indoctrinating service members with a racist training program that encourages blacks to doubt their white counterparts, and encourages whites to doubt themselves. This is a recipe for disaster, and ensures that when our forces are put into harm’s way, they will not be able to depend on each other 100%. Doubt is the one thing you can’t have when your life and safety depend on your fellow soldier.

    For that matter, doubt is the one thing that will undermine any great enterprise. If the people do not have confidence in their leaders, if they do not perceive a common goal and a common good, then they will turn aside to selfish ends. That is the worst and most predictable effect of the policies of Joe Biden’s Wrecking Crew — an America divided, and an America that cannot long endure.



    1. REPORT: John Solomon reveals Joe Biden, while Vice President, utilized a private Gmail account to communicate with his son Hunter Biden and more – via ‘Greg Kelly Reports’ on Newsmax.


      1. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden Shared a Bank Account, Paid Each Other’s Bills

        Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley says that the evidence suggests Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden mingled their finances with a shared bank account, according to the latest Fox News update.

        For months during the 2020 presidential campaign, mainstream media dismissed claims regarding Hunter Biden’s business dealings, claiming there were no concerning connections proven to his father. But Turley reveals the evidence is growing to show that is not the case.

        The President repeatedly said he did not discuss his son’s or his brother’s business dealing, and the videos illustrates with plenty of examples. Joe and Hunter reportedly had co-mingled their finances, including having shared accounts, through which they reimbursed each other and were able to take money out of.

        This is more than a question about tax issues. It could be that Hunter, his uncle and the president were working together to make money off his position in the U.S. government.

        The claims that this was part of a Russian hoax, but that’s clearly not the case. The video recommended an investigation to look into the matter further, but no such information is coming from the Department of Justice.

        Check out the video for Turley’s full details as the evidence grows in the Hunter Biden scandal to include more information implicating the president.


    2. Kash Patel predicts further incoming Durham indictments
      By Sarah May | September 26, 2021

      The indictment earlier this month of Hillary Clinton-affiliated lawyer Michael Sussman on one count of lying to the FBI as part of the ongoing Russian collusion probe origins investigation conducted by special counsel John Durham was viewed by some as an anti-climatic development in an investigation that has yielded little else to date – at least publicly.

      However, according to former Trump administration official Kash Patel, the length and detail of the charging documents in the Sussmann case serve as are strong indications that additional indictments are almost certain to follow, as he explained during a recent installment of the Kash’s Corner program on Epoch Times TV.

      Assessing the specific language used in the indictment, Patel explained, “When you issue an indictment for lying to the FBI, like they did [Michael] Sussmann, it’s two to five pages, max. It’s unheard of to be 27 pages, so why put all that information out there?”

      According to Patel, the voluminous nature of the material included in the Sussmann charging papers is “the biggest signal that more is coming.”

      In that indictment, it is alleged that Sussmann had sought a meeting James Baker – then the FBI’s general counsel – to deliver information he claimed demonstrated the existence of a “covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russia-based bank,” as Breitbart noted.

      As part of this exchange, according to the indictment, Sussmann falsely claimed that he was not working on behalf of any specific client, but he was actually acting on behalf of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign as well as a tech executive assisting with its work.

      In Patel’s estimation, Durham has used the Sussmann indictment as a means to let the public know the scope of what he has been exploring all of these many months and to “announce pieces of investigation. By name, by title, all the six to eight individuals in the indictment that they identify that were working with Sussman or on behalf of Sussmann, and who was paying Sussmann and where the information was going because people are gonna figure out who those individuals are.”

      Also instructive, according to Patel, is the list of key individuals who have not thus far been charged in the probe, in that they may be serving as cooperating co-conspirators, and those folks could include Baker himself, disgraced former FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, Clinton campaign officials, and colleagues at Sussmann’s former law firm, Perkins Coie.

      “I would imagine, you put all those people in grand juries for interviews and you obtain documents, and I think that’s what’s coming,” said Patel, in a development that gives at least some glimmer of hope that accountability for the Russia collusion hoax may ultimately be obtained.


      1. Mom fighting critical race theory SHUTS DOWN involvement from FBI
        Nicole Solas is far from ‘radical.’ In fact, she tells Glenn she’s never even attended a political protest. Rather, Solas is a stay-at-home mom from Rhode Island who wanted answers from her child’s school about curriculum that may contain critical race theory. Now, Solas joins Glenn to discuss the FBI’s recent involvement in the anti-CRT stance made by parents around the nation, and she has two words for the Feds poking their nose where it doesn’t belong: arrest me!


    3. Report: Associate Shuffled Money Between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden Accounts; President Potential Target Of FBI Investigation, Expert Says

      An associate of Hunter Biden shuffled money between his and President Joe Biden’s bank accounts while Joe served as vice president of the United States, new emails show.

      Emails obtained from Hunter’s laptop and reviewed by the Daily Mail shed more light on the relationship between Joe Biden’s office while he was vice president of the United States and Hunter Biden’s consultancy, Rosemont Seneca. A June 2020 email shows that Eric Schwerin, a business partner at Rosemont Seneca, shuffled money between Hunter and his father’s accounts, casting doubt on the president’s claims that he had no knowledge of his son’s business ventures and overseas dealings.

      The report also suggests that the president may be investigated by the FBI as part of its probe into Hunter’s tax affairs, according to experts.

      The president has denied that he and his son discussed Hunter’s business ventures. Past emails obtained by Hunter’s Biden’s laptop, left at a computer repair store in Delaware and never reclaimed, suggest that Joe, while he was vice president, met with multiple foreign officials who worked with Hunter, with at least one meeting being organized by Hunter.

      On June 10, 2010, Schwerin emailed Hunter about taking money out of his father’s account to put it into Hunter’s. Schwerin said that the president owed his son the money.

      “Your Dad’s Delaware tax refund check came today. I am depositing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you since he owes it to you. Don’t think I need to run it by him, but if you want to go ahead. If not, I will deposit tomorrow,” Schwerin wrote.

      Other emails show that the Rosemont Seneca received special favors from the vice president’s office, according to the report. As the Daily Mail reported:

      In yet more evidence of the deep commercial relationship between Hunter’s firm and the VP’s office during Joe’s tenure, Rosemont Seneca received special favors from the White House while Joe was in office, including dozens of tickets to exclusive 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue events and private tours for Rosemont Seneca clients or associates.

      And when an aide to Senator Robert Menendez requested VP Biden host the U.S.-Spain Council’s 2010 annual meeting at his official Naval Observatory residence in Washington DC, they contacted Schwerin rather than Joe’s White House office.

      Hunter and Schwerin then privately discussed the potential to ingratiate themselves with ‘CEOs of the major banks’ if they helped arrange the request.

      The FBI is currently investigating Hunter over his “tax affairs,” Hunter revealed in December. Former U.S. Intelligence Officer and Treasury Special Agent John Cassara told the Daily Mail that the FBI investigation into Hunter’s taxes could expand into his father’s finances, as well. Cassara said that the FBI investigation had not encompassed Joe Biden already because he is president.

      “The information available publicly is very worrisome, particularly in the areas of corruption,” Cassara said.

      George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley reacted to the report on Wednesday in an interview with Fox News, expressing surprise that the Department of Justice had not yet considered naming a special counsel to investigate President Joe Biden’s financial ties with his son.

      “The president has repeatedly said that he has no knowledge, no involvement in these investments. That has been contradicted by witnesses and emails,” Turley said. “With these disclosures, we have accounts being used to pay both Hunter and Joe Biden and money being reimbursed to Hunter Biden from an individual associated with a company called Rosemont Seneca. Now that’s a company that has been tied to payments from China and Russia. And so this is getting more and more serious. The question is why the Justice Department hasn’t considered the appointment of a special counsel.”

      “You know, we know there’s a criminal investigation into the tax issues, possible money laundering. But there’s also serious questions about whether the Biden family conducted an extensive influence-peddling operation involving not just Hunter but his uncle and potentially the president of the United States. And what a special counsel can do is produce a report, and we’re really in a position where we need an independent report to be done,” Turley said.



    Top Biden allies including former Treasury secretary Jacob Lew and National Security Council official Kurt Campbell have done work for a nonprofit funded by companies like Facebook and Disney that is known for working closely with Chinese officials and Communist Party front groups.

    Campbell, whom President Joe Biden tapped to run Asia policy at the National Security Council, was a director at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations through May 2020. Lew, who served as Treasury secretary during the Obama-Biden administration, took over in January as chairman of the National Committee, which bills itself as an educational nonprofit that seeks open dialogue between Beijing and Washington. Lew, an early endorser of Biden’s presidential campaign, reportedly met with Biden’s team in 2020 to discuss economic policy.

    One intelligence analyst who studies China’s influence efforts in the West said that the National Committee’s “soft-on-China” position helps open Chinese markets to the National Committee’s corporate donors, a group of more than 50 companies that includes firms like BlackRock, Blackstone, Citigroup, and Mastercard. The National Committee is also likely to have access to the Biden administration, where it could advocate for closer economic ties to China.

    “The National Committee is more that of a business league for U.S. companies in China [and] PRC companies in the U.S.,” said Anders Corr, an intelligence analyst and editor of the Journal of Political Risk.

    He said the group operates more as “a two-way unregistered foreign agent networking venue than strictly as a U.S. nonprofit organization.”

    Officials from the organization have met with and spoken to Biden administration officials, according to a spokesman for the National Committee. The spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon that the organization’s officials have met with all presidential administrations dating back to its formation in 1966.

    The National Committee has faced accusations that in its push to develop closer ties to China, it glosses over China’s human rights abuses and foreign influence efforts. The National Committee’s conciliatory approach to China is evidenced in several recent events and media interviews.

    Lew hosted an event in February for a Chinese official, Yang Jiechi, who called on the United States to “stop meddling” in China’s affairs by criticizing Beijing over its actions in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong. Another National Committee official, former U.S. trade representative Carla Hills, criticized the Trump administration’s China trade policy at a Jan. 26 event convened by the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation, a think tank suspected of working as a front group for the Chinese Communist Party. During the event, Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, defended a controversial national security law that was recently used to arrest pro-democracy journalists.

    Neither Lew nor Hills pushed back against the rhetoric from their Chinese counterparts.

    Stephen Orlins, the president of the National Committee, also spoke at the event hosted by the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation. He spoke on a panel with the president of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, a top organization in the Communist Party’s united front system.

    Orlins heaped praise on Biden’s Asia policy team during an interview with Chinese state-run television network CGTN on Jan. 23. Orlins listed Campbell as a “terrific” China expert in the administration who he expects to help repair the “four-year nightmare” in U.S.-China relations left over by the Trump administration. Campbell has come under scrutiny over his ties to China. The Free Beacon reported that Campbell was also vice chairman of the U.S.-China Strong Foundation, another corporate-backed nonprofit with links to Chinese influence groups.

    Another Biden administration official, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, has close ties to the National Committee. She gave a keynote speech at a 2017 event funded by three of the National Committee’s corporate donors where she criticized Trump but praised China’s leaders as “exceptional,” the National Pulse reported. The State Department awarded the National Committee a three-year, $530,000 grant in 2018 to fund a diplomatic exchange program.

    The National Committee spokesman denied that the organization’s officers are influenced by Chinese or U.S. officials. The spokesman said that its officers often raise concerns about China’s human rights record during private dialogues it hosts with Chinese officials.

    But China watchers have long asserted that American companies must toe the Chinese Communist Party line in order to do business in China. The New York Times recently published an exposé on concessions made by tech giant Apple to the Chinese government in order to maintain a foothold there. Disney, which has a senior vice president on the National Committee’s board, recently came under fire for thanking the Communist Party in the credits of Mulan. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly gave his employees copies of Xi Jinping’s book as the company seeks to overcome a ban on doing business in China. Zuckerberg also reportedly approached Xi during a White House event in 2015 about naming his unborn child.

    U.S. officials have increasingly warned American companies doing business in China that they could be targets for influence operations.

    “To achieve its strategic goal of displacing the U.S. as the preeminent world power, China is coercing and co-opting U.S. business, shamelessly stealing our technology, and trying to influence U.S. policy through both legal and illicit means,” Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.), the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, told the Free Beacon.

    Nunes recently opened an investigation into China’s use of American companies to influence U.S. policy.

    One example of how the National Committee’s corporate backers have conformed to Communist Party edicts is found in Chubb, an insurance conglomerate that contributed between $250,000 and $1 million to the National Committee in 2019.

    Chubb said in a statement announcing an equity investment in the state-owned People’s Insurance Company of China in 2017 that its investment would fall “in line with the Chinese government’s drive to promote” its international trade initiatives, including the controversial Belt and Road Initiative. The Chinese government has used Belt and Road to increase its influence in underdeveloped countries.

    Ray Dalio, a hedge fund titan and longtime donor to the National Committee, recently downplayed human rights concerns in China, saying they would not prevent him from investing in the country.

    “I don’t really understand, and I don’t study the human rights issues. I follow what the laws are on those particular things,” Dalio told the Wall Street Journal in May.

    Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the National Committee organized visits for members of Congress and staffers to China to meet with Chinese officials and business leaders. The all-expenses-paid junkets brought the lawmakers in contact with Chinese government officials, and officials from China-U.S. Exchange Foundation and other front groups.

    The National Committee hosted the events with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Aspen Institute, and Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which has also cultivated ties with the Chinese government.

    CIA director William Burns testified in February that he severed ties with the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation when he was president of the Carnegie Endowment out of concerns that the group was an influence agent for China.

    The post Top Biden Allies Worked for Group With Close Ties to Chinese Communist Party appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.



  4. White House Conceals Hunter Biden’s Art $ale$ from Gov’t Watchdogs
    ‘Because we don’t know who is paying for this art and we don’t know for sure that he knows, we have no way of monitoring whether people are buying access to the White House…’

    Ethics experts raised concerns about an art show planned by Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, who intends to sell some of his artwork for up to $500,000 apiece.

    The art show will make it seem like Hunter is “capitalizing on being the son of a president and wants people to give him a lot of money,” warned Richard Painter, a former chief ethics lawyer for the George W. Bush administration.

    The New York gallery with which Hunter is working with will withhold all transactional records—including the identities of bidders and final buyers, and the amounts paid for the artwork—from the exhibit, which is scheduled for this fall.

    “The whole thing is a really bad idea,” Painter told the Washington Post.

    Under normal circumstances, the show and its lack of transparency would create the appearance of impropriety—a direct violation of the hollow pledges his father made to hold the current administration to the utmost ethical standard.

    However, the long history of Hunter’s past ethical abuses, including business deals with several foreign entities for which he is currently under FBI investigation, made the art show even more suspect, said Walter Shaub, who led the Office of Government Ethics under former president Barack Obama.

    “Because we don’t know who is paying for this art and we don’t know for sure that [Hunter Biden] knows, we have no way of monitoring whether people are buying access to the White House,” Shaub explained.

    Similar criticisms were raised over the Clinton Foundation’s donations from foreign governments following Bill Clinton‘s presidency, while his wife, Hillary, was continuing to pursue her ambitious political career as a US senator, secretary of State and Democrat presidential candidate.

    The art show will inevitably attract people who want to get close to Hunter Biden to get close to the White House, Shaub added.

    “What these people are paying for is Hunter Biden’s last name,” he said.

    Art curator Jeffry Cudlin agreed and said the art on its face is not worth the prices Hunter Biden is asking.

    “How much of that value is due to the art itself? That’s easy: None of it,” Cudlin, also a professor of art curatorial studies and practice at the Maryland Institute College of Art, told the Washington Examiner.

    Biden’s White House pushed back on these concerns, repeating its claim that the Biden administration was holding itself accountable, regardless of what Hunter Biden does on his own time.

    “The president has established the highest ethical standards of any administration in American history, and his family’s commitment to rigorous processes like this is a prime example,” White House press secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement.



  5. Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), said on Monday that his organization had confirmed that President Joe Biden “was a direct beneficiary” of Hunter Biden’s financial deals with foreign interests.

    “We do have a copy, by the way, here at GAI of [Hunter Biden’s] laptop and all the files,” Schweizer said on the Sean Hannity Show. “It confirms that Joe Biden was a direct beneficiary.”

    Schweizer explained how GAI cross-referenced Secret Service travel logs during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president to corroborate the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s emails.

    He remarked:

    GAI asked, “How can we demonstrate whether the emails are real?” … We already have, for example, Hunter Biden’s Secret Service travel records. They were released by Senator [Ron] Johnson’s committee. These are the official records that say the Secret Service traveled with Hunter to this location, to that location, etcetera.

    So we asked, “Do the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop correspond with the travel records? If our email references that [Hunter] is in Dubai on a certain date, does that line up with the Secret Service travel records? Absolutely, 100 percent.

    So there is no question. Of course Hunter Biden hasn’t denied it. But there’s no question that the laptop emails that we have possession of are 100 percent accurate and correspond directly with existing material, and the information is devastating.

    GAI is in the process of investigating its copy of files found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Schweizer shared. He said GAI’s forthcoming reports on the laptop’s contents will expose disastrous dimensions of the Biden family.

    “We’re in the middle of the investigation now, but by the end of the year it will be completed, and it will take on a far more sinister tone than it has even now in terms of what it says about the Biden family and the vulnerabilities of the Biden family,” Schweizer stated. “It’s that bad.”

    Hannity asked, “On a scale of one to ten, how bad are the coming revelations from this laptop?”

    He added, “The coming revelations [from our investigation] based on what we are in the middle of right now, on a scale of one to ten — and you know Sean, I’m pretty cautious about this stuff — frankly are an eleven. It’s that bad.”

    Hunter Biden claimed to not know whether the laptop in question was his. Asked in April of the laptop’s authenticity, he replied, “For real, I don’t know.”



  6. SURPRISE! Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Has Ties To China

    Hunter Biden’s new career as a highly-paid artist continues to get shadier.

    Last week, we learned that Hunter will meet with his supposedly anonymous buyers.

    Now we are learning that his dealer has ties to China. You couldn’t make this up.

    FOX News reports:

    Hunter Biden’s art dealer said he wanted to be the ‘lead guy in China’ in 2015

    The art dealer representing the president’s son has longstanding ties to China and said in 2015 that he wanted to be the art world’s “lead guy in China.”

    Georges Berges, who is representing Hunter Biden as he ventures into the art world, has talked about his business dealings in China in the past, but his reported ties could pose an ethics issue as he sells Biden’s art to anonymous buyers.

    A representative for Berges previously told Fox News that the sales of Biden’s art will be kept “confidential.” The White House has said they have an ethics plan in place to ensure the president’s son doesn’t know who buyers are, though Hunter has raised eyebrows with plans to attend art shows where potential buyers will be in attendance.

    Berges said in a 2015 interview with Resident that he wanted to be the art world’s leader in China.

    “My plan is to be the lead guy in China; the lead collector and art dealer discovering and nurturing talent from that region,” Berges said. “I plan to find and discover and bring to the rest of the world those I consider China’s next generation of modern artists.”

    PJ Media notes the obvious problem here:

    The Biden regime keeps saying the buyers for Hunter’s “art” will be kept anonymous. That doesn’t help. Neither does Hunter admitting that he will meet with them. The potential is there for literally anyone — Xi Jinping, George Soros, the Iranian ayatollah, just about anyone — to funnel money directly into the Bidens’ bank account and then let them know on the sly that they’ve done so.

    Democrats and the media would be losing their minds if this story was about Donald Trump Jr. and everyone knows it.

    via thegatewaypundit



    1. BREAKING: FBI Knew Of Hunter Biden’s Missing Laptop As Early As December 2019
      August 21, 2021

      The FBI knew as early as December 2019 that Hunter Biden believed Russians had stolen his laptop, which he believed made him vulnerable to blackmail because of compromising evidence on the laptop combined with his father’s presidential ambitions. This explosive revelation establishes that either Joe Biden lied to the American public, or the intelligence community lied to him.

      When The New York Post went public in October 2020 with videos, text messages, and emails from an abandoned MacBook laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden told Americans the laptop was a Russian hoax.

      But now Brian Della Rocca, an attorney representing John Paul Mac Isaac, has told me that the video of Hunter Biden telling a prostitute he thought Russians had stolen a second laptop, leaving him susceptible to blackmail, was “definitely on the hard drive” of the Biden MacBook abandoned at Isaac’s shop and later seized by the FBI.

      This new revelation establishes that, since December 2019, the FBI had knowledge that a second laptop had been stolen from Hunter Biden and that that laptop contained material making the Biden family a national security risk and subject to Russian influence.

      Trending: Facing Water Scarcity? Do This Immediately (Watch)
      Joe Biden surely received briefings on these risks well before his October 2020 denial of the authenticity of the laptop, so the question is: Did the FBI fail to provide Biden a truthful briefing on this intel, or did Biden fail to level with voters?

      One week ago today, The Daily Mail published “unearthed footage” of a naked Hunter Biden telling a prostitute that “the Russians have videos of me doing crazy f-cking sex!” According to The Daily Mail, “after filming himself having sex with the woman using his laptop in January 2019, Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Vegas bender in which he spent ’18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite,’ sometimes costing $10,000 a night.”

      The video continued with Hunter recounting how he had nearly overdosed during the summer of 2018 while partying in Las Vegas with his drug dealer and two other guys. According to the president’s son, after he regained consciousness, “there was this Russian 35-year-old, really nice, pure brunette,” Hunter explained. Soon after, Hunter discovered his laptop was missing.

      “I think he’s the one that stole my computer,” Hunter is heard on the tape explaining. “I think the three of them, the three guys that were like a little group. The dealer and his two guys, I took them everywhere,” Hunter explained. “They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy f-cking sex, f-cking, you know,” Hunter added. “My computer, I had taken tons of like, just left like that cam on,” Hunter continued, “and somebody stole it during that period of time.”

      The prostitute then asked Hunter if he worried the Russian thieves would try to “blackmail” him. “Yeah, in some way yeah,” Hunter replied, noting his father is “running for president,” and that “I talk about it all the time.”

      In its expose from last Wednesday, The Daily Mail omitted any mention of the source of the video, but The Federalist has now confirmed that the blackmail video was contained on the hard drive of the Hunter Biden MacBook abandoned at a Delaware repair shop, The Mac Shop, Inc.

      After that MacBook was abandoned, Isaac informed the FBI of its existence. FBI agents later seized the computer from Isaac in December 2019, but by then Isaac had already made a copy of the hard drive.

      Isaac later provided a copy of the hard drive to Robert Costello, who at the time served as a lawyer for former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In October 2020, Giuliani provided a copy of the drive to The New York Post, which ran multiple stories on the details revealed in emails, text messages, and videos, including evidence of a pay-to-play scandal involving Joe Biden.

      When the Post broke the story the month before the 2020 presidential election, other media outlets ran cover for the Democrat candidate, with Twitter deplatforming The Post and preventing users from sharing the story.

      While the corrupt media blacked out the story, at the final presidential debate before the election, then-President Trump confronted Biden with the details revealed from the MacBook, calling it “the laptop from hell”:

      [Y]ou were getting a lot of money from Russia. They were paying you a lot of money, and they probably still are. But now, with what came out today, it’s even worse. All of the emails, the emails, the horrible emails of the kind of money that you were raking in, you and your family. And Joe, you were vice-president when some of this was happening, and it should have never happened. And I think you owe an explanation to the American people.

      After denying any improprieties by either himself or his son, Biden responded by telling the American public:

      There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant. They have said that this has all the … five former heads of the CIA, both parties, say what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage. Nobody believes it except him and his good friend, Rudy Giuliani.

      When Trump countered by asking Biden if he was saying the “laptop is now another Russia, Russia, Russia hoax?” Biden said: “That’s exactly what [I] was told.”

      At the time Biden professed to voters in October 2020 that he was told the laptop was another Russian hoax, what the FBI or the intelligence community would have likely told Biden was unknown. However, the revelation that, since December 2019, the FBI had a copy of the video showing Hunter saying Russians had stolen his laptop, and the laptop contained sex videos that put him at risk for blackmail because of his father’s plans to run for president, changes the complexion of things.

      This new detail means that the FBI knew, not just of the existence of the MacBook with compromising videos and damaging emails and text messages related to Joe Biden, but that there was a second missing laptop, likely with similar information on it, that had been stolen from Hunter and believed to be in the possession of Russians. The FBI also would know that Hunter had spoken on his father’s presidential ambitions “all the time” and saw himself as a potential blackmail target.

      It is unfathomable that the FBI or overall U.S. intelligence agencies would not have immediately briefed then-candidate Biden on the situation. During the run-up to the 2016 election, the FBI and intelligence community provided defense briefings to both the Clinton and Trump campaigns as a matter of course. Amazingly, the FBI used one of those intelligence briefings to spy on Donald Trump based on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation launched based on unverified gossip.

      Specifically, on August 17, 2016, as part of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into the Trump campaign, FBI Agent Joe Pientka was tapped to brief Trump, Michael Flynn, and Chris Christie as part of a two-hour meeting warning the team of foreign intelligence threats.” As The Federalist’s Sean Davis previously reported, declassified information would later be established that Pientka had been “selected to attend on behalf of the FBI so he could ‘record’ or ‘overhear’ from Trump, Flynn, or Christie ‘any kind of admission’ that they were colluding with the Russian government to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.”

      Even if the FBI hadn’t launched a more-justified investigation into “The Big Guy” based on the concrete evidence contained on the MacBook indicating an illegal pay-to-play agreement involving the former vice president who was then a presidential contender, a defensive briefing to Biden on the risk of Russian blackmail based on Hunter’s stolen second laptop would be indispensable to our national security interests.

      In the case of Trump, the FBI would also later insist mere months after first receiving the unverified and now debunked Steele dossier that an Intelligence Community Assessment include details from a former MI6 officer’s memorandums that claimed the Russians had “kompromat” on Trump.

      However, because both James Clapper, the former director of National Intelligence, and John Brennan, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, objected to including reporting from the Steele dossier in the text of the Intelligence Community Assessment, it was instead included as a separate “annex,” which then-FBI Director James Comey then briefed Trump on in person.

      While Comey claimed he told Trump about the salacious “intel” because the press had the information and he expected it to be made public soon, it was the leak to CNN of the briefing itself that provided a “news” hook for the dossier, resulting in it being published in full soon after.

      Unlike the unverified Steele dossier, here the FBI had a MacBook laptop containing a Biden Foundation sticker and photographs, videos, emails, and text, providing for easy confirmation of the authenticity of the source information. And on that laptop was a video of Hunter stating he believed the Russians had a second laptop of his that contained similarly compromising material, which created a blackmail risk given Joe Biden’s then-upcoming presidential run.

      Surely, evidence that the Russians had authentic “kompromat” on the Biden family would make both a written intelligence briefing and an in-person briefing to the elder Biden essential. In fact, shortly after the Post published its first article covering the material contained on the MacBook, an unnamed “person familiar with the matter” told USA Today that, “at least in part,” there was a federal investigation underway concerning the MacBook “aimed at determining whether Russia has set its sights on a familiar target: Biden’s father, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.”

      “Federal authorities,” according to the source, were also “investigating whether the material supplied to the Post by Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, is part of a smoke bomb of disinformation pushed by Russia.” There is no evidence, however, indicating the material contained on the hard drive is “disinformation,” leaving open a serious question: Did the FBI lie to Biden, or did Biden lie to Americans?

      via patriottruthnews


  7. 10 For The Big Guy’: Politico Confirms Hunter Biden China, Ukraine Emails Are Legit

    Several emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop have been confirmed as legitimate, according to Politico, citing claims in a new book, along with emails released by a Swedish government agency.

    Ben Schreckinger’s “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” out today, finds evidence that some of the purported HUNTER BIDEN laptop material is genuine, including two emails at the center of last October’s controversy.

    A person who had independent access to Hunter Biden’s emails confirmed he did receive a 2015 email from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for the chance to meet Joe Biden. The same goes for a 2017 email in which a proposed equity breakdown of a venture with Chinese energy executives includes the line, “10 held by H for the big guy?” (This person recalled seeing both emails, but was not in a position to compare the leaked emails word-for-word to the originals.)

    MORE: Emails released by a Swedish government agency also match emails in the leaked cache, and two people who corresponded with Hunter Biden confirmed emails from the cache were genuine. -Politico

    Recall that news of Hunter Biden’s laptop was broken by the New York Post shortly before the 2020 election – resulting in a multi-week Twitter ban on the outlet, and a baseless claim spread throughout the MSM and by notable Democrats including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) that it was Russian disinformation.

    Murphy notably received nearly 70,000 ‘likes’ for his tweet calling it “likely Russian propaganda” – claiming he’d “seen the intel.”

    This story is very simple – Hunter Biden dropped off three computers with liquid damage at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 2019. The owner, John Mac Issac, examined the three and determined that one was beyond recovery, one was okay and the data on the harddrive of the third could be recovered. Hunter signed the service ticket and John Paul Mac Issac repaired the hard drive and down loaded the data. During this process he saw some disturbing images and a number of emails that concerned Ukraine, Burisma, China and other issues. With the work completed, Mr. Mac Issac prepared an invoice, sent it to Hunter Biden and notified him that the computer was ready to be retrieved. Hunter did not respond. In the ensuing four months (May, June, July and August), Mr. Mac Issac made repeated efforts to contact Hunter Biden. Biden never answered and never responded. More importantly, Biden stiffed John Paul Mac Issac–i.e., he did not pay the bill.

    When the manufactured Ukraine crisis surfaced in August 2019, John Paul realized he was sitting on radioactive material that might be relevant to the investigation. After conferring with his father, Mac and John Paul decided that Mac would take the information to the FBI office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mac walked into the Albuquerque FBI office and spoke with an agent who refused to give his name. Mac explained the material he had, but was rebuffed by the FBI. He was told basically, get lost. This was mid-September 2019.

    Two months passed and then, out of the blue, the FBI contacted John Paul Mac Issac. Two FBI agents from the Wilmington FBI office–Joshua Williams and Mike Dzielak–came to John Paul’s business. He offered immediately to give them the hard drive, no strings attached. Agents Williams and Dzielak declined to take the device.

    The laptop – while allegedly containing inappropriate photographs of underage girls – revealed that President Biden lied when he said that he had no knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings – and was in fact involved with them.



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