“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”—Lord Acton

The U.S. Governmnet is absolutely corrupt.


Let me be perfectly clear here. My critique is not against the constitutional republic established in 1789. My critique is of the corruption that has subverted the Constitution of the United States of America. I am a proud patriot of the principles that founded this great nation. Especially the superbly eloquent Declaration of Independence, which excites my heart everytime I read it!

From Republic to Corporatist State

The Revolutionary War began with the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The US Constitution was ratified in 1788, establishing a republic.

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company 1886, through an error (?) of the Court Recorder (citing obiter dictum unlawfully) began a progression of Supreme Court rulings that asserted that Corporations had the same legal rights as human beings citing the 14th Amendment as the relevant ground for that assertion.

By 1900 the corporations had used this doctrine to amass the huge fortunes that give them the ability to effectively buy the government of the United States. Therein was spawned the Corporatist State. This effectively ended the constitutional republic.

The Disastrous Woodrow Wilson Regime

Woodrow Wilson was by far the worst president in the modern era, He was a stupid man and a puppet of Col Edwen House and a cabal of international bankers who wanted to establish draconian rule over the US by instituting a private consortium of bankers now known as the Federal Reserve. This consortium is neither federal, nor are there any reserves. It is run by a private cartel, whose policies are based on usury and fiat paper money with no backing (such as gold or silver)

This scheme destroyed the nation’s financial system and has led to several recessions and depressions. Our national debt is now in the tens of trillions of dollars due to this bogus monetary system.

Wilson, under the influence of Col. House, also embroiled the United States in the war in Europe (now called the First World War). War is one of the best markets for international capital, which finances both sides of any conflict for the purchase of weapons and equipment. These financial institutions make even more profits financing the reconstruction of all of the infrastructure destroyed by war.

The First World War ended, with the Treaty of Versailles, which demanded reparations from Germany to pay the debt incurred by all parties during the war. This “fine” imposed on Germany was rapacious, cruel and impossible to meet. These financial policies ruined Germany’s Weimar Republic creating inflation so insidious that it literally took wheelbarrows of cash to buy a single loaf of bread.

It was Germany’ financial misery that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler, who promised to leadGermany out of crisis. This led to a Second World War to the delight of the conniving banking cartel. More financing for all sides for armaments. And again financing all of the rebuilding of European infrastructure.

The entire sequence of historical events can be traced back to Woodrow Wilson, one of the greatest fools who ever lived. —WWThe Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward GriffinBook Review by Steven Butner Published February 2018 From the Back Cover of The Creature from Jekyll Island: “Where does … Read More…https://principlestudies.org/reviews/creature-from-jekyll-island/

The following is a list of articles proving the allegation above:

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page

Each of four theoretical traditions in the study of American politics—which can be characterized as theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, Economic-Elite Domination, and two types of interest-group pluralism, Majoritarian Pluralism and Biased Pluralism—offers different predictions about which sets of actors have how much influence over public policy: average citizens; economic elites; and organized interest groups, mass-based or business-oriented. A great deal of empirical research speaks to the policy influence of one or another set of actors, but until recently it has not been possible to test these contrasting theoretical predictions against each other within a single statistical model. We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues. Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism

PDF available online for freeStudy: US is an oligarchy, not a democracyWhat in the World: A new report finds that an elite few dominate US policy, the human error behind South Korea’s ferry tragedy, and Algeria’s uneasy status quo election.https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746THE DISSEDENTALL THE TRUTH FIT TO PRINT – sociopolitics national security statehttps://thedissedent.page/

ALL THE TRUTH FIT TO PRINT – sociopolitics national security state

How did the Sherman Antitrust Act eliminate oligarchy in the USA?

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page

Each of four theoretical traditions in the study of American politics—which can be characterized as theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, Economic-Elite Domination, and two types of interest-group pluralism, Majoritarian Pluralism and Biased Pluralism—offers different predictions about which sets of actors have how much influence over public policy: average citizens; economic elites; and organized interest groups, mass-based or business-oriented. A great deal of empirical research speaks to the policy influence of one or another set of actors, but until recently it has not been possible to test these contrasting theoretical predictions against each other within a single statistical model. We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues. Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism

PDF available online for free





The following is a list of articles proving the allegation above:
Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page
Each of four theoretical traditions in the study of American politics—which can be characterized as theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, Economic-Elite Domination, and two types of interest-group pluralism, Majoritarian Pluralism and Biased Pluralism—offers different predictions about which sets of actors have how much influence over public policy: average citizens; economic elites; and organized interest groups, mass-based or business-oriented. A great deal of empirical research speaks to the policy influence of one or another set of actors, but until recently it has not been possible to test these contrasting theoretical predictions against each other within a single statistical model. We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues. Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism
PDF available online for free

Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy
What in the World: A new report finds that an elite few dominate US policy, the human error behind South Korea’s ferry tragedy, and Algeria’s uneasy status quo election.




Yet Another Media Tale — Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters For a Church Photo Op — Collapses

That the White House violently cleared Lafayette Park at Trump’s behest was treated as unquestioned truth by most corporate media. Today it was revealed as a falsehood.


Glenn Greenwald – Glenn GreenwaldJournalist; co-founder, The Intercept; author, No Place to Hide and forthcoming book on Brazil; animal fanatic & founder of HOPE Shelter.https://greenwald.substack.com/people/18792891-glenn-greenwald




Fulton County State Farm Arena in Georgia was a major focal point during the 2020 presidential election race’s vote-counting. Many people allege election fraud occurred at the site. On election night, the site dismissed poll workers from their posts earlier than usual; then, a small group continued to count ballots after most workers had left, raising red flags. Authorities never gave a clear-cut, satisfactory answer as to why these actions were taken.


n !972 The Church committee revealed disturbing activities that had been carried out by CIA. The most disturbing of these were MKUltra and Operation Mockingbird.

Mockingbird turned US mainstream media into a propaganda arm of the National Security State. MKUltra is an insidious mind control program that has had several incarnations, also known as Artichoke” later.

Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities

(The Church Committee)

Resolution passed: Jan 27, 1975

Final report issued: Apr 29, 1976

ChairmanSenator Frank Church (D-ID)

Vice ChairmanSenator John Tower 


Operation Mockingbird

In 1948 Frank Wisner was appointed director of the Office of Special Projects. Soon afterwards it was renamed the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). This became the espionage and counter-intelligence branch of the Central Intelligence Agency. Wisner was told to create an organization that concentrated on “propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”

Later that year Wisner established Mockingbird, a program to influence the domestic American media. Wisner recruited Philip Graham (Washington Post) to run the project within the industry. Graham himself recruited others who had worked for military intelligence during the war. This included James Truitt, Russell Wiggins, Phil Geyelin, John Hayes and Alan Barth. Others like Stewart AlsopJoseph Alsop and James Reston, were recruited from within the Georgetown Set. According to Deborah Davis, the author of Katharine the Great (1979) : “By the early 1950s, Wisner ‘owned’ respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communications vehicles.”

In 1951 Allen W. Dulles persuaded Cord Meyer to join the CIA. However, there is evidence that he was recruited several years earlier and had been spying on the liberal organizations he had been a member of in the later 1940s. According to Deborah Davis, Meyer became Mockingbird’s “principal operative”.

One of the most important journalists under the control of Operation Mockingbird was Joseph Alsop, whose articles appeared in over 300 different newspapers. Other journalists willing to promote the views of the CIA included Stewart Alsop (New York Herald Tribune), Ben Bradlee (Newsweek), James Reston (New York Times), C. D. Jackson (Time Magazine), Walter Pincus (Washington Post), Walter Winchell (New York Daily Mirror), Drew PearsonWalter LippmannWilliam Allen WhiteEdgar Ansel Mowrer (Chicago Daily News), Hal Hendrix (Miami News), Whitelaw Reid (New York Herald Tribune), Jerry O’Leary (Washington Star)William C. Baggs (Miami News), Herb Gold (Miami News) and Charles L. Bartlett (Chattanooga Times). According to Nina Burleigh, the author of A Very Private Woman, (1998) these journalists sometimes wrote articles that were commissioned by Frank Wisner. The CIA also provided them with classified information to help them with their work.

After 1953 the network was overseen by Allen W. Dulles, director of the Central Intelligence Agency. By this time Operation Mockingbird had a major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies. These organizations were run by people such as William Paley (CBS), Henry Luce (Time Magazine and Life Magazine), Arthur Hays Sulzberger (New York Times), Helen Rogers Reid (New York Herald Tribune), Dorothy Schiff (New York Post), Alfred Friendly (managing editor of the Washington Post), Barry Bingham (Louisville Courier-Journal) and James S. Copley (Copley News Services).

The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was funded by siphoning of funds intended for the Marshall Plan. Some of this money was used to bribe journalists and publishers. Frank Wisner was constantly looked for ways to help convince the public of the dangers of communism. In 1954 Wisner arranged for the funding the Hollywood production of Animal Farm, the animated allegory based on the book written by George Orwell.

According to Alex Constantine (Mockingbird: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA), in the 1950s, “some 3,000 salaried and contract CIA employees were eventually engaged in propaganda efforts”. Wisner was also able to restrict newspapers from reporting about certain events. For example, the CIA plots to overthrow the governments of Iran and Guatemala.




ON APRIL 10, 1953, ALLEN DULLES, THE NEWLY APPOINTED DIRECTOR OF THE CIA, delivered a speech to a gathering of Princeton alumni. Though the event was mundane, global tensions were running high. The Korean War was coming to an end, and earlier that week, The New York Times had published a startling story asserting that American POWs returning from the country may have been “converted” by “Communist brain-washers.”

Some GI’s were confessing to war crimes, like carrying out germ warfare against the Communists–a charge the U.S. categorically denied. Others were reportedly so brainwashed that they had refused to return to the United States at all. As if that weren’t enough, the U.S. was weeks away from secretly sponsoring the overthrow of a democratically elected leader in Iran.



The 9th Amendment and the Penumbra Rights

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.— 9th Amendment

In United States constitutional law, the penumbra includes a group of rights derived, by implication, from other rights explicitly protected in the Bill of Rights.

The restriction of our rights to Liberty is often achieved by claims that certain rights are not covered in the Bill of Rights. This can be due to ignoring the fact of the 9th Amendment and what it really means.

The Penumbra Pights have therefore been articulated to throw light on this matter, and the fact that there are a miriad of rights contained in a full appreciation of the 9th Amendment


“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.”

― H.L. Mencken

William Whitten is an autodidact , polymath, epistemic maverick & artist



  1. January 6th — What Really Happened?

    This is one of the most important issues facing America today. What really happened on January 6h is a tug-of-war between the leftwing propaganda tyrrants and honest journalists, and bloggers and anyone with a voice to fight for the truth.

    One might have thought this would end after the bogus so-called “second “impeachment of Donald Trump. But no, Nancy Pelosi and Schumer are intent on continuing their desperate witch hunt to insnare Trump for anything they can come up with. They are driven by a pathological hatred that is only grasped by their psychological profiles as “Ponerist” That means, organized psychopths, in both government and corporations, ie; the corporatist oligarchy.

    The fact that the Biden regime is tearing apart the nation hand over fist is obvious, but happening under the shadow of the outrages of Pelosi, Schumer, and now Liz Cheney, spawn of the war criminal Dick Cheney (another prime psycho).

    The US stands in clear and present danger from the attempt to merge the nation with the so-called “Great Reset” of the Davos Gang. The Covid ordeal was a clue that the timeline of their agenda has been set on fastforward>>

    We must focus our energies on the understanding of how quickly this crisis is emerging.




    1. Since taking over the White House in January, Joe Biden and his allies have wasted no time forcing their agenda on America.

      He has signed unheard of numbers of executive orders.

      Not only that, but the orders he has been signing are far more extreme than any other president’s in history.

      He is doing all of this to further cement his support among the most radical extremists on the Left

      And following his latest nomination to a top government position, it is clear that Biden is just getting started in this far-Left crusade.

      Biden just announced he is nominating Tracy Stone-Manning as the Director of BLM.

      In this case, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

      Her nomination is so alarming because Stone-Manning was a part of the notorious eco-terrorist group Earth First! when she was attending graduate school at the University of Montana.

      The group is considered an eco-terrorist group by the FBI, who cite the destructive and illegal tactics they used in their crusade to shut down anything they believe is harmful to the environment.

      Since their founding in 1980, the group has taken responsibility for dozens of sabotage attacks on logging operations, and most recently on gas pipelines.

      In 2020, the group took responsibility for shutting down a pipeline in Aspen, Colorado, which left thousands of people without heat or hot water in the middle of the freezing Colorado winter.

      Stone-Manning’s time with the group was when they were at their most extreme.

      She served as editor for one of the group’s largest publications throughout the 80’s.

      But she didn’t just sit on the sidelines while doing that work.

      In 1989, Stone-Manning was an accessory to an act of eco-terrorism called tree spiking.

      Tree spiking involves putting metal or ceramic spikes in trees in order to damage saws and ultimately thwart logging operations.

      This tactic doesn’t just disrupt the operations of loggers, it puts their lives at risk.

      In 1987, a 23-year old mill-worker lost several teeth and part of his cheek and jaw after a large band saw shattered when it struck an 11-inch spike in a tree.

      Stone-Manning ultimately gained immunity for her crimes in 1993, when she testified against her former roommate and friend, John P. Blount, causing him to spend 17-months in prison.

      Someone with this kind of history probably shouldn’t be given a top position in the government, especially one that deals with land management.




      1. A judge has ruled that Ghislaine Maxwell must turn over documents related to her personal affairs, including records that may reveal more about her finances and her relationship with the Clintons.

        That’s according to the Daily Mail, which cited court documents to report that lawyers representing Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims, were demanding a vast array of documents from Maxwell including “funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation.”

        Given two weeks to produce the documents, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska also ruled that documents relating to a request for email accounts that Maxwell allegedly kept secret from the court should also be made public, the Daily Mail reported. . .


        Also see:




    2. Now that the House GOP have installed Rep. Elise Stefanik as the GOP Conference Chair, this is a reminder that the top 4 members of House Republican leadership (McCarthy, Scalise, Stefanik, Palmer) all voted to overturn 2020 election results after the deadly insurrection.

      And in case you’re wondering, Stefanik and the entire Republican Party are all-in on Trump:

      Reporter: “Is there a place in the party for vocal Trump critics like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger?”

      Stefanik: “Liz Cheney is a part of this conference, Adam Kinzinger is a part of this conference. They were elected and sent here by the people in their district. They are a part of this Republican conference. We are unified in working with President Trump. My job is representing our Republican members, the vast majority, we will look forward in working with President Trump.”
      The Neo-Marxist, Roland Temmerman, sums up with this spurious disinformation asinine ulation:

      “We are unified in working with President Trump.” What could possibly go wrong? A twice impeached, rejected, one-term loser, chronically broke, bigly liar, under multiple investigations, facing 29 lawsuits, too poisonous for a social media platform is pulling the strings of the American Fascist Party in the House and putting his loyalist Elise Stefanik in a position of power. The coup continues.

      The stupidity and vileness of these Republicans is astonishing. Why continue to back a manchild who not only lost a re-election, but also lost the House and the Senate?

      I guess this is what selling your soul looks like.

      Tear jerker alert!!”



    3. Constitution 101 | Lecture 1

      Premiered Oct 1, 2019

      Learn the meaning of the Constitution and the principles of American government in this new version of Hillsdale’s most popular course. Visit hillsdale.edu/con101 to begin your course today.

      The form of government prescribed by the Constitution is based on the timeless principles of the Declaration of Independence. These two documents establish the formal and final causes of the United States and make possible the freedom that is the birthright of all Americans.



      1. Biden’s Mad Mandate Is Ripping The Country To Shreds

        Nuclear scientists dismissed. First responders booted. Doctors and nurses axed. Pilots put on leave. And Biden’s “mandate” has not even been promulgated by OSHA. The country is being ripped apart…and that may be just what they want. Meanwhile, Biden’s numbers continue an express elevator downward. What’s the end game?”



  2. Media Matters: Andrew Breitbart’s Attack on Critical Race Theory ‘Appears to be Working’

    Media Matters for America, a George Soros-funded organization that attempts to censor conservative media, complained Thursday that Andrew Breitbart’s original 2012 attack on Critical Race Theory “appears to be working,” nine years later.

    Media Matters’ Spencer Silva notes that today’s backlash against Critical Race Theory in communities all across America began with Breitbart News drawing attention to the doctrine, then a “little known academic study of systemic racism.”

    Critical Race Theory is a doctrine that claims all the political, social, and economic institutions of the United States are inherently racist because they were developed during a time when black people could be owned as slaves. According to Critical Race Theory, capitalism itself is racist, because black people could once be held as private property. Events like Emancipation and the Civil Rights movement merely obscure the persistence of white supremacy, the theory holds.

    Before his untimely death in 2012, Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart had linked then-President Barack Obama with Harvard Law School professor Derrick Bell, one of the founders of Critical Race Theory, whom Obama admired.

    Silva recalls: “As Joel Pollak, then-editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, would tell CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, ‘Derrick Bell is the Jeremiah Wright of academia. He passed away last year, but during his lifetime, he developed a theory called critical race theory which holds that the civil rights movement was a sham and that white supremacy is the order and it must be overthrown.’”

    Silva then embedded (part of) an infamous, and viral, CNN panel discussion on the topic:

    Media Matters: Andrew Breitbart’s Attack on Critical Race Theory ‘Appears to be Working’

    Bell and other legal scholars began using the phrase “critical race theory” (CRT) in the 1970s as a takeoff on “critical legal theory”, a branch of legal scholarship that challenges the validity of concepts such as rationality, objective truth, and judicial neutrality.

    Derrick Bell – Wikipedia.



    1. globalintelhub’s Photo

      MONDAY, JUL 05, 2021 – 23:11

      Global Intel Hub (Charlotte, NC) — 7/5/2021 We are sitting on the precipice of a major global event the likes of which Earth has never seen: full disclosure. As is pointed out on a daily basis here on Zero Hedge, everything you are told by the mainstream media is total lies. There isn’t an ounce of truth or facts in anything you read online or see on TV, or watch in films. The book industry is the media which is least censored, but the major publishing houses make sure that controversial works will never be NY Times bestsellers. As explained in Splitting Pennies, the world is not as it seems. What is the lie, that they are hiding? It’s a single lie, that can be described in a number of ways. Looking at it one way, there exists technology that could end suffering on planet Earth, extend life, end disease, war, and famine. Those technologies are suppressed methodically by a group who benefits from their being suppressed. Here is where we unwind the ‘conspiracy’ element, there is no conspiracy. “They” are the owners of society, the owners of land, factories, transportation, markets, and the media. Since they have a total global Monopoly in all industries, across all governments, it is vital for their existence they work together to suppress alternative technologies, ideas, or power structures. Look at the simple example of the Oil Cartels – if there was free energy why would anyone pay them another penny? They wouldn’t. So the Oil Monopolies spend a great deal of time and effort scanning the planet for upstart inventors that may pose a threat to their oily cash stream. In many cases, they buy technologies just so they never see the light of day. In other cases, they may resort to active operations to thwart, disrupt, or eliminate what they perceive to be threats. And their most Genius strategy, they back the opposition. They back programs they know will fail, so they can publicly be seen as the hero. See a recent example when we saw internal communications from a large Oil company regarding the carbon neutral movement:

      ***Exxon has been forced to apologize this week after one of its lobbyists was caught on camera saying that a carbon tax the company has been pushing for years is “unlikely to happen”, according to Bloomberg. The lobbyist was caught on video saying: “Nobody is going to propose a tax on all Americans. And the cynical side of me says, ‘Yeah we kind of know that.’ But it gives us a talking point. We can say well what is ExxonMobil for? Well we’re for a carbon tax.” Exxon CEO Darren Woods came out and said the company was “deeply apologetic” about the comments after a Greenpeace investigator caught lobbyist Keith McCoy making the comments.***

      Of course, this is a PR angle, the more grotesque side of protecting the Oil and US Dollar Monopoly involves the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and specifically the CIA, and finally the Military. The deal is, first we send in the bankers with the 25% interest loans we know the country can’t pay off. When they default, we get the [insert resource by county]. If that doesn’t work, we send in the ‘jackals’ [hitmen], and if that fails, we send in the Army. This is described in the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” a must read, get it here.


      Fixing the 2020 elections in the US is just craftwork, a means to an end. “They” have done in in nearly every other country in the world previously, and where they haven’t succeeded, they have tried, even in Russia. In order to protect the big lie, an entire social control paradigm has been created which involves propaganda, censorship, and psychological operations (PsyOps) all designed with the same purpose: Distract you from the truth with bread and games, celebrity gossip culture, and idiotic news so you don’t ask the important questions. It starts in the school system, where they teach you that hard work and determination can make you a billionaire too! In fact, if you look at the majority of the Billionaire class, 99% of them ‘descended’ from a dynasty which was established generations ago, or got their start through membership in a secret society, or something of the sort.

      Bill Gates being the most bright example, where if you ask anyone who is Bill Gates they will say a computer genius and entrepreneur, self-made. WRONG! First, although Bill did study computer science, his major was in Law, and his degree (which he finally got from Harvard) was in Law:


      More At:



  3. How the Democrats Fell for Mussolini

    America’s elite has adopted the fascist dream of a corporate oligarchy

    There’s a tendency today to see Benito Mussolini as a pathetic sideshow, an incompetent blusterer who went from Adolf Hitler’s idol to his lapdog. Yet in many ways, Mussolini’s notion of fascism has become increasingly dominant in much of the world, albeit in an unexpected form: in the worldview of those progressives who typically see “proto-fascism” lurking on the Right.

    Mussolini, a one-time radical socialist, viewed himself as a “revolutionary” transforming society by turning the state into “the moving centre of economic life”. In Italy and, to a greater extent, Germany, fascism also brought with it, at least initially, an expanded highly populist welfare state much as we see today.

    Indeed, Mussolini’s idea of a an economy controlled from above, with generous benefits but dominated by large business interests, is gradually supplanting the old liberal capitalist model. In the West, for example, the “Great Reset,” introduced by the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, proposes an expanded welfare state and an economy that transcends the market for the greater goal of serving racial and gender “equity”, as well as saving the planet.

    Wherever it appears, whether in the early 20th century or today, fascism — in its corporate sense — relies on concentrated economic power to achieve its essential and ideological goals. In 1922, for instance, large corporations and landowners helped finance Mussolini’s Black Shirts for their March on Rome. Confindustria, the leading organisation of Italian industrialists, was glad to see the end of class-based chaos and welcomed the state’s infrastructure surge.

    Elsewhere, the German cartels and Japanese zaibatsu both kowtowed to and benefited from fascist state support and contracts. Even today, China, in many aspects the model fascist state of our times, follows Il Duce’s model of cementing the corporate elite into the power structure. Since 2000, a hundred billionaires sit in the country’s Communist legislation, a development that Mao would never have countenanced. 1

    Capitalist countries have historically resisted such concentrations of power, but this process seems inexorable after a pandemic which devastated small businesses yet saw the ultra-rich grow richer and the largest firms record eye-watering profits. A handful of giant tech corporations now account for nearly 40% of the value of the Standard and Poor Index, a level of concentration unprecedented in modern history.

    Companies like Amazon are our zaibatsu, with influence over a vast array of industries, from online retail to cloud computing, the health food business, media and even space travel. Once such firms may have adhered to free market capitalism, but they have increasingly grown to see the value of a larger, more centralised and pervasive state.

    This parallels the alarming transformation of the US Democratic Party, the putative “party of the people” , now increasingly a subsidiary of the corporate elite. Among financial firms, communications companies and lawyers, Biden outraised Trump by five-to-one or more. Today’s oligarchs are particularly keen on the progressive non-profit sector, which provides important support for their political and social advocacy — a means for them to make politically correct statements about climate change, gender and race, while still obtaining enormous profit margins and unprecedented wealth.

    But whereas the old fascism sought greater prosperity, its new form, at least in the West, supports only an expanded welfare state that keeps the beleaguered middle and working classes both quiescent and stripped of aspiration. Worthies such as former Bank of Canada and Bank of England chief Mark Carney even embrace “de-growth,” a conscious slowing of the economy and embrace of declining living standards.

    ndeed, the widely hailed Club of Rome report in 1972 — “The Limits to Growth” — was financed not by green activists but by the Agnelli family from Fiat, once a linchpin of Mussolini’s original corporate state.2 The Report predicted massive shortages of natural resources, slower economic growth, less material consumption and ultimately less social mobility.3

    Fast forward to today’s new economic order, and it’s clear that not all economic animals are equal. There are opportunities galore for Wall Street investors, Silicon Valley tech oligarchs, cobalt miners, electric car manufacturers and renewable energy producers through the massive subsidies for producing green.

    And these woke oligarchs, like their fascist counterparts before them, see little use for democracy. Eric Heymann, a senior executive at Deutsche Bank, suggests that to reach the climate goals of Davos, corporations will have to embrace “a certain degree of eco-dictatorship”.4 After all, it would be difficult to get elected officials to approve limits on such mundane popular pleasures as affordable air travel, cars, freeways and suburbs with single-family houses, unless they were imposed by judicial or executive fiat.

    Unsurprisingly, the biggest losers will inevitably be the poor. Wherever the conventional green policies central to the “Great Reset” have been imposed — California, Britain, Canada, Australia, Greece, Germany, France — the result has been to create high levels of “energy poverty”; the Jacques Delors Institute estimated that some thirty million Europeans were not able to adequately heat their homes during the most recent winter.

    But then there are many hypocrisies at the heart of today’s incarnation of Mussolini-style fascism. Our new elites, for example, see no contradiction in supporting claims of “systemic racism” and “social justice” at home, while cooperating with Chinese authorities who abuse basic human rights in Hong Kong or to impose forced labour in Xinjiang. Boldly progressive firms like Airbnb have no problems sharing customer data with China’s security state; nor does Apple show compunction in relying on Uighur labour to build their products.

    But in the battle between the two emergent fascist systems, China possesses powerful advantages. Communist Party cadres at least offer more than a moralising agenda; they can point to the country’s massive reduction of extreme poverty and a huge growth in monthly wages, up almost five-fold since 2006. At a time when the middle class is shrinking in the West, China’s middle class increased enormously from 1980 to 2000, although its growth appears to have slowed in recent years.

    Like Mussolini, who linked his regime to that of Ancient Rome, China’s rulers look to Han supremacy and the glories of China’s Imperial past. “The very purpose of the [Chinese Communist] Party in leading the people in revolution and development,” Xi Jinping told party cadres a decade ago, “is to make the people prosperous, the country strong, and [to] rejuvenate the Chinese nation.”

    In contrast, the tired capitalism of our corporate elite — who seem to have given up on broad-based economic growth — seems increasingly detached from the interests and aspirations of their own citizens’ needs.

    Apple’s Tim Cook, for example, waxes enthusiastically about a “common future in cyberspace” with autocratic China. Wall Street also actively lobbies on behalf of Beijing, hoping to cash in on investments that strip America’s productive capacity but enrich them. Oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg describe China, a country of business opportunity for his firm, as “ecologically friendly, democratically accountable, and invulnerable to the threat of revolution”.

    How do we combat this trend towards fascist structures? The answer is straightforward, if unprescriptive: to resist them with liberal ideals and a renewed commitment to upward mobility. That won’t be easy. As of today, the consolidation of oligarchic power is supported by massive lobbying operations and dispersals of cash, including to some Right-wing libertarians, who doggedly justify censorship and oligopoly on private property grounds.

    Yet despite their riches and technical know-how, the oligarchic elites face widespread and growing scepticism towards both the traditional and social media outlets under their control. Similarly, it’s also unlikely many in the middle class will embrace their programme of race indoctrination, or accept a marked decline in living standards.

    But building a coalition against the new fascism requires avoiding destructive nativism and instead focusing on how to restore competition and protect consumers from the overweening power, and vast wealth of the corporate elites.

    Will a citizenry, dependent on transfer payments and increasingly voiceless, still put up a fight? To slow fascism’s spread, either from China or from within, requires a re-awakening of the spirit of resistance to authority that has long marked human progress and now seems far too rare.




  4. Glenn Greenwald
    How do the people and outlets which spent five years trying to scare Americans into believing that Russia took over the US and controlled its institutions through sexual blackmail not have any self-awareness when they try to accuse *others* of being deranged conspiracy-mongers?
    Quote Tweet
    Oliver Darcy
    · Jul 4
    Tucker Carlson is Alex Jones.
    Glenn Greenwald
    The idea that the Kremlin seized control of the levers of American power was as batshit and deranged a conspiracy theory as anything you’ll find on Q Anon. It just doesn’t seem that way to those who spread it because all their friends who they think are smart were repeating it.


  5. America Rewritten | Exclusive
    The Constitution of the United States established the American form of government and radically changed the ideas of where the rights of citizens originate. It’s founded on the idea that the role of government is to protect God-given rights.

    Yet now, the doctrine that constitutes America is under assault. Freedom of speech is being worn down through corporate–government censorship, freedom of belief is being suppressed with lockdowns, the right to bear arms is being called into doubt, and the numerous rights of Americans are in jeopardy.

    As a new narrative is being taught to America’s youth on the founding stories of this country, and as history itself is being rewritten, what does the future hold for America, once seen as the beacon of freedom and the shining city on the hill?

    In “America Rewritten,” an exclusive special feature from The Epoch Times, we speak with leading experts on how history is being falsified and how the system of government is being misrepresented, and we explore what the world would lose if the American Constitution were lost.

    Join host Joshua Philipp as he speaks with experts including Dinesh D’Souza, Victor Davis Hanson, Rick Green, Trevor Loudon, Mary Grabar, Thomas K. Lindsay, Kevin Roberts, Craig Parshall, Dustin Bass, and K. Lloyd Billingsley in “America Rewritten.”

    Date: Thursday July 15th, 2021 at 10:30PM ET
    Where to join: EpochTV.com
    YouTube: @CrossroadswithJOSHUAPHILIPP




  6. Hunter Biden memos call into question congressional testimony of Democrat lobbying firm
    Emails state Hunter Biden met, strategized with Blue Star Strategies executives who claimed they had no contact.

    Hunter Biden memos on a laptop recovered by the FBI directly conflict with the congressional testimony of two key executives at a Democrat-connected firm who asserted they did not deal with the current president’s son while working for a Ukrainian energy firm where the younger Biden served on the board.

    The questions about the testimony from Blue Star Strategies officials comes as the Justice Department is reportedly investigating whether the firm violated the Foreign Agent Registration Act with its work contacting federal officials on behalf of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.

    Blue Star, a lobbying and strategy firm with deep Democrat connections dating to the Bill Clinton era, was hired in late 2015 by Burisma in an effort to improve its image and fight corruption allegations the Ukrainian firm had been facing since early 2014 when Hunter Biden joined its board, according to documents previously published by Just the News.

    Blue Star’s work later became the focus of a Senate investigation that concluded last year that Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma while his father oversaw Ukraine policy as vice president created a conflict of interest that undercut U.S. efforts to fight corruption in the former Soviet republic.

    Late last August — just over two months before the presidential election won by Joe Biden — the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee summoned two representatives from Blue Star Strategies to testify on the firm’s relationship with Burisma.

    Blue Star’s Karen Tramontano and Sally Painter were asked about the firm’s contacts with Hunter Biden while he served on Burisma’s board.

    Tramontano testified that “at no time did I or anyone else in the firm working on behalf of Burisma collaborate or coordinate the development or implementation of our work with Hunter Biden. … Mr. Biden played no role in Blue Star Strategies’ work on behalf of Burisma.”

    You can read Tramontano’s testimony here.

    2020-08-28-Tramontano Interview with Exhibits.pdf
    Under questioning from the Democratic counsel on the Senate committee, Painter gave similar testimony.

    “Did you ever consult with Hunter Biden about Blue Star Strategies and its representation of Burisma?” Painter was asked.

    “Never,” she answered.

    “Did Hunter Biden ever direct any of Blue Star Strategies and its representation of Burisma?” the questioner asked.

    “No,” Painter responded.

    You can read Painter’s testimony here.

    2020-08-31-Painter Interview with Exhibits.pdf

    But emails, calendar notations and memos obtained by Just the News from the Hunter Biden laptop now in possession of the FBI state clearly that Hunter Biden had direct conversations with the Blue Star team on several occasions as its was beginning its work in November and December of 2015.

    11am BurismaBlue Strategies Kick Off Call Info.pdf
    Those conversations included details about the Burisma-Blue Star contract as well as specific strategies, such as countering the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine’s claims of corruption.

    “Hunter and I spoke to Sally Painter yesterday,” Eric Schwerin, a close colleague of Hunter Biden, wrote in a Nov. 12, 2015 email that briefed a top Burisma executive about the meetings.

    “First, Hunter talked to Sally about the agreement and the desire on your part to evaluate success after two months and not feel locked in to the year long contract if things weren’t going well,” Schwerin wrote. “Sally understood and said that that wasn’t a problem. So, you should feel free to go ahead and execute the agreement as it is written and process the first invoice.

    “Second, Sally said she has already had a few meetings on Burisma’s behalf and had some feedback she wanted to give to us offline. She felt she had some intelligence on why the Ambassador made his comments. Hunter and I are going to sit down with her on Monday and find out more.

    “Third, we discussed the potential trip to Kiev in December. One alternative suggestion that Sally made was for Blue Star to go alone and do some high-level government meetings in Kiev as the first step.”

    Follow Up.pdf
    Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., who was chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last year when it investigated Hunter Biden’s business dealings and interviewed Blue Star executives, told Just the News on Monday he is troubled by the new revelations and the traditional news media’s failure to cover them.

    “I had serious doubts that Blue Star Strategies was fully complying with the subpoena my committee issued the firm in 2020. With new documents coming to light, it appears my suspicions were well founded,” Johnson said.

    “Unfortunately, Democrats and the press had no interest in exploring the troubling findings Senator Grassley’s and my report revealed regarding Biden Inc.’s vast web of foreign financial entanglements,” he added. “There have been multiple confirmations that President Biden lied when he said he never spoke to Hunter about his overseas business activities. When will the press, Congress, and our justice system hold the Bidens accountable? The American people deserve the truth and the equal application of justice. Right now, they are getting neither.”

    Calendar notations also show Hunter Biden was scheduled for multiple conference calls with Blue Star officials from mid-November to mid-December, with the lobbying firm directly emailing the vice president’s son the telephone call-in information.

    BurismaBlue Star call.pdf
    In early December 2015, a Blue Star executive named Sean Keeley wrote that his firm had scored a conference call with Joe Biden’s office concerning the vice president’s planned trip to Kiev later that month. Keeley directly emailed the briefing memo to Hunter Biden, with Tramontano and Painter copied.

    “Attached is a memo from the Blue Star Strategies team with the minutes of the call, which outlined the trip’s agenda and addressed several questions regarding U.S. policy toward Ukraine,” Keeley wrote Hunter Biden in the email dated Dec. 2, 2015.

    VP Biden trip briefing.pdf
    Beyond showing Blue Star was communicating with Hunter Biden, the email also shows the firm had direct contacts with the vice president’s office concerning matters affecting Burisma.

    In her Senate testimony, Painter said she did not believe she had contacts with the vice president’s team. “I have no recollection of talking to the Vice President or anybody on the Vice President’s staff about Burisma,” she told the Senate probe.

    Painter, Tramontano and Blue Star did not reply to messages or phone calls from Just the News seeking comment.

    The memos indicate that Blue Star’s relationship with Burisma dates back to Oct. 30, 2015, when an associate at Blue Star sent a proposal, contract, and initial invoice to Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner and fellow Burisma board member Devon Archer. Archer forwarded the documents to Hunter Biden and Vadym Pozharskyi — an executive at Burisma and the apparent point of contact for Archer and Biden as well as Blue Star’s executives.

    Pozharskyi replied with a list of concerns, complaining that Blue Star’s scope of work “largely [lacked] concrete tangible results” and the proposal did not offer any specific names of American or Ukrainian officials that would help improve Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky’s case amid swirling allegations of international corruption.

    Pozharskyi suggested that Blue Star may have omitted such specifics “deliberately to be on the safe and cautious side.” The Burisma executive signaled that if all parties understood the “true purpose” of Blue Star’s engagement and Hunter Biden’s joint efforts then Burisma was OK with the current proposal and ready to proceed immediately. Pozharskyi added that he wanted Blue Star and Hunter Biden et al to be on the same page “re our final goals.”

    Pozharskyi closed out his email with a set of deliverables, including the desire for Blue Star to arrange for U.S. officials to express public support for Zlochevsky, and explicitly stated that the “ultimate purpose” should be to shut down the legal “cases/pursuits against [Zlochevsky] in Ukraine.”

    Hunter Biden replied and urged Pozharskyi to sign the contract with Blue Star, stating that he felt “comfortable with [Blue Star] and the ability of Sally and Karen to deliver.” The younger Biden was apparently on a first name basis with the former Clinton administration officials now running Blue Star.

    Less than two weeks later, on Nov. 18, 2015, Burisma sent $60,000 to Blue Star. Within a week, Hunter Biden and his associates were preparing for a joint strategy session with the Burisma and Blue Star teams. A Blue Star representative contacted Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Vadym Pozharskyi and proposed a conference call for Dec. 1, 2015. Tramontano and Painter were both on the email chain with Hunter Biden.

    A few days later, Blue Star again reached out to Hunter Biden and his associates offering to host a conference call “between Blue Star and Burisma.” Painter and Tramontano were again on the email chain. Hunter Biden remained involved in the email exchanges and conference calls between Blue Star and Burisma into 2016 (though he rarely replied to the lobbyists directly and apparently relied on Archer and other associates to speak of his behalf).

    On Dec. 8, 2015, Painter sent an email to Hunter Biden and others involved in the Burisma project, approving of a plan to clean up the Ukrainian company’s Wikipedia entries.

    “This looks like a fine strategy to upgrade and more reflect the facts of the company,” Painter wrote in an email in which Hunter Biden was listed as the first recipient. “We also work with a group called Reuptation.com which improves the overall internet image. Happy to discuss this if any interest.”

    After months of work in Ukraine and Washington, Blue Star reported it had made some progress.

    On July 26, 2016, Tramontano sent an update to Biden’s business partner, Schwerin, stating, “Most of the restraints on Burisma have been lifted.” Reporting that she would be heading to Ukraine that day and Painter would be heading to Latvia, Tramontano said she hoped they would “make a little more progress in both countries.”

    By the end of 2016, Blue Star and an American criminal defense attorney named John Buretta had helped Burisma settle the outstanding corruption probes in Ukraine, in one case paying a financial penalty.

    Obama-Biden State Department officials, however, reported to the FBI and State headquarters in both 2015 and 2016 that they believed Burisma had paid bribes to Ukrainian officials to make the cases go away. U.S. officials have refused to say whether those allegations were ever investigated.




  7. Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) Speaks Out On Reining in Big Tech and Why Many House Members Refuse
    As House Republicans vocally denounce Big Tech in media appearances, many simultaneously use their power to impede legislative reform. Rep. Buck is acting.

    Glenn Greenwald
    Jul 6

    Last June, the House subcommittee overseeing antitrust law issued a comprehensive 450-page report that concluded that four Silicon Valley companies — Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple — are classic monopolies. It was by far the most in-depth and serious governmental attempt in the U.S. to grapple with the unprecedented and increasingly concentrated power of these tech giants.

    The report documented the multiple ways that the centralized power and anti-competitive practices of these four tech companies are damaging both consumers and the broader society. It proposed numerous solutions to address those harms — from breaking them up to legislative and regulatory changes to enable more competition. The report narrated that these “companies that once were scrappy, underdog startups that challenged the status quo have become the kinds of monopolies we last saw in the era of oil barons and railroad tycoons.” And it concluded that “these firms typically run the marketplace while also competing in it — a position that enables them to write one set of rules for others, while they play by another, or to engage in a form of their own private quasi regulation that is unaccountable to anyone but themselves.”

    The report, which came to be known as the Cicilline Report after subcommittee Chair David Cicilline (D-RI), was widely praised by antitrust activists and scholars. Yet it highlighted a strange political phenomenon. House Republicans have been flamboyantly waving the anti-Big-Tech banner with increasing passion and aggression, often in response to growing online censorship. Virtually every television appearance or in-district rally by a House Republican entails righteous denunciations of Silicon Valley monopoly power. Yet none of the Committee Republicans was willing to sign onto or support the Cicilline report. It was left to Cicilline and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrod Nadler (D-NY) to echo what their Republican colleagues were expressing with words to Fox News audiences or at town halls: “Our investigation leaves no doubt that there is a clear and compelling need for Congress and the antitrust enforcement agencies to take action that restores competition, improves innovation, and safeguards our democracy.”

    In sum, there was a huge gap between GOP rhetoric about the evils of Big Tech and the actions of House Republicans, which not only failed to follow through on their fiery language but oftentimes seemed devoted to protecting the interests of the very Silicon Valley giants they were publicly denouncing. But now, one key House Republican — Rep. Ken Buck, who was first elected to represent Colorado’s 4th Congressional District back in 2012, when he ran as a Tea Party conservative, and became a vocal supporter of former President Trump — has changed that dynamic. Using his vital position as ranking member of the subcommittee, Buck has become increasingly outspoken about the need for legislative and regulatory action, rather than just cable-friendly rhetoric, to rein in the abuses of Big Tech, and has been working with a bipartisan coalition he helped assemble to pass consequential legislation.

    Among other things, Buck is now a co-sponsor of various legislative measures that would more assertively enforce antitrust laws in order to foster greater competition. He has, as The Denver Post noted last week, been increasingly vocal in his criticism of his GOP colleagues for failing to follow through on what they tell their base. Along with his GOP Senate colleague Mike Lee (R-UT), Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and Cicilline, Buck announced last week that this bipartisan group is urging new Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan “to pursue antitrust enforcement action against Facebook.”




    1. SEPTEMBER 22, 2017
      The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime

      Lars Schall: 70 years ago, on September 18, 1947, the National Security Act created the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA. Douglas, you refer to the CIA as “the organized crime branch of the U.S. government.” Why so?

      Douglas Valentine: Everything the CIA does is illegal, which is why the government provides it with an impenetrable cloak of secrecy. While mythographers in the information industry portray America as a bastion of peace and democracy, CIA officers manage criminal organizations around the world. For example, the CIA hired one of America’s premier drug trafficker in the 1950s and 1960s, Santo Trafficante, to murder Fidel Castro. In exchange, the CIA allowed Trafficante to import tons of narcotics into America. The CIA sets up proprietary arms, shipping, and banking companies to facilitate the criminal drug trafficking organizations that do its dirty work. Mafia money gets mixed up in offshore banks with CIA money, until the two are indistinguishable.

      Drug trafficking is just one example.

      LS: What is most important to understand about the CIA?

      DV: Its organizational history, which, if studied closely enough, reveals how the CIA manages to maintain its secrecy. This is the essential contradiction at the heart of America’s problems: if we were a democracy and if we truly enjoyed free speech, we would be able to study and speak about the CIA. We would confront our institutionalized racism and sadism. But we can’t, and so our history remains unknown, which in turn means we have no idea who we are, as individuals or as a nation. We imagine ourselves to be things we are not. Our leaders know bits and pieces of the truth, but they cease being leaders once they begin to talk about the truly evil things the CIA is doing.

      LS: A term of interest related to the CIA is “plausible deniability”. Please explain.

      DV: The CIA doesn’t do anything it can’t deny. Tom Donohue, a retired senior CIA officer, told me about this.

      Let me tell you a bit about my source. In 1984, former CIA Director William Colby agreed to help me write my book, The Phoenix Program. Colby introduced me to Donohue in 1985. Donohue had managed the CIA’s “covert action” branch in Vietnam from 1964-1966, and many of the programs he developed were incorporated in Phoenix. Because Colby had vouched for me, Donohue was very forthcoming and explained a lot about how the CIA works.

      Donohue was a typical first-generation CIA officer. He’d studied Comparative Religion at Columbia and understood symbolic transformation. He was a product and practitioner of Cook County politics who joined the CIA after World War Two when he perceived the Cold War as “a growth industry.” He had been the CIA’s station chief in the Philippines at the end of his career and, when I spoke to him, he was in business with a former Filipino Defense Minister. He was putting his contacts to good use, which is par for the course. It’s how corruption works for senior bureaucrats.

      Donohue said the CIA doesn’t do anything unless it meets two criteria. The first criterion is “intelligence potential.” The program must benefit the CIA; maybe it tells them how to overthrow a government, or how to blackmail an official, or where a report is hidden, or how to get an agent across a border. The term “intelligence potential” means it has some use for the CIA. The second criterion is that it can be denied. If they can’t find a way to structure the program or operation so they can deny it, they won’t do it. Plausible denial can be as simple as providing an officer or asset with military cover. Then the CIA can say, “The army did it.”

      Plausible denial is all about language. During Senate hearings into CIA assassination plots against Fidel Castro and other foreign leaders, the CIA’s erstwhile deputy director of operations Richard Bissell defined „plausible denial“ as “the use of circumlocution and euphemism in discussions where precise definitions would expose covert actions and bring them to an end.”

      Everything the CIA does is deniable. It’s part of its Congressional mandate. Congress doesn’t want to be held accountable for the criminal things the CIA does. The only time something the CIA does become public knowledge – other than the rare accident or whistleblower – is when Congress or the President think it’s helpful for psychological warfare reasons to let the American people know the CIA is doing it. Torture is a good example. After 9/11, and up until and through the invasion of Iraq, the American people wanted revenge. They wanted to see Muslim blood flowing, so the Bush administration let it leak that they were torturing evil doers. They played it cute and called it “enhanced interrogation,” but everyone understood symbolically. Circumlocution and euphemism. Plausible denial.

      LS: Do the people at the CIA know that they’re part of “the organized crime branch of the U.S. government”? In the past, you’ve suggested related to the Phoenix program, for example: “Because the CIA compartmentalizes itself, I ended up knowing more about the program than any individual in the CIA.”

      Read More at:



      1. OSS Records

        Before World War II, intelligence activities in the United States were mostly carried out by the Department of State, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), and the War Department’s Military Intelligence Division (MID). Hoping for greater coordination of intelligence activities, as well as a more strategic approach to intelligence gathering and operations; on July 11, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed William J. Donovan to head a new civilian office attached to the White House, the Coordinator of Information (COI). The COI was charged with collecting and analyzing information which may have had bearing upon national security, correlating such information and data, and making this information available to the President, authorized departments, and authorized officials of the government. The COI operations duplicated, but did not necessarily replace, functions carried out by the State Department, ONI, and MID.

        National Archives Identifier 595660 Photograph of a Drawing of Virginia Hall, 1944
        After the start of World War II, Donovan worked with the newly created Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) to place the COI under JCS control; while preserving COI autonomy, and gaining access to military support and resources. On June 13, 1942, the COI became the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The OSS gathered intelligence information about practically every country in existence, but was not allowed to conduct operations in the Pacific Theater, which General Douglas MacArthur claimed as his own. J. Edgar Hoover of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Nelson Rockefeller, the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, insisted that the OSS should not operate in the Western hemisphere. For these reasons, the records of OSS covert operations are almost entirely confined to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The OSS established more than 40 overseas offices during World War II, extending from Casablanca to Shanghai, and from Stockholm to Pretoria.

        After the OSS was terminated on September 20, 1945, by Executive Order; most records were eventually transferred to two agencies of the Federal government. Approximately 1,700 cubic feet of Research and Analysis Branch records ended up at the Department of State, while more than 6,000 cubic feet of operational records were transferred to what was to become the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Note that the CIA was not created until July 26, 1947.

        After World War II, a group of OSS veterans in the Strategic Services Unit (SSU) arranged most OSS operational records according to OSS locations, offices, and file categories. For a list of these categories, see the Arrangement of OSS Records.

        Provenance of the Records
        National Archives Identifier 540054 Personnel of OSS camp, Ceylon, 1945
        In 1946, the State Department, which had taken over the bulk of Research and Analysis Branch files after the war, began releasing records to the National Archives. The largest series consists of intelligence reports relating to political, economic, military, and morale information about almost every nation on the earth. Each series is arranged by document number. Reports and correspondence sent to the R&A Branch would be assigned the next consecutive number. The records are accessible only though a card index developed by the Central Information Division library.

        Finding Aids
        In 1947, the CIA assumed custody of OSS operational records that had been arranged by the SSU. After years of use at the CIA, the SSU’s original system of arrangement was largely lost, the various series often becoming mixed due to frequent relocation and re-shelving. In 1980, the CIA began transferring OSS records to the National Archives. Records were first reviewed for declassification by the CIA, with sensitive documents withdrawn before transfer. The transfer, processing, and creation of finding aids followed at the National Archives and records were made available to the public. There are folder lists available in paper format in the research room for most of the records accessioned from the CIA’s OSS archives. We also have the following RG 226 finding aids available in the research room:

        Point of Origin: also displays branch, record type, and associated location (where included)
        Branch: also displays record type, point of origin, and associated location
        Associated Location: also displays point of origin, branch, and record type
        Area: also displays point of origin, branch, record type, and associated location
        Code/Project Name: also displays point of origin, branch, record type, and personal name (where included)
        Personal Name: also displays point of origin, branch, and record type
        Notes: also displays point of origin, branch, and record type
        Record Type: also displays point of origin, branch, and associated location
        Entry: also displays box and folder number, point of origin, area, associated location, code/project name, and personal name

        These finding aids are useful, since RG 226 operational files are not arranged in conventional series or entries. A typical RG 226 series of OSS operational records may contain files from a number of different branches and offices. These offices and branches have been listed in scope and content notes of series descriptions. Using the finding aids listed above should aid researchers in identifying specific series, boxes, and folders for research. Taking another step and using existing folder lists should further aid researchers in identifying potentially useful material. For more information about the finding aids, please contact National Archives staff at archives2reference@nara.gov




    2. Trump’s CIA Director Pompeo, Targeting WikiLeaks, Explicitly Threatens Speech and Press Freedoms
      Why is the U.S. press corps so silent about an actual threat to press freedom?
      Glenn Greenwald | April 14 2017

      IN FEBRUARY, after Donald Trump tweeted that the U.S. media were the “enemy of the people,” the targets of his insult exploded with indignation, devoting wall-to-wall media coverage to what they depicted as a grave assault on press freedoms more befitting of a tyranny. By stark and disturbing contrast, the media reaction yesterday was far more muted, even welcoming, when Trump’s CIA Director, Michael Pompeo, actually and explicitly vowed to target freedoms of speech and press in a blistering, threatening speech he delivered to the D.C. think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies.

      What made Pompeo’s overt threats of repression so palatable to many was that they were not directed at CNN, the New York Times or other beloved-in-D.C. outlets, but rather at WikiLeaks, more marginalized publishers of information, and various leakers and whistleblowers, including Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

      Trump’s CIA Director stood up in public and explicitly threatened to target free speech rights and press freedoms, and it was almost impossible to find even a single U.S. mainstream journalist expressing objections or alarm, because the targets Pompeo chose in this instance are ones they dislike – much the way that many are willing to overlook or even sanction free speech repression if the targeted ideas or speakers are sufficiently unpopular.

      Decreeing (with no evidence) that WikiLeaks is “a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia” a belief that has become gospel in establishment Democratic Party circles – Pompeo proclaimed that “we have to recognize that we can no longer allow Assange and his colleagues the latitude to use free speech values against us.” He also argued that while WikiLeaks “pretended that America’s First Amendment freedoms shield them from justice,” but: “they may have believed that, but they are wrong.”

      He then issued this remarkable threat: “To give them the space to crush us with misappropriated secrets is a perversion of what our great Constitution stands for. It ends now.” At no point did Pompeo specify what steps the CIA intended to take to ensure that the “space” to publish secrets “ends now.”




  8. Poll: 36% Believe Biden Is in Charge, Majority Say ‘Others’ Are Directing His Agenda

    Just over one third of likely 2022 election voters believe President Joe Biden is truly in charge, while a majority say “others” are directing his agenda, a Trafalgar Group/Convention of States Action survey released Tuesday found.

    The survey, taken June 23-25, 2021, among 1,086 respondents, asked: “Do you believe President Biden is fully executing the duties of his office?”

    A majority, 56.5 percent, said “no, others are directing policy and agenda,” compared to 36.4 percent who believe Biden is truly directing all his own policies and agenda items.

    While the majority of Democrats, 58.6 percent, believe he is directing his own policy and agenda, the same cannot be said of Republicans, 83.6 percent of whom believe others are directing Biden’s policy and agenda. Notably, a majority of independent voters agree with Republicans that others are calling the shots for Biden.

    “President Lincoln’s famous refrain that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time has never been more relevant and critical to the survival of our American Republic,” Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, said in a statement.

    “The American people deserve transparency from the Biden Administration as to the true state of the President’s mental and physical health, and leaders in both parties in Congress need to follow through on this immediately,” he continued.

    “The continued failure to ask hard questions and demand real answers is a disgrace to the foundation of our democracy,” he added.

    The survey’s margin of error is +/- 2.97 percent.

    Suspicions over Biden’s devotion to the far left spanned far before he took the presidency, with many predicting he would serve as nothing more than a Trojan horse for the radical left’s agenda. Former Vice President Mike Pence issued that exact warning during an October rally in Tallahassee, Florida.

    “I mean, when you look at their agenda, the agenda that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to bring to the White House — higher taxes, open borders, socialized medicine, a Green New Deal, abortion on demand, defunding the police, packing the courts — it is clear,” Pence warned.

    “Joe Biden may be nothing more than [a] Trojan Horse for the radical left. He would take our country somewhere we have never been before. Now, Joe Biden said democracy is on the ballot. Well, I think our economic recovery is on the ballot. I think law and order are on the ballot,” he added.

    Far-left Democrats have since turned their focus to abolishing the filibuster to pass their radical agenda. Meanwhile, Biden said he will not sign a bipartisan infrastructure deal unless it is paired with a partisan funding package for entitlements, stressing the need for what he dubbed “human infrastructure.” That reportedly includes free universal preschool and childcare.

    “Well, my party’s divided. But my party’s also rational,” Biden said.




    1. Citizens United Explained

      The 2010 Supreme Court decision further tilted political influence toward wealthy donors and corporations.

      January 21, 2020 will mark a decade since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a controversial decision that reversed century-old campaign finance restrictions and enabled corporations and other outside groups to spend unlimited funds on elections.

      While wealthy donors, corporations, and special interest groups have long had an outsized influence in elections, that sway has dramatically expanded since the Citizens United decision, with negative repercussions for American democracy and the fight against political corruption.

      What was Citizens United about?

      A conservative nonprofit group called Citizens United challenged campaign finance rules after the FEC stopped it from promoting and airing a film criticizing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton too close to the presidential primaries.

      A 5-4 majority of the Supreme Court sided with Citizens United, ruling that corporations and other outside groups can spend unlimited money on elections.




      1. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been appointed chairman of the advisory board for Tsinghua University’s economics and management school in Beijing, according to local Chinese reports.

        Cook was a part of the advisory board last year, but this would be the first time he is acting as chairman.

        The advisory board consisted of 70 members in 2018-19, with Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Tencent founder Pony Ma, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and Softbank chairman Masayoshi Son being among the members.

        First reported by South Morning China Post, Cook’s new role “could provide access to top Chinese leaders at a time [when] the iPhone manufacturer is facing mounting challenges”.

        Since becoming China’s president in 2012, Xi Jinping has met the advisory board on two occasions, once in 2013 and 2017, the report said. Other state leaders have also met with the group, including former Premier Zhu Rongji and Vice President Wang Qishan, it added.



  9. The following is an example Of the garbagenous disinformation that spews from the Neo-Marxis Uberliberal press. This time from VANITY FAIR:


    Hundreds of 2022 House and Senate candidates have embraced the former president’s election lies, which are coming to define the Republican Party as it tries to regain Congress and the White House.

    “As she announced the membership of a new select committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on the lawmakers to “ensure that such an assault on our Capitol and Democracy cannot ever again happen.” But now six months after the attack on Congress, the country appears to be no closer to doing so—or to holding powerful Republicans responsible for their role in fomenting the violence. On the contrary, Donald Trump is as popular as ever among conservatives. His election lies, which laid the foundation for the deadly siege, have become the party line officials must toe to remain in good standing with the GOP. And Republicans, including those who helped lead the objection to Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, have faced no real repercussions for their actions—not from their leaders, not from their base, and not from many of the corporate donors who, in the heady days after the riot, had initially said they would withhold money from those who had worked to subvert the democratic process.”


    As is shown in my article on this topic on this blog, this article in Vanity Fair is utter statist propaganda, that is meant to suppress the real truth of what is happening in this country.. Truth, no matter how unpoular is still the truth as shown by empirical evidence and datum, as opposed to empty subjective oppinions like that presented in the Article from Vanity Fair.

    FBI Role In 1/6/21 Capitol Breach




    The motto has been in continuous use on the one-cent coin since 1909, and on the ten-cent coin since 1916. It also has appeared on all gold coins and silver dollar coins, half-dollar coins, and quarter-dollar coins struck since July 1, 1908.

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”



    1. Chairman McDaniel has launched a NEW podcast called, “Real America,” where she’ll be joined by leaders who are on the frontlines of dealing with the REAL problems facing the American People.



  11. William Whitten
    February 10


    This is a compilation of information on the subject of ballistics concerning the JFK assassination that I compiled over the years. It can stand as another resource via the topic:



    Profile photo for Ron Bennett
    Ron Bennett
    34m ago

    William, I read at length, Your link FORENSICS & BALLISTICS JFK, and I must now admit as someone who has followed /read/studied the events surrounding the Kennedy assassination, for years and have firmly believed the kill shot (by Oswald) was from the Book Depository (rear shot) was the only logical conclusion. Yet, after reading your link/post (and not being a medical person, I’m an engineer) I must now admit, you have truly show evidence to me that the kill shot was from the front or side.

    Wow.. back to the drawing board for me, I guess. A very professional, well done link/post!

    My questions to ‘others’ who took time to read your link/post.. Do you (anyone) find any issues in Williams link/post? Again NOT being ‘medically inclined’ nor a Forensic Pathologist (so it was hard to follow the medical terminology) it does appear you have made your point—Others- any comments please?

    This is an interesting reply…too bad I cannot say anything back to Mr. Bennett, I would like to congratulate him!


  12. The Capitol Police, Armed With $2 Billion in New Funding, Expanding Operations Outside of D.C.
    AOC and two other Squad members — who spent months chanting “Defund the Police” — had the power to stop this, but instead voted “present” to ensure it passed.
    –Glenn Greenwald

    The Capitol Police on Monday announced a multi-pronged plan to expand its operations. Armed with close to $2 billion in additional spending which the House approved in May, the force intends for the first time to create a permanent presence outside of the Capitol, “opening Regional Field Offices in California and Florida with additional regions in the near future to investigate threats to Members of Congress.” The statement issued by Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman also vowed that the police force will continue its “pivot towards an intelligence-based protective agency.”

    The significant budget increase was approved in the House by a single vote: 213-212. It was a close-to-absolute party-line vote: all Republicans voted against the increase while only three Democrats joined them. The three Democrats who joined the GOP to oppose this $2 billion in Capitol Police spending were all members of the so-called Squad who have spent years opposing increased police spending and thus voted consistently with their professed principles: Reps. Cori Bush (D-MO), Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA).

    But the large spending increase nonetheless passed for one reason: three other Squad members voted “present” rather than “no” in order to ensure its passage: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and Rashid Tlaib (D-MI). Both Ocasio-Cortez and Bowman had originally agreed in private with the other Squad members to vote “no” and block the additional police spending, but changed their mind at the last minute and voted “present” in order to avoid a defeat for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was demanding greater police spending. AOC’s “present” vote, in particular was craven not only because she’s spent years chanting “defund the police” only to back out at the last minute when she had the chance to make it a reality, but also because she lambasted Tulsi Gabbard’s “present” vote on impeachment as a “failure to lead”:

    To not take a stand one way or another, on a day of such great consequence to this country, I think is quite difficult. We are sent here to lead. Whenever we have a vote, we should vote ‘yes’ and we should vote ‘no.’ Voting ‘present’ is a very tough position to be in.

    But with Pelosi demanding $2 billion more to expand Capitol Police operations, AOC arrogated unto herself the prerogative which she scorned when used by Gabbard: she voted neither yes nor no but present. So much for: “Whenever we have a vote, we should vote ‘yes’ and we should vote ‘no.’”

    As a result of AOC’s craven act in refusing to join with the other three Squad members in uniting with the GOP to stop it, there is now yet another federal law enforcement agency attempting to assert its power outside of Washington: the Capitol Police. They intend to open “regional offices” in two of the country’s largest states with plans to grow even further. Perhaps even more significantly, they are turning themselves into a preventative “intelligence-based” private police force for Congress which, by definition, will monitor and spy on Americans beyond what the FBI, NSA and CIA already do.

    Given the massive budget and authorities the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies already wield, why is it necessary to have yet another new police and domestic intelligence agency metastasizing throughout the country? The only difference this makes is that Congressional leaders — those appointed to the Capitol Police Board by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and then whoever succeeds them — will now command their own domestic intelligence agency and police force, fueled by $2 billion in additional funding and a clear intention to radically expand its physical presence and its spying operations.

    The unleashing of a newly empowered law enforcement agency, commanded by Congress, has been enabled by one tactic: the ongoing weaponization and exaggeration of the events of January 6 and the supposed grave domestic threat it reflects. Even before Joe Biden was inaugurated, he was making clear that he intends to initiate a new domestic War on Terror, with new legislation to empower it if necessary. Yet thus far, even without new laws, the U.S. security state has amped up both its rhetoric and its operations in the name of fighting “domestic extremism.”

    This is why it has become so necessary to combat efforts to melodramatize and inflate what January 6 really was — just as it was necessary for critics of the first War on Terror to work endlessly to put into perspective the threat of Islamic extremism to the American homeland. Yet the employees of liberal media corporations continue to cast what happened on January 6 in the most terrifying and threatening terms, largely because of the effect it had on them personally. An article in VICE on Monday lamented how “the reporters who survived the insurrection” — meaning all of them — are still suffering from trauma, anxiety disorders, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other various mental struggles as a result of the three-hour riot during which only one person, pro-Trump protester Ashli Babbitt, was killed.

    As these journalists center their trauma in their public platforms rather than confining it to the therapy couch, fears of domestic extremism — whether by design or just by effect — naturally rise. And that, in turn, enables the U.S. Government to capitalize on those fears by justifying greater and greater police power in the name of stopping it. As the intrepid roving reporter Michael Tracey put it:

    The domestic War on Terror is already underway. The incremental and somewhat quiet tenor has obscured just how far it has already grown. And those most responsible are those in Congress who demand more money and security state powers in the name of stopping domestic extremism, and the liberal journalists who cannot overcome their trauma in order to stop centering their own therapeutic struggles and instead do their job of reporting what is happening. The latest fruit of their labors is a Capitol Police force on steroids, expanding into multiple states and armed with all new intelligence powers.




    1. Ashli Babbit shooting
      Now a new name has surfaced in the Babbitt imbroglio — Lt. Michael L. Byrd — and while USCP Communications Director Eva Malecki won’t confirm he is the shooter, in this case she isn’t denying it.

      In a little-noticed exchange, Byrd was cited by the acting House sergeant at arms during a brief discussion of the officer who shot Babbitt at a Feb. 25 House hearing. Both C-SPAN and CNN removed his name from transcripts, but CQ Transcripts — which, according to its website, provides “the complete word from Capitol Hill; exactly as it was spoken” — recorded the Capitol official, Timothy Blodgett, referring to the cop as “Officer Byrd.” His name is clearly audible in the videotape of the hearing (at around 39:20).

      Byrd appears to match the description of the shooter, who video footage shows is an African American dressed that day in a business suit. Jewelry, including a beaded bracelet and lapel pin, also match up with photos of Byrd.

      In addition, Byrd’s resume lines up with what is known about the experience and position of the officer involved in the shooting — a veteran USCP officer who holds the rank of lieutenant and is the commander of the House Chamber Section of the Capitol Police.

      Following the shooting, Byrd’s Internet footprint was scrubbed, including his social media and personal photos.




      1. But attorneys for a dozen of the Jan. 6 detainees claim their clients are being subjected to unconstitutional civil liberties violations, including unjustified solitary confinement, being deprived of private conversations with their attorneys, lack of needed medical care, and terrible sanitary conditions. The detainees are being held in facilities of the District of Columbia Department of Corrections.

        The DOJ has repeatedly declined The Epoch Times’ requests for comment on the conditions being experienced by the Jan. 6 detainees.

        via judicialwatch



  13. Health Secretary Becerra: ‘Absolutely the Government’s Business’ to Know Who Gets Vaccinated
    HHS secretary later says earlier comments were ‘wildly taken out of context’

    BY JACK PHILLIPS July 8, 2021

    Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra argued that the federal government is entitled to know who has been vaccinated against COVID-19, responding to concerns over a recently announced White House plan to send teams door-to-door.

    “Perhaps we should point out that the federal government has had to spend trillions of dollars to try to keep Americans alive during this pandemic, so it is absolutely the government’s business. It is taxpayers’ business if we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting COVID and helping reopen the economy,” Becerra told CNN on Thursday.

    Becerra claimed that “knocking on a door has never been against the law” and “you don’t have to answer, but we hope you do.” He added, “Because if you haven’t been vaccinated, we can help dispel some of those rumors you’ve heard and hopefully get you vaccinated.”

    In a later tweet, Becerra said his comments to CNN were taken “wildly out of context.”

    “To be clear: government has no database tracking who is vaccinated,” he tweeted. “We’re encouraging people to step up to protect themselves, others by getting vaccinated. It’s the best way to save lives and end this pandemic.”

    Earlier this week, President Joe Biden and White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced a plan to send teams door-to-door to provide information about vaccines in areas with relatively low vaccination rates.

    The president pledged to “go community by community … and oftentimes door to door, literally knocking on doors” in an effort to get people vaccinated. This drew anger from Republican lawmakers, who argued that the government doesn’t have the right to know who is or isn’t vaccinated.

    “How about don’t knock on my door. You’re not my parents. You’re the government. Make the vaccine available, and let people be free to choose. Why is that concept so hard for the left?” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) wrote on Twitter. “In 2021, the nine most terrifying words in the English language: ‘I’m from the government, have you been vaccinated yet?’” wrote Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.).

    Other Republicans made even worse predictions.

    “Door to door to vaccinate Americans this year… door to door to confiscate guns next year?” asked Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) on Twitter.

    Both Biden and Psaki, during their respective press conferences Tuesday, provided few details about the door-to-door outreach program. It’s not clear when the program will start, if the outreach teams will ask questions, or how long it will last.

    The plan is part of the government’s COVID-19 response after the White House fell short of its self-imposed July 4 deadline to get 70 percent of American adults at least one vaccination shot. According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 67 percent of American adults have received at least one shot, and more than 157 million people are fully vaccinated.

    COVID-19 vaccines have become a flashpoint in the current culture wars. Some have argued that vaccine passport-type systems would imperil civil liberties and violate the landmark 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA.


    Tyranny via personal medical issues has long been the ploy of draconian governments.–WW


    1. Women’s health and civil liberties author and journalist Naomi Wolf has had her Twitter account suspended and YouTube channel frozen after she raised questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine side effects, the constitutionality of lockdowns, and the candor of Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

      She now considers legal action, she told The Epoch Times.

      “It’s premature to give details but I am in discussion with a legal team about a lawsuit against Twitter,” she said via email. “I’ve also been approached by another legal team about joining a class action lawsuit against several social media platforms.”

      She hasn’t been given any explanation as to what piece of content that she posted on the social media platforms triggered the suspension, despite her multiple attempts to reach out to both Twitter and YouTube, she said. In fact, she received no explanation whatsoever from either platform. Instead, Twitter told the media that she was spreading vaccine misinformation. She considers that both false and defamatory.

      Google, which owns YouTube, and Twitter didn’t respond to requests for comment




  14. Heather Mac Donald on the Black Lives Matter Paradox and the ‘Poison’ of Identity Politics
    “The only black lives that matter to the press is [the] handful that are taken by a cop,” says Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald, author of “The War on Cops” and “The Diversity Delusion.”

    “The only black lives that matter to the press is [the] handful that are taken by a cop,” says Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald. In this episode, we discuss the rise in crime, the demoralization of police across the nation, and the “poison” of identity politics. Every institution and every meritocratic standard is being torn down, Mac Donald says. It’s “a recipe for civilizational stasis and regression.”

    In this episode, we discuss the rise in crime, the demoralization of police across the nation, and the “poison” of identity politics. Every institution and every meritocratic standard is being torn down, Mac Donald says, for having a disparate impact on blacks. It’s “a recipe for civilizational stasis and regression.”




    1. Those Black Extremists Who Shut Down I-95 May Be Knocking on Your Door Soon

      If you listen to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, the biggest threat facing all Americans is “white supremacy.”

      While Democrats and the establishment media overhype this phantom entity as an imminent existential threat, they ignore the actual threat posed by armed militia groups comprised of black and brown separatists who commit crimes while claiming exemption from U.S. laws.

      On Saturday, 10 adult men and one 17-year-old were arrested after their eight-hour armed standoff with Massachusetts State Police shut down Interstate 95, according to WCVB-TV.

      At their arraignment Wednesday, Conrad Pierre of Baldwin, New York, “was combative and verbally jousted with the judge about whether he would have a lawyer for the arraignment,” WCVB reported. Pierre also insisted that the court had no jurisdiction over him.

      Another suspect repeatedly refused to identify himself.
      The previous day, several other members of the heavily armed militia group denied they had committed a crime and refused court-appointed attorneys at their arraignment.

      All 11 suspects are now being held without bail on multiple gun charges amid concerns they pose a threat to public safety.

      The individuals, who claim they’re “Moorish nationals” and not U.S. citizens, belong to a group called the Rise of the Moors.

      A member of the group streamed part of the I-95 standoff on the Rise of the Moors’ YouTube channel.
      Several Twitter users noted that left-wing reporters initially tried to identify the armed militia as white Trump supporters but quickly lost interest once they learned the group was black.

      According to their website, the Rise of the Moors — which is essentially a black separatist coalition — is based in Rhode Island.
      The group’s incoherent list of demands includes a “complete and utter separation” of their people from the United States so they can “reestablish ourselves as an independent nation.”

      Like the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, the Rise of the Moors is anti-police.

      “We will also have an immediate end to the domestic police terrorism and mob attacks against all Moors on the continent of North America,” the group said on the website.

      It said it does not need to pay taxes, even though it wants to exist as a separate, sovereign nation within the United States — all of which it claims belongs to the Moors.

      “Since we are not citizens of the United States, we owe no tax obligations to the government of the United States,” the group said.

      However, the Rise of the Moors insists that the U.S. is obligated to help it financially as payback for slavery and other alleged injustices to its people.

      “[The U.S.] is obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separation from them and the establishment of our own government for the next 30 years – until we are able to produce and supply our own needs,” it said on the website.

      “This obligation and liability stems from their involvement in the enslavement and practice of genocide against our people.”

      In other words, the armed militia group wants all the privileges that U.S. citizens and legal residents have without any of the obligations.

      Basically, the Moors want to be squatters living rent-free on U.S. territory while claiming all the land belongs to them.

      On Wednesday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham expressed shock that there has been hardly any national media coverage of this bizarre group and its armed standoff.

      She pointed out that the media have been howling and fearmongering nonstop about the Jan. 6 incursion of the Capitol by Trump supporters even though it was shut down after three hours.
      Meanwhile, an eight-hour standoff by the Moorish Nation got hardly any news coverage.

      Chris Swecker, who was the assistant FBI director under former President George W. Bush, said he’s familiar with the Moorish Nation groups, which he called a “set of criminal organizations.”

      Swecker said these black separatist groups emerged in the 1990s and have festered since then, taking over people’s homes, committing fraud and even murdering police officers.

      Those Black Extremists Who Shut Down I-95 May Be Knocking on Your Door Soon

      Samantha Chang
      July 8, 2021 at 12:46pm
      If you listen to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, the biggest threat facing all Americans is “white supremacy.”

      While Democrats and the establishment media overhype this phantom entity as an imminent existential threat, they ignore the actual threat posed by armed militia groups comprised of black and brown separatists who commit crimes while claiming exemption from U.S. laws.

      On Saturday, 10 adult men and one 17-year-old were arrested after their eight-hour armed standoff with Massachusetts State Police shut down Interstate 95, according to WCVB-TV.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      At their arraignment Wednesday, Conrad Pierre of Baldwin, New York, “was combative and verbally jousted with the judge about whether he would have a lawyer for the arraignment,” WCVB reported. Pierre also insisted that the court had no jurisdiction over him.

      Another suspect repeatedly refused to identify himself.

      Trending: NYC Dem Primary Deals AOC a Stinging Defeat in Her Own City
      The previous day, several other members of the heavily armed militia group denied they had committed a crime and refused court-appointed attorneys at their arraignment.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      All 11 suspects are now being held without bail on multiple gun charges amid concerns they pose a threat to public safety.

      The individuals, who claim they’re “Moorish nationals” and not U.S. citizens, belong to a group called the Rise of the Moors.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      A member of the group streamed part of the I-95 standoff on the Rise of the Moors’ YouTube channel.

      Related: Dem-Run Oakland, California, Ran Out of Ambulances Because July 4 Violence Was So Intense: Police
      Several Twitter users noted that left-wing reporters initially tried to identify the armed militia as white Trump supporters but quickly lost interest once they learned the group was black.

      Advertisement – story continues below
      Seniors Under 86 Years Of Age Get Up To $50000 In Life Ins For $19/Mth

      According to their website, the Rise of the Moors — which is essentially a black separatist coalition — is based in Rhode Island.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      The group’s incoherent list of demands includes a “complete and utter separation” of their people from the United States so they can “reestablish ourselves as an independent nation.”

      Like the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, the Rise of the Moors is anti-police.

      “We will also have an immediate end to the domestic police terrorism and mob attacks against all Moors on the continent of North America,” the group said on the website.

      It said it does not need to pay taxes, even though it wants to exist as a separate, sovereign nation within the United States — all of which it claims belongs to the Moors.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      “Since we are not citizens of the United States, we owe no tax obligations to the government of the United States,” the group said.

      However, the Rise of the Moors insists that the U.S. is obligated to help it financially as payback for slavery and other alleged injustices to its people.

      “[The U.S.] is obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separation from them and the establishment of our own government for the next 30 years – until we are able to produce and supply our own needs,” it said on the website.

      “This obligation and liability stems from their involvement in the enslavement and practice of genocide against our people.”

      Advertisement – story continues below

      In other words, the armed militia group wants all the privileges that U.S. citizens and legal residents have without any of the obligations.

      Basically, the Moors want to be squatters living rent-free on U.S. territory while claiming all the land belongs to them.

      On Wednesday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham expressed shock that there has been hardly any national media coverage of this bizarre group and its armed standoff.

      She pointed out that the media have been howling and fearmongering nonstop about the Jan. 6 incursion of the Capitol by Trump supporters even though it was shut down after three hours.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      Meanwhile, an eight-hour standoff by the Moorish Nation got hardly any news coverage.

      Chris Swecker, who was the assistant FBI director under former President George W. Bush, said he’s familiar with the Moorish Nation groups, which he called a “set of criminal organizations.”

      Swecker said these black separatist groups emerged in the 1990s and have festered since then, taking over people’s homes, committing fraud and even murdering police officers.

      “They are basically a criminal organization, or a set of criminal organizations, that wrap themselves in some convoluted political ideology basically to justify committing crimes,” he said.

      Swecker said the crimes these groups commit include theft, tax fraud and cop killings.

      “They’re prolific fraudsters,” he said. “They will take over someone’s home, file quitclaim deeds and then move into the home while [the owners] are not there.”

      He continued: “They commit tax fraud, file false tax returns. They killed over a dozen police officers since 2002, in particular, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”
      Swecker said the Moorish Nation is a “clear and present danger” to law enforcement, and no one should take the group lightly.

      These armed black separatist groups have grown in number since the Black Lives Matter movement mushroomed.
      As Democrats and their media puppets continue to stoke racial division, you should expect to see more of these extremist groups, armed to the teeth and claiming ownership of public and private properties.




  15. Georgia Guidestones Say 2014 is
    When The Oligarchs
    Want Depopulation To Begin?
    Update: 9/25/14 – The cube was removed. Interestingly the man who removed it said “We have the original piece”. So was this a gag, or a message? Were they shocked by how many people got to know of the Georgia Guidestones by this message? Why did it take them at least 8 days to remove it? Remember there is there is a 24 hour video surveillance camera on site, and the numbers and letters were carved professionally in solid granite.

    The video shows that there were other things written on the other sides:


    The Georgia Guidestones are a giant, mysterious monument in Georgia USA, on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”, written in ten languages. The first ‘commandment’ is: “Maintaining the world population under 500 million people”.

    Another sinister fact: the authors of what we now call the American Stonehenge are still a “mystery”… except for those in the know. Here are photos of the Georgia Guidestones:


    Below is a pic of the block which shows the small block in the top right that was carved around 2009 in the English language block, that has now been replaced within one that says “2014”, (which is shown in the video above):


    Below are two pics which show when the tiny block top right was vacant, waiting for the “2014” to be put in. The second pic is from 2013:





    While it may look like only #1 of the ‘rules’ (maintain humanity at 500,000,000( is evil, further analysis will show that they are all evil:

    Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    (Self explanatory)

    Guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity.
    (We have too many whites this year…only blacks and asians can reproduce for the next 5 years)

    Unite humanity with a living new language.
    (You’re going to force me to change the language I speak?)

    Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.
    (Faith in God and belief in metaphysical abilities gets trampled)

    Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    (Who decides what is fair & just?)

    Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    (I don’t even want to touch that one)

    Avoid petty laws and useless officials.Balance personal rights with social duties.
    (Social duties? such as? Will I be put to death if I don’t perform my social duties?)

    Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.
    (Seeking harmony with the infinite…isn’t that another way of saying death?)

    Be not a cancer on the earth. Leave room for nature.
    (Animals / bugs / trees / wetlands have more rights than humans)

    Balance personal rights with social duties.
    (Social duties again? An important social duty is to NOT be a burden on others i.e. welfare…I’ll bet 5 bucks that’s not what the oligarchs think “social duties” mean).

    See: Why Overpopulation is Not a Problem

    Facts about Georgia Guidestones:

    The georgia guidestones are 666 nautical miles from the pentagram in cuba that’s center is 33 feet above sea level. The name of the place is Tarara which is Ararat backwards.

    The Georgia Guidestones are 666 statute miles from the UN and from the PO Box of the us satanic church on 52nd St, NYC. “New York” in English gematria is 666

    The important question now is, what is it about 2014 that caused them to put that date on the Georgia Guidestones?

    Could it be Ebola? See our article on ebola which has continually updated news links, and shows how Ebola has been designed to cause depopulation.

    Or is it related to changes in the sun, Schumann Resonance and other space-related things?

    Whatever The Powers That Be have got planned, or know about, one thing we do know. They have already done a massive amount to weaken people’s immune systems. You will learn this if you read You’re not fat, You’re toxic, a book that I spent years researching and two years writing. (Get your library to order a copy if you don’t want to have one for yourself). You will then also know what you need to reverse the damage, and strengthen your immune system, so that you can survive whatever the oligarchs have planned.

    We must all of us maintain our intentions and actions to defeat whatever they have in mind. Our thoughts and actions can change reality.



    Copyright ©: Stephanie Relfe 2014 – 3000



    1. The best-laid plans of mice and men sometimes run into roadblocks. Here is a cut-and-paste from (of all things) HuffPost:

      By 2014, the Rebecca Project was focusing full-time on the scourge of Depo-Provera. At the same time, the Gates Foundation was undertaking a new mission to radically expand contraceptive access to women in Africa, including with a new, low-dose adaptation of Depo-Provera.

      The foundation’s family planning campaign had already drawn predictable backlash from religious groups. But as U.S. anti-abortion groups and websites circulated the Rebecca Project’s allegations, the opposition was no longer dominated by complaints that Gates was tempting African women to defy their faith. The new narrative was that Gates was waging “chemical warfare on poor women” in a neocolonial effort to suppress African births.

      Soon, powerful figures across Africa were making similar claims, undermining vital public health projects in the process. In 2014, Zimbabwe’s Registrar General, Tobaiwa Mudede — the official responsible for overseeing the country’s dubious elections — warned women to avoid modern contraceptives because they caused cancer and were a Western ploy to limit African population growth. In 2015, Mudede told parliamentarians, “Western countries are bent on curtailing the population of the darker races of the world.” According to a parliamentary committee, Mudede’s campaign panicked Zimbabwean women, who flooded into clinics to have contraceptive implants removed.

      Eugenics is alive and well, funded by the UN and the United States.

      Charles ClemensWrites Charles’s Newsletter·




  16. Question Everything!
    Purpose and Intent of this website:

    Assange To Be ‘Moved Around’ Sine Die

    By Ray McGovern

    July 12, 2021 “Information Clearing House” – – “Anti War” -Very bad news for those who still care about freedom of the press and what the fate of Julian Assange means for the artifact-First Amendment added to the U.S. Constitution 240 years ago. The UK High Court just announced it will hear the US appeal of a lower court decision against extraditing Julian Assange.

    Godot is likely to arrive before the US/UK finish the legal pantomime denying Assange his freedom.

    The High Court decision solidifies Britain’s status as a US vassal state – the 800-year legacy of the Magna Carta be damned. Giving obsequious hypocrisy a bad name, the High Court’s announcement comes a week and half after the prime witness for the latest indictment of Assange recanted his testimony.

    It should come as no surprise that British “Justice” officials are following the detailed “Washington Playbook” approach that was exposed by WikiLeaks itself in Feb. 2012.

    Some readers may recall that WikiLeaks-revealed confidential emails from the US private intelligence firm Stratfor mentioned that the US already had a secret indictment against the WikiLeaks founder. Bad enough.

    Inspector Javert

    What also showed up in the Stratfor emails was the unrelenting, Inspector-Javert-type approach taken by one Fred Burton, Stratfor’s Vice-President for Counterterrorism and Corporate Security. (Burton had been Deputy Chief of the Department of State’s counterterrorism division for the Diplomatic Security Service.)

    Here’s Javert – I mean Burton:

    “Move him [Assange] from country to country to face charges for the next 25 years. But seize everything he and his family own, to include every person linked to Wiki.” [my comment: “country to country”, or – equally effective – court to court]

    “Pursue conspiracy and political terrorism charges and declassify the death of a source, someone which could link to Wiki.”

    “Assange is a peacenik. He needs his head dunked in a full toilet bowl at Gitmo.”

    “Take down the money. Go after his infrastructure. The tools we are using to nail and de-construct Wiki are the same tools used to dismantle and track al-Qaeda.”

    “Bankrupt the arsehole first; ruin his life. Give him 7-12 years for conspiracy.”

    “Assange is going to make a nice bride in prison. Screw the terrorist. He’ll be eating cat food forever … extradition to the US is more and more likely.”

    Nice people – once sworn under oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic”. Since comparisons are invidious, apologies to “Javert” and Victor Hugo.




  17. The Fourth Branch Of Government Just Exposed Itself

    t’s bad enough that none of the alphabet ‘security’ agencies were written into our Constitution. Now they have become politicized. They no longer adhere to any rule of law. They ARE the law and can do what they want. They certainly aren’t answerable to the American people.

    We saw former NSA Director James Clapper lie to Congress about collecting data from hundreds of millions of Americans and about leaking the Steele Dossier information. We saw ex-CIA director and former communist John Brennan lie about spying on Congress. Nothing happened to them. They are above the law.

    The CIA now allows and approves torture. They call it ‘enhanced interrogation.’ Yep, we a rogue agency engaged in torture.

    We saw the FBI push through illegal FISA warrants in order to take down President Trump during the bogus Russia collusion malarky. We saw how Mueller used over a dozen heavily FBI men to surround a peaceful, non-resisting Roger Stone on trumped up charges. The CIA-influenced CNN was, of coursed, tipped off to the early morning raid.

    We saw the FBI help encourage Trump supporters to protest at the Capitol while refusing to release video tapes that will prove their operatives were there. The FBI even seized a lego-made capitol building from one of the so-called ‘insurrectionists.’

    We saw the FBI sit on Hunter Biden’s laptop. They did nothing. They certainly did not investigate the obvious corruption on display by the Bidens. They also knew all about Epstein’s child abuse for years. They did nothing.

    Tucker Carlson told us how the NSA is spying on his email in order find something that could possibly get him kicked off the air. Tucker confirmed what we knew already—Snowden had already told us all about it. Snowden is a whistleblower and hero, but he had to escape prosecution and possible assassination through exile to Russia.

    We saw how false flag ‘terrorism’ was used to give the TSA new powers to grope people at the airports.

    All of these so-called security agencies have grown in scope and power over the years and, like Big Government, they want more power and influence over the direction of the country. They are aligned with the radical left and globalism.

    What’s next? Will we see a Lubyanka prison constructed in Washington D.C.? Will the political enemies of Biden’s regime be whisked off the streets and shoved into cramped cells and then subjected to ‘enhanced interrogation’ until they ‘confess?’ Don’t be surprised if this happens. Don’t be surprised if a network of gulags is also set up. The FEMA camps won’t be about slave labor, though. They’ll be about the extermination of the security agencies’ political enemies.

    JFK wanted to break up the CIA. It’s too bad he was executed by them instead. Allen Dulles was fired by Kennedy, yet he was the leading man on the Warren Commission, which helped cover up the CIA’s crime.
    It’s time to break up the CIA for good. Let the military conduct intelligence gathering on foreign countries. Stop trying to subvert other countries. That often leads to blowback and endless war. Break up the FBI too and let individual states assign marshals to fight real crime—not investigate or invent wrong doings against their perceived political enemies. Do away with the NSA for their gross and repeated violations of the law. It’s a felony to read private mail of US citizens. Let the branches of the military monitor foreign enemies and let us Americans have our Fourth Amendment back.

    The politicized security agencies will always hide and cower behind the magical phrase, “national security!” They are allowed to know everything about us. We are allowed to know nothing about them. When that happens, people begin to fear the government.

    It should be the other way around…and besides, the security agencies are NOT the government and our government is not the country.




    1. Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday said a whistleblower leaked an email to him revealing the Biden Administration is using the US Military to secretly move illegal aliens around the country from Laughlin Air Force Base.

      The US Military is supposed to defend this nation, but they are now secretly aiding and abetting illegal alien invaders.

      The email, written by Lt. Col. Matthew Burrows and leaked to Tucker Carlson reads: “Over the next few days, weeks or months, you may see passenger aircraft on our ramp transporting undocumented non-citizens. Please review the attached public affairs guidance on the issue.”

      Burrows then commanded military men in uniform to hide what was happening on the base from the very Americans they are sworn to serve: “Do not take photographs and refrain from posting anything on social media,” the email reads.



  18. The Empire Doubles Down: Open Society Foundations Will Now Be Run by Lord Malloch Brown

    The hubris of empire has always struck me with shock and awe.

    I mean it really takes balls to get caught with a prostitute and instead of apologizing to your wife, to instead buy the hooker a new fur coat and parade her publicly at a public event.

    Such has been the case with George Soros’ long time bosom buddy Lord Mark Malloch Brown who after being revealed as a leading force behind the software used by the infamous Dominion Voting systems via Smartmatic (which transferred its operating systems to Dominion via Sequoia Inc), has now been made the president of Soros’ global Open Society Foundations.

    What is the logic behind such a decision?

    Simple: If these characters were truly guilty of the crimes they are being accused of, then why would they behave so unapologetically in public? Surely to be so confident, they must be innocent of wrongdoing. It may sound overly simplistic, but this formula has proven most effective in recent years.

    This is a lesson learned just a few months go by Sir Kim Darroch (former British Ambassador to the USA 2016-2019). After having failed in his mission to “flood the zone” with British intelligence operatives to influence Trump’s perception of reality, Sir Kim found himself honoured as a Lord and life peer for services rendered rather than face anything close to a reprimand for “exceeding the boundaries of his job description” as one would have expected.

    The doubling down of those deep state operatives like Comey, Brennan and Clapper who after having been caught artificially pushing a contrived lie to de-legitimize the 2016 elections under RussiaGate, would become ever more crazed and loud in their advocacy of Trump’s allegiance to the Kremlin.

    But this is an old formula that wasn’t invented with Trump. Caught laundering drug money HSBC? No worries. Pay a few dollars in fines, wait a bit, then do it again, but go bigger. Caught orchestrating a color revolution in Georgia? No problem. Just do another one in Ukraine. What happens when your Georgian color revolutionary puppet starts a war with Russia and has to flee his own nation to avoid imprisonment for corruption? Give him Ukrainian citizenship and install him as Governor of the Nazi-infested province of Odessa.

    Back to the Soros-Brown Lovefest

    Despite these truths, I must admit that the December 4 announcement of Lord Malloch Brown’s rise to the Presidency of Soros’ Open Society Foundations did surprise me.

    Knowing that Dominion Voting systems shared its office space with Soros’ Tides Foundation in Toronto Canada was pretty bad. Knowing that Dominion executive Eric Koomer was caught on Soros-connected Antifa organizing zoom calls publicly announcing that he had ensured that Trump would not win was also bad. Seeing the integration of Dominion’s voting systems with a Soros operation known as the Clinton Foundation Delian Project didn’t look good.

    When it came to Soros/Malloch Brown characters active in Biden’s aspiring administration, we find the likes of Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Peter Neffenger have found themselves enmeshed in the current coup operation serving as U.S. head of Smartmatic. Other Soros-Malloch Brown connected operatives include International Crisis Group member Jake Sullivan as Biden’s pick for National Security Advisor, Neera Tanden (head of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress) who will head the White House Office of Management and Budget, and lest we forget Anthony Blinken – longtime friend of International Crisis Group President Robert Malley and son of Soros confidante Donald Blinken (whose Donald and Vera Blinken Open Society Archive in Hungary should serve as a constant reminder.)

    Yet despite their decades of collaboration and devotion to the cause of destroying sovereign nation states as I outlined in my previous report, Soros and Malloch Brown didn’t make any effort to separate themselves amidst current surge of U.S. color revolution controversies but have instead doubled down dramatically.

    Announcing the transfer of power from Open Society President Patrick Gaspard to Brown, the Open Society website proclaimed:

    “Patrick Gaspard has announced his decision to step down as president at the end of the year. During his three-year tenure, he confronted significant threats to open societies around the globe, including the rise of authoritarian regimes and the spread of the COVID-19 virus worldwide. Under his capable leadership, the Open Society Foundations have emerged stronger than ever.

    Succeeding him as president will be Mark Malloch-Brown, the former UN deputy secretary‐general and UK minister, who currently serves on the Foundations’ Global Board. Malloch-Brown will take over effective January 1.”

    Soros commented on Lord Malloch Brown’s presidency saying: “Mark is deeply familiar with Open Society’s work and shares my vision of a political philanthropy that is focused and prepared for the future.”




  19. Science Fiction Meets the 21st Century

    Using the weather as a weapon is not anything new, since Project Popeye the military has conducted hundreds of studies and even published a document circa 2000 by the Air Force Academy that their goal, in partnership with NASA is ‘controlling the planet’s weather by 2020’ or something to that effect. It seemed like science fiction at the time. Fast forward to 2021 and we are living in a yearly climate of ‘10,000 year storms’ and ‘one in a billion chance’ – that is all based on the assumption that weather is natural, which it is not. The best reference if you are new to this topic is a documentary entitled the Dimming, which interviews high level witnesses from US & Canada militaries, retired ranking officers, and other scientific experts. It’s an absolute must watch, as well on Dane’s site he hosts hundreds of official documents on the topic, as evidence to the operations. Perhaps the most compelling evidence however, is the NOAA Gag order referenced in the documentary. Apparently, weathermen are allowed to TALK about the existence of the order, but they aren’t allowed to say publicly what the gag order is about (spraying). Here’s more info on the NOAA Gag order:

    The corporate government agency NOAA, which oversees the national weather service, is forcing its employees to sign a non-disclosure document which prevents weather service workers from talking about climate engineering programs such as stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, ice nucleation for weather modification, and solar radiation management. What do they have to hide? Geoengineering patents are on file at the patent office. Public statements have been made by CIA director John Brennan in his speech at the council on foreign relations and by presidential science advisor John Holdren.

    Washington, DC — National Weather Service employees face growing restrictions on their ability to disclose information about the inner workings of their agency, according to a complaint filed today by the National Weather Service Employees Organization (NWSEO) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). They contend these gag orders are illegal and are pressing U.S. Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner to lift these nondisclosure policies and take action against responsible officials.




    1. https://www.theepochtimes.com/dave-rubin-a-growing-alliance-against-the-cult-of-woke-ideology_3921419.html

      Dave Rubin: A Growing Alliance Against the ‘Cult’ of Woke Ideology
      Woke ideology “infects every system that it’s in,” says Dave Rubin. “There’s no woke enough for the wokesters.”

      At the recent FreedomFest conference in Rapid City, South Dakota, we sat down with Rubin to discuss an alliance of free thinkers—from classical liberals to religious conservatives to libertarians. There’s an opportunity for diverse groups to unite against the onslaught of woke ideology, Rubin says.

      This week, Rubin will be announcing the title of his next book, right before he disappears off the grid for a month.



      1. Futurists have long predicted the Technological Singularity to occur by 2040 or 2050 but they’ve failed to predict the Singularity of Fraud that is occurring right now. This is probably because all of the futurists are BFFs with Klaus Schwab.

        There are indications that the accreted chicanery of the Globalists is becoming so exponentially massive, that its escape velocity will soon exceed the speed of light. Gravitational collapse is imminent.



  20. As history shows, Franklin as true and fair a man as those days could produce, had to talk Jefferson into expunging that passage against the slave trade.

    I watched a discussion of history scholars at Hilldale College a couple weeks ago and one of the experts had photocopies of the original documents from the debates or the signers of the Declaration. He read off the points of charges against King George. When it came to the charge of importing black slaves from Africa as a crime against inalienable rights, It was Franklin and Madison who marked it for editing. In the discussion that followed they convinced Jefferson that the plantation owner contingent simply would walk out of the discussions if that passage was retained. It was the final meeting before the signing of the document, and the only way to keep them on board was to strike the passage and Jefferson relented.

    We got our Declaration of Independence because of that compromise.

    A similar thing happened with the Constitution, the 3/5ths compromise for the black slave population. It wasn’t that any of the delegates considered blacks as only 3/5th humans (some certainly thought they weren’t human at all) But the point was for tax appropriation by population by the states for Federal Tax to run the new Federal government.

    These were the days before the unconstitutional “Personal Income Tax” established by the Federal Reserve System in 1913. Another crime against the Constitution by the Woodrow Wilson Regime (actually run by Col. Edward House).

    The second disaster was Wilson going back on his promise to keep the US out of the war in Europe (1st WW) which led to the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty ended with demanding crippling demands for Germany to pay reperations. It was an international banking scheme. again by Wall Street and the Wilson regime who manipulated the terms.

    These terms totally bankrupted Wiemar Germany. In those days it was commonly held that the House of Rothschild ruled the European Banking houses. The fact that the Rothschilds are Jewish was one of the reasons German people blamed the Jews for the collapse of their economy.

    It was in this millue that Adolf HItler came to power with his anti-semitic speeches, and manifest in Mein Kampf.

    It should also be mentioned that Wall Street financed both the Nazis and the Soviets before the second world war.



  21. What may interest you about my experience at Lackland AFB is that I was only there for 3 weeks before I was discharged!

    As soon as I got off the military bus that brought the new recruits from the airport in San Antonio, I realised I had made a dreadful mistake in joining the military.
    After the barber took all my hair and left me with about half an inch length of that ‘buzzed’ look, while I was eating my first military meal, “shit on shingles’ (creamed chip beef on toast), I began plotting my escape from the base. This has a humorous aspect to it, as just as we were unloading from the bus, a jeep with MPs and a guy in civies drove up, and there was a hubbub between the MPs and some sergeants. It turns out that this kid had departed the bus and took off running! They supposedly caught him just as he reached the exit gate about 3 miles away.

    As I figured it, running was definitely not an option, although the thought occurred to me that the scene at the bus may have been staged.
    No, ‘Passive Resistance’ was the only viable option. I wouldn’t make my bed ‘tight’ and always had to remake it every morning. I refused to ‘march’ I simply walked along with the group I was in.. I didn’t pay attention to wearing my fatigues right. My gig-line was never straight, my shirt was not neatly tucked in, just makeshift tucked. I didn’t button my shirt all the way up to the top button, it was uncomfortable.
    I got “Pink Slips” on the first day.
    I never even looked at the book ‘Rules of Order’ I spent ‘study time writing letters to my girlfriend back in Phoenix.
    My first real stressful encounter with my drill sergeant  involved my not knowing my rules of order. After ticking me back from “what is the 7th Rule of Order Airman Whitten?” I would reply, I do not know my 7th rule of order, Sir!”
    By the time I replied, “I do not know my first rule of order Sir” The sergeant was in a rage. He jumped up and charged around his desk and charged at me with his fist raised and his face purple.
    I had been standing at attention, but as he came at me I simply relaxed and took a very slight “horse stance’ turning ever so slightly to my left. I smiled passively. It was like he hit a wall he stopped so fast about two feet from me.

    I had been studying martial arts since I was 12, he could tell. He cleared his throat and went back to his desk and sat down. In a very calm voice he said, you are dismissed airman.
    It went on like this for a couple of weeks, A visit to the base psychologist. “I’m sorry airman but you are totally healthy mentally, I cannot write anything other than that in my official report.” I told the doctor that it was a mistake joining the AirForce, that I only joined to please my dad…
    Then a meeting with some drill sergeant across base about half mile from my barracks.
    I knocked on the door, and heard the man say. “enter”. as I walked into the room I noticed several things that made me wary. The sergeant was sitting behind a big fild desk with nothing at all on it. Not a paper, not a lamp…nothing. The blinds were pulled down and it was very dim in the room. There was a door to the right that was slightly ajar. I thought I heard whispers behind it.

    I took a few steps towards the desk and stopped just before passing the door on my right. I did not salute, I did not come to attention. I just stood there looking into the eyes of the sergeant, After about a minute of us looking at one another. He cocked his head a bit and said, “You are a dismissed airman”. So I left, didn’t shut the door behind me, and just spent about half an hour walking around the base before returning to my barracks. When I arrived there. everyone else was gone. So I sat down and wrote another letter to Gina, my gal back in Phoenix.

    A few more encounters with other sergeants giving me pink slips, a hassle with a corporal in the mess hall one day…his sergeant reading me the riot act when I left the building without my cap on…The little bulldog looking sarge screaming  two inches from my face – just like in the movies. It made me giggle, and REALLY pissed the little jerk off. But I couldn’t help it, it was all so absurd…like a scene out of a Kafka story.

    A few mornings after that, the Team Member, an assistant to the Drill Sergeant, took me aside as everyone else left for breakfast. Sergeant Wihte was obviously sympathetic to my cause. He had “rescued’ me from the corporal in the mess hall who I had challenged to a fight when he had hassled me while eating. The guy asked who my sergeant was, I pointed to White, the corporal said let’s go talk to him. I shrugged and followed him over to Sgt. White, who raised his eyes as we approached. The corporal started to speak, White raised his hand to silence him, then looked at me and asked what the problem was. I explained that the guy had stood there glaring at me while I sat conversing with my pals at the table, I had leaned back in my chair and said, ‘Do you have a problem bub?” The corporal had pointed to the stripes on his shoulder, and said, “Do you see this? I said, ‘yea you’ve got a chip on your shoulder, you want me to knock it off?”
    I explained that to Sgt. White, who responded, “well go back and finish your conversation and leave this poor man alone, nodding his head toward the corpral.
    So I did. It was when I walked out of the building that I saw that corporal standing with the little fat sergeant.
    So Sergeant White took me aside and handed me a ‘base pass’ with a little map to where I was to report. White winked at me and said, “good luck!”

    So I went to the place on the map, which was more like a house than the other buildings around it. I opened the door and walked into a large room with a lot of desks and filing cabinets, but no one was around, it was lunch time.
    I heard a voice come from another room just up the way., that said, “C’mon in”
    I went into the office and there was a colonial sitting at a desk. I came to attention and saluted. He looked up and said, have a seat, let’s chat for a while.
    WE talked about many things for at least an hour. all the while him sitting looking down at a file folder on the desk in front of him.
    He asked all sorts of questions, one was if I had ever been in any fights growing up. I said that I had, don’t most kids?
    Finally he said, “what do you think about the war in Vietnam?”
    I replied that I thought it was illegal, a war of aggression that was not declared by Congress.
    He nodded and then said, what would have happened in World War Two if everybody was like you?
    I said that if everybody was like me there wouldn’t have been a World War Two.
    Tha seemed to set him back, and he did physically lean back in his chair, eyeing me closely.
    After a few moments he said, well Mr. Whitten, you are a conscientious objector. I am going to recommend you be discharged on those grounds. He stood and I stood and he reache out to shake my hand as he walked me to the doorway of his office.
    I just said ‘thank you sir’.
    But after I left the building and walked a few yards I threw my cap in the air and hooped and hollered in a state of relief and almost disbelief.
    I spent another week in the ‘Casual Barracks’ as my processing was complete.

    As I stepped out to the curb in my civies with my suitcase, my unit was passing by with Sgt. White in the lead! He calle halt and at-ease, and called a smoke break. He walked up to me and shook my hand and wished me good luck. Most of the other guys did the same, the guys I had made friends with.

    I was back in Phoenix the next day. When Gina opened the door and saw me standing on the porch she exclaimed, “you look like a pumpkin head!”


  22. Eisenhower’s “Military-Industrial Complex” Speech Origins and Significance
    Transcript of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (1961)
    print-friendly version
    My fellow Americans:

    Three days from now, after half a century in the service of our country, I shall lay down the responsibilities of office as, in traditional and solemn ceremony, the authority of the Presidency is vested in my successor.

    This evening I come to you with a message of leave-taking and farewell, and to share a few final thoughts with you, my countrymen.

    Like every other citizen, I wish the new President, and all who will labor with him, Godspeed. I pray that the coming years will be blessed with peace and prosperity for all.

    Our people expect their President and the Congress to find essential agreement on issues of great moment, the wise resolution of which will better shape the future of the Nation.

    My own relations with the Congress, which began on a remote and tenuous basis when, long ago, a member of the Senate appointed me to West Point, have since ranged to the intimate during the war and immediate post-war period, and, finally, to the mutually interdependent during these past eight years.

    In this final relationship, the Congress and the Administration have, on most vital issues, cooperated well, to serve the national good rather than mere partisanship, and so have assured that the business of the Nation should go forward. So, my official relationship with the Congress ends in a feeling, on my part, of gratitude that we have been able to do so much together.


    We now stand ten years past the midpoint of a century that has witnessed four major wars among great nations. Three of these involved our own country. Despite these holocausts America is today the strongest, the most influential and most productive nation in the world. Understandably proud of this pre-eminence, we yet realize that America’s leadership and prestige depend, not merely upon our unmatched material progress, riches and military strength, but on how we use our power in the interests of world peace and human betterment.


    Throughout America’s adventure in free government, our basic purposes have been to keep the peace; to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity among people and among nations. To strive for less would be unworthy of a free and religious people. Any failure traceable to arrogance, or our lack of comprehension or readiness to sacrifice would inflict upon us grievous hurt both at home and abroad.

    Progress toward these noble goals is persistently threatened by the conflict now engulfing the world. It commands our whole attention, absorbs our very beings. We face a hostile ideology-global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose, and insidious in method. Unhappily the danger it poses promises to be of indefinite duration. To meet it successfully, there is called for, not so much the emotional and transitory sacrifices of crisis, but rather those which enable us to carry forward steadily, surely, and without complaint the burdens of a prolonged and complex struggle-with liberty at stake. Only thus shall we remain, despite every provocation, on our charted course toward permanent peace and human betterment.

    Crises there will continue to be. In meeting them, whether foreign or domestic, great or small,there is a recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly action could become the miraculous solution to all current difficulties. A huge increase in newer elements of our defense; development of unrealistic programs to cure every ill in agriculture; a dramatic expansion in basic and applied research-these and many other possibilities, each possibly promising in itself, may be suggested as the only way to the road we which to travel.

    But each proposal must be weighed in the light of a broader consideration: the need to maintain balance in and among national programs-balance between the private and the public economy, balance between cost and hoped for advantage-balance between the clearly necessary and the comfortably desirable; balance between our essential requirements as a nation and the duties imposed by the nation upon the individual; balance between action of the moment and the national welfare of the future. Good judgment seeks balance and progress; lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration.

    The record of many decades stands as proof that our people and their government have, in the main, understood these truths and have responded to them well, in the face of stress and threat. But threats, new in kind or degree, constantly arise. I mention two only.


    A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction.

    Our military organization today bears little relation to that known by any of my predecessors in peace time, or indeed by the fighting men of World War II or Korea.

    Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry. American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But now we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United State corporations.

    This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence-economic, political, even spiritual-is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

    In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

    We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

    Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution during recent decades.

    In this revolution, research has become central; it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government.

    Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been over shadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

    The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.

    Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

    It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system-ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society.


    Another factor in maintaining balance involves the element of time. As we peer into society’s future, we-you and I, and our government-must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow.


    Down the long lane of the history yet to be written America knows that this world of ours, ever growing smaller, must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.

    Such a confederation must be one of equals. The weakest must come to the conference table with the same confidence as do we, protected as we are by our moral, economic, and military strength. That table, though scarred by many past frustrations, cannot be abandoned for the certain agony of the battlefield.

    Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is a continuing imperative. Together we must learn how to compose difference, not with arms, but with intellect and decent purpose. Because this need is so sharp and apparent I confess that I lay down my official responsibilities in this field with a definite sense of disappointment. As one who has witnessed the horror and the lingering sadness of war-as one who knows that another war could utterly destroy this civilization which has been so slowly and painfully built over thousands of years-I wish I could say tonight that a lasting peace is in sight.

    Happily, I can say that war has been avoided. Steady progress toward our ultimate goal has been made. But, so much remains to be done. As a private citizen, I shall never cease to do what little I can to help the world advance along that road.


    So-in this my last good night to you as your President-I thank you for the many opportunities you have given me for public service in war and peace. I trust that in that service you find somethings worthy; as for the rest of it, I know you will find ways to improve performance in the future.

    You and I-my fellow citizens-need to be strong in our faith that all nations, under God, will reach the goal of peace with justice. May we be ever unswerving in devotion to principle, confident but humble with power, diligent in pursuit of the Nation’s great goals.

    To all the peoples of the world, I once more give expression to America’s prayerful and continuing inspiration:

    We pray that peoples of all faiths, all races, all nations, may have their great human needs satisfied; that those now denied opportunity shall come to enjoy it to the full; that all who yearn for freedom may experience its spiritual blessings; that those who have freedom will understand, also, its heavy responsibilities; that all who are insensitive to the needs of others will learn charity; that the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance will be made to disappear from the earth, and that, in the goodness of time, all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the binding force of mutual respect and love.

    Transcription courtesy of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum.




  23. WHEN ADAM SCHIFF LOVED THE DOSSIER. March 2017 was a heady time for Trump-Russia conspiracy theorists. The collapse of their enterprise lay two years in the future, when Robert Mueller, the special counsel in whom they placed their hopes of bringing down President Donald Trump, announced that after an intensive investigation he could not establish any conspiracy or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election. Their total embarrassment lay more than four years away when another special counsel, John Durham, would release findings showing that their theory was not only wrong but laughably wrong — if a theory that did so much damage to the American polity could be called laughable.

    But in March 2017, all that lay ahead. It was a time for Democrats to celebrate the hottest “intelligence” on everyone’s mind: the Steele dossier , the collection of anti-Trump allegations compiled by the former British spy Christopher Steele, commissioned and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

    On March 20, the House Intelligence Committee held a hearing on Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential race. The witnesses were James Comey and Michael Rogers, then the chiefs of the FBI and NSA, respectively. Much of the questioning that day — from Democrats — focused on the dossier.

    What Democratic lawmakers said seems surreal today, given everything that has happened. But led by Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking minority member — the committee was still controlled by Republicans and Rep. Devin Nunes at the time — Democrats repeatedly lent credibility to the dossier. They took it very, very seriously. And these were not anchors and commentators at MSNBC or CNN. They were members of the U.S. House of Representatives who had special clearances to deal with the nation’s secrets. And they were spreading disinformation left and right.

    Subscribe today to the Washington Examiner magazine that will keep you up to date with what’s going on in Washington. SUBSCRIBE NOW: Just $1.00 an issue!

    The disinformation began with Schiff’s opening statement, referencing a theory from the dossier involving the former low-level Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort. “According to Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who is reportedly held in high regard by U.S. intelligence,” Schiff said, “Russian sources tell [Steele] that Page has … had a secret meeting with Igor Sechin, CEO of the Russian gas giant Rosneft. Sechin is reported to be a former KGB agent and a close friend of Putin’s. According to Steele’s Russian sources, Page is offered brokerage fees … on a deal involving a 19% share of the company. According to Reuters, the sale of a 19.5% share of Rosneft later takes place with unknown purchasers and unknown brokerage fees. Also, according to Steele’s Russian sources, the [Trump] campaign was offered documents damaging to Hillary Clinton which the Russians would publish through an outlet that gives them deniability, like WikiLeaks. The hacked documents would be in exchange for a Trump administration policy that de-emphasizes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and instead focuses on criticizing NATO countries for not paying their fair share … According to Steele, it was Manafort who chose Page to serve as a go-between for the Trump campaign and Russian interests.”

    First, do not believe anyone who says Democrats did not make a big deal of the Steele dossier. They did, starting with the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. And second, it was all false. There was no Rosneft deal. There was no 19%. There was no agreement to trade dirt on Clinton for an easy-on-Russia policy. And Manafort did not choose Page as the “go-between” for these nonexistent deals.

    But Schiff did not stop there. “Is it a coincidence,” he asked a moment later, “that the Russian gas company, Rosneft, sold a 19% share after [Steele] was told by Russian sources that Carter Page was offered fees on a deal of just that size? Is it a coincidence that Steele’s Russian sources also affirmed that Russia had stolen documents hurtful to Secretary Clinton that it would utilize in exchange for pro-Russian policies?” None of it was true.

    Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier also cited the nonexistent Rosneft-Carter Page deal, specifically referencing the dossier. But her colleague, Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro, really took the ball and ran with it. “I want to take a moment to turn to the Christopher Steele dossier,” Castro said. “My focus today is to explore how many claims within Steele’s dossier are looking more and more likely as though they are accurate.” Claiming that Russia traded compromising information with the Trump campaign, Castro continued, “The dossier definitely seems right on these points. A quid pro quo relationship seems to exist between the Trump campaign and Putin’s Russia.” Castro went on to quote from multiple entries from the dossier. He cited them one after the other.

    Democratic Rep. Andre Carson was on board, too. “The dossier written by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele alleges that Trump agreed to sideline Russian intervention as a campaign issue, which is effectively a priority for Vladimir Putin,” Carson said. “There’s a lot in the dossier that is yet to be proven, but increasingly, as we’ll hear throughout the day, allegations are checking out. And this one seems to be as accurate as they come.” Except that it wasn’t.

    Comey and Rogers refused to comment on any of the Democrats’ dossier speculation. Had Comey spoken up, he could have told the lawmakers that at that very moment FBI investigators were desperately trying — and failing — to corroborate the dossier’s allegations. They were finding out what Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz and, later, John Durham, would discover: Steele’s “sources” were mostly one man, Igor Danchenko, working at the liberal Washington think tank Brookings Institution, in some cases passing on allegations from a Democratic activist in the Clinton circle, Charles Dolan, who passed on gossip and stuff he read in the newspaper as intelligence from sources close to Trump.


    In the end, it is too simple to dismiss the dossier affair by saying, “people lied to Christopher Steele.” Yes, Steele’s “sources” fed him made-up allegations. But why did Steele, supposedly the master spy, accept them so uncritically? Because they might help bring down Donald Trump. That was more important than whether they were true or not. The important thing to remember is that the sources told Steele what he wanted to hear. And then Steele, through the dossier, told his bosses at the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee what they wanted to hear. And then the dossier told some key FBI officials what they wanted to hear. And then it told Schiff what he wanted to hear. And then it told Rachel Maddow and many others in the media what they wanted to hear. And so on. The dossier was so important because it seemed to fulfill the wishes of so many people.

    As bad as it is, it’s likely the public still does not know all the ins and outs of the dossier story. More could be on the way from Durham. But we do know the most important thing to know about the dossier: Dig down deep, and there’s nothing there. That’s why the Adam Schiff of 2021 does not like to be reminded of the Adam Schiff of 2017, who tried to sell the public a document even he can no longer defend.



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